Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networking Sites

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Surfing on Social media sites has now become as habitual for humans as brushing teeth daily. Or in some cases, it is even more prioritized. According to the media reports till now Facebook has around one billion accounts in total. It means one out of every 8 people on Earth is on Facebook. Not very far behind from our topper lie Twitter, Google+ and Flickr. Means, in some way or the other, most people in this era have adopted social networking as a part of their lives. The question is this, whether this adoption leads to some good or is just a slow poison to kill our time. 

Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter, world’s leading social networking sites

According to me there are both advantages and disadvantages of social networking sites,depending upon how a person uses it. Putting a spotlight over the advantages and disadvantages of social networking sites, we now discuss them one by one.



  • Being regular on social networking sites keeps an account of a person’s emotions and thoughts at every time. You may think it as a digital auto-biography.  If you are a regular Facebook or twitter user, you can recollect what you thought in January last year. Or you can tell the world how you looked when you were a baby.
  • Social networking sites help us in connecting. Who in the world does not want to always be in touch of friends, parents, far-off relatives? You can easily learn someone’s life just by going through their profile. Or be friends with friends of friends whom you don’t know even. Twitter gives you access to celebrities too. I can see when my friend felt embarrassed or check his photos posing inside a shopping mall. And above all, sites have now started video calling option too, a kind of virtual experience of face to face talks.
  • Social Networking sites give you a platform to represent your identity to the world.  This seems something tasty, especially to the branding companies. You can put your company’s ads or create a page for yourself or members can join together in a group.  Apart from that, you can target audience of some particular area and say them hello. Not only this, interviewers now want to see the Facebook or Google+ profiles of a candidate to turn over his inside life.


  • Not keeping an eye on your privacy can cost you a big headache when it comes to social networking.
  • Connecting always with your near and dear ones creates emotions, especially, when it is the case of opposite genders. In some recent news I read, Facebooking actually causes depression and anxiety among teenagers when the person they would love to die for, does not respond.
  • Of course companies will lose their bucks when the employees, during office hours, chat with their ex-classmates.
  • We really are busy on social media sites so much so that we even don’t get a clue when it has started dislodging our time table. I remember in my childhood, I had a daily routine of playing Cricket or Football with my friends every evening for two to three hours. Teenagers now are spending heavy hours on these sites that ultimately lead to a poor physical and mental health.
  • We cannot say that social networking sites are hack-free. Once the hacker gets the control of your account, believe me, your respect in this human civilization is in his hand.

In conclusion I would say that social networking sites are good, until and unless you are not crossing boundaries. Wobbling from your health and killing time just because you want to know what’s there in your friend’s life is a complete idiocity. Don’t you think so?

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