AIMCET Sample Paper Of Mathematics

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AIMCET Sample Paper Of Mathematics we are going to describe for those who want to practice and adopt more question during their preparation for AIMCET.

Introduction of AIMCET Examination

AIMCET is the first All-India Common Entrance Test for Master of Computer Applications. The Eligibility for this the applicants should have Bachelor’s degree of minimum 3 years duration in any discipline with Mathematics at the (10+2) school level or at the Bachelor’s level are eligible.

We have given the AIMCET Sample Paper Of Mathematics,Read this carefully.

AIMCET Sample Paper

AIMCET Examination

Q.1  A straight line with direction cosines (0, 1, 0) is

(a) parallel to the x-axis   (b) parallel to the y-axis

(c) parallel to the z-axis    (d) equality inclined to all the axes


Q.2  If f(x) = sin (cos x), then f’ (x) is

(a) cos (cos x)                    (b) sin (-sin x)

(c) –sin (cos x)                   (d) –sin x . cos (cos x)

Q.3  The maximum value of sin x + cos x is equal to

(a) − 2                           (b) 2

(c) 2                               (d) 3

Q.4  The area bounded by the coordinate axes and the curve x y + =1 is equal to

(a) 1                              (b) 12

(c) 13                            (d) 16

Q.5  There are 600 students in a school, If 400 of them can speak Telugu, 300 can speak Hindi, then the number of students who can speak both Telugu and Hindi are

(a) 100                           (b) 200

(c) 300                           (d) 400

Q.5  In a Euclidean plane, which one of the following is not an equivalence relation?

(a) Parallelism of lines

a line being deemed parallel to itself)

(b) Congruence of triangles

(c) Similarity of triangles

(d) Orthogonality of lines

Q.6  The binary number 1101101 + 1011011 is written in decimal system as

(a) 198                          (b) 199

(c) 200                          (d) 201

Q.7  The binary equivalent to the decimal number 0.3125

(a) 0101                       (b) .1010

(c) .0101                      (d) .1101

Q.8 The binary number 10110100001 in decimal system is

(a) 441                         (b) 1441

(c) 1241                       (d) 241

Q.9  The the mth and the nth terms of an H.P. are n and m respectively, then the mnth term is

(a) 0                              (b) 1

(c) 2                              (d) 12

Q.10 The number of words that can be formed from the letters of the word INDRAPRASTHA when the vowels are never separated is

(a) 727560                     (b) 725760

(c) 752760                     (d) 757260

Q.11) The number of 2-digit even numbers that can be formed from the digits 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, repetition being not allowed, is

(a) 25

(b) 5!


(d) 8

Q.12  The number of ways in which 6 people can be seated at a round table is

(a) 6                                       (b) 60

(c) 120                                  (d) 720

Q.13  What is 30% of 450?

(a) 150                                 (b) 135

(c) 180                                 (d) 1350


Q.14  10 people can finish construction of a wall in 8 days. How much people are needed to finish the work in half-a-day?

(a) 80                                  (b) 100

(c) 120                                (d) 160

 Q.14  Find the next number in the series 1, 2, 9, 28, 65, _________.

(a) 126                                (b) 182

(c) 196                                (d) 245


Q.15  A shop gives 10% discount on the purchase of an item. If anyone pay cash on the spot ,and after the  discount of 12% is given. If the original price of the item is Rs. 250, what is the price of the article if a cash purchase is made?

(a) Rs. 200                          (b) Rs. 195

(c) Rs. 198                          (d) Rs. 190


Q.16  It was Wednesday on July 15, 1964. and find out what was the day on 15, July, 1965?

(a) Thursday                      (b) Tuesday

(c) Friday                           (d) None of these


Q.17  The average of P,Q,R and S is 16. Half the sum of Q R,S is 23. What is the value of P?

(a) 18                                  (b) 19

(c) 20                                  (d) 17


Q.18  If March 1 of a leap year fell three days after Friday, what day of the week will dawn on November 22?

