UST Global Interview Questions and Answers

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UST Global Interview Questions and Answers

UST Global  is a leading IT service provider organization, headquartered in California. Stephen J. Ross in 1998 founded UST Global in Laguna Hills. The company has branches in USA, India, Mexico, UK, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines. Here we have provided some  technical questions asked during the interview of UST Global.

Careers at UST Global

  • Name of the post : Software Engineer
    Educational Qualification : B.Tech/ BE (in any stream), M.Tech, MCA, MSc(Computer Science)
    Minimum Eligibility Marks : 60% through out the career
    Requirements: Strong Technical Skills with Good Communication Skills

Placement Procedure

UST Global

UST Global Interview Qestions

  • WrittenAptitude test (Total time 1 hour, 90 question)
    English-30 question
    Quantitative -20 question
    Logical reasoning -40 question
  • Group Discussions
  • Interview
    Technical Interview : C++, C (Basics, Codes and definations), Java (Recent technologies used by companies), Data Structures, Operating Systems
    HR Interview

UST Global Interview Questions and Answers

  • Technical Interview Questions
  • Questions on C
    1. What is C language ?
    2. Explain different storage classes in C ?
    3. What is Pointer ?
    4. What is dangling Pointer ?
    5. What is Void Pointer and when it is used?
    6. Is it better to use malloc() or calloc()?
    7. Should a function contain a return statement if it does not return a value ?
    8. Is it possible to execute code even after the program exits the main() function ?
    9. What is meant by “bit masking” ?
    10. What are multibyte characters ?
  • Questions on C++ & Java

    1. Can you mention some Application of C/C++ ?
    2. What is a class ?
    3. What is a object ?
    4. What is a modifier ?
    5. Define namespace.
    6. Can you list out the areas in which data structures are applied extensively?
    7. What is the advantage of OOP ?
    8. List advantages and disadvantages of dynamic memory allocation vs. static memory allocation.?
    9. What is Java?
    10.Can you have virtual functions in Java?
    11.What is thread?
    12.What is multi-threading?
    13. What is Externalizable?
    14. What is an abstract method?
    15. What do you understand by private, protected and public?
    16. How are this() and super() used with constructors?
    17. What are the steps in the JDBC connection?
    18. Difference between HashMap and HashTable?
    19. What are the different ways to handle exceptions?
    20. What is synchronization and why is it important?

  • Questions on Data Structures

    1. What is data structure?
    2. If you are using C language to implement the heterogeneous linked list, what pointer type will you use?
    3. In an AVL tree, at what condition the balancing is to be done?
    4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of B-star trees over Binary trees.?
    5. In RDBMS, what is the efficient data structure used in the internal storage representation?
    6. What is a spanning Tree?
    7. Does the minimum spanning tree of a graph give the shortest distance between any 2 specified nodes?
    8. Explain different type of sorting techniques ?
    9. Write down the algorithm of fastest and the slowest sorting techniques in all conditions ?
    10. Explain Binary search ?

    • UST Global HR Interview Questions

      1. Tell me about yourself ?
      2. What are your strengths ?
      3. What are your weaknesses ?
      4. Why you want to join UST Global ?
      5. What do you know about UST Global ?
      6. Where do you see yourself 3-5 years from now?
      7. Will you relocate ?
      8. Why should i hire you ?

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