(1) Saturday                     (2) Sunday

(3) Thursday                    (4) None of these

Q.19  The radius of the pool in a South jaipur Club is twice the radius of the pool in a North jaipur Club. The area of the pool in South jaipur Club is how many times the area of pool in the North jaipur  Club?

(1) 14                                (2) 12

(3) 2                                  (4) 4

Q.20) How is 12 % expressed as a decimal fraction?

(1) 0.5                               (2) 0.05

(3) 0.005                           (4) 0.0005

Q.21) Find the next number in the series : 235, 346, 457……

(1) 578                                 (2) 568

(3) 468                                 (4) 558

Q.22) A sofaset carrying a sale-price ticket of Rs. 5,000 is sold at a discount of 4%, thereby the trader earns a profit of 20%. The trader’s cost price of the sofaset is:

(1) Rs. 4,200                     (2) Rs. 4,000

(3) Rs. 3,600                     (4) Rs. 3,800


Q.23  A man was traveling on a motorcycle at the speed of 50 km/h for 2 1 2 hours. Then a car full of youngster overtake him at a speed of 80 km/h. To overtake them he increased his speed to 70 km/h, but he could not overtake the car even after 2 1 2 hours. How far did he travel in the total time of 4 hours?

(1) 200 km                              (2) 230 km

(3) 250 km                              (4) 300 km

Q.24) How is 34 expressed as percentage?

(1) 0.75%                                (2) 60%

(3) 75%                                   (4) 7.5%


Q.25) There are two urns,which are  containing two blue balls and four red  balls, the other urn containing three blue  balls and nine red  balls.and if we draw one ball each from  two urns. Then  find out  what is the probability of getting two balls of the same colour?

(1) 712                                      (2) 124

(3) 112                                      (4) 12

Q.26  The perimeter of a rectangle is 60 metres. If its length is twice its breadth, then its area is:

(1) 200 m2                                (2) 180 m2

(3) 160 m2                                (4) 220 m2


Q.27) In a class there are two sections X and Y. If 10 students of section X  shift over to section X, thestrength of X becomes three times the strength of Y. But if 10 students shift over from X to Y, both X and Y become equal in strength. How many students are there in sections X and Y?

(1) 50 and 30                         (2) 45 and 15

(3) 90 and 40                         (4) 80 and 40

Q.28) Which of the following is the smallest?

(1) 1516                               (2) 166

(3) 78                                   (4) 1112

Q.29  A man spends a fixed amount per month on diesel. The trend with every hike in price of diesel is as follows: Rs./litre : 1.5 2 3 4.5 6 Litres : 60 45 30 20 ?

Q.30  What will be consumption when  price of diesel  is Rs. 6 a litre?

(1) 12                                     (2) 15

(3) 18                                    (4) 13.5

Q.31)  The one rupee coin is placed on plain paper. How many coins of the same size can be placed round it so that each one touches the centre and adjacent coins?

(1) 4                                               (2) 3

(3) 7                                               (4) 6


Q.32) The smallest number of 5 digits beginning with 3 and ending with 5 will be:

(1) 31005                                    (2) 30015

(3) 30005                                    (4) 30025

Q.33  The first day of the year 1998 was Wednesday. If the birthday of Sucheta falls in 1998 was herbirthday?

(1) Wednesday                           (2) Thursday

(3) Monday                                 (4) Tuesday

(5) None of these

Q.34) Atul is taller than Surabh but not as tall as Bupesh. If Vikram is taller than Aditya, who is shorter than , then who among them is the shortest?

(1) Nitin                                        (2) Sukhbir

(3) Manoj                                     (4) Data inadequate

(5) None of these

Q.35). The set of all integers x such that |x – 3| < 2 is equal to

(a) {1, 2, 3, 4, 5} (b) {1, 2, 3, 4}

(c) {2, 3, 4} (d) {-4, -3, -2}


Q.36  The Range of the function f(x) = x2 is 2x

(a) R                               (b) R – {1}

(c) (-1)                            (d) R – {-1}

Q.37.) The value of (i)i is

(a) .0                                (b) .2

(c) e-p/2                          (d) 2v2

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