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Instruction-this question paper contents 50 questions each having 2 marks.All questions are compulsory.


  1. 1.    Expand CTBT:-

a)    Consolidated nuclear test ban treaty.

b)    Comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty.

c)     Costly nuclear test ban treaty.

d)    Common nuclear test ban treaty

e)    None of these


2.20th summit of ASEAN was held on april 3-4,2012 in

a)    Bishan(singapore)

b)    Jakarta(indonesia)

c)     Phnom penh(cambodia)

d)    Bangkok(thailand)

e)    None of these


3.Recently south sudan became _______ member of international monetary fund.

a)    186th

b)    187th

c)     188th

d)    189th

e)    None of these


4.Which of the following day is regarded as bank nationalization day?

a)    1 august

b)    19 july

c)     1 june

d)    1 september

e)    None of these


5.Which of the following word is used as banking terminology?

a)    Velocity

b)    Displacement

c)     Celcius

d)    NPA

e)    None of these


6.July 11 is celebrated as _______

a)    World habitat day

b)    World population day

c)     World literacy day

d)    World environment day

e)    None of these


7.Demand draft is considered as______

a)    Current liability

b)    Time liability

c)     Long term liability

d)    Demand liability

e)    None of these


8.While considering crossing of cheques, which of the following is the safest form of crossing?

a)    Account pay crossing

b)    General crossing

c)     Special crossing

d)    double crossing

e)    None of these


9.Expand ESOP

a)    Employee stock organization plan

b)    Employee stock option plan

c)     External stock option plan

d)    External stock opinion plan

e)    None of these


10.Which of the following is considered as international currency?

a)    ADR

b)    SDR

c)     GDR

d)    IDR

e)    None of these


11.How much percentage of foreign direct investment is permissible in single brand retail trade?

a)    26%

b)    51%

c)     74%

d)    100%

e)    None of these


12.In how many categories the padma awards are conferred?

a)    2

b)    3

c)     4

d)    5

e)    None of these


13.Regional rural banks were established in india on the recommendation of which of the following commites?

a)    Narasimha committee

b)    S.M kelker committee

c)     C.rangarajan committee

d)    B.shivraman committee

e)    None of these


14.Which of the following statement is not correct?

a)    RBI is the central bank of the country.

b)    RBI is banker’s bank

c)     RBI is the custodian of foreign exchange reserve

d)    RBI is established in 1949

e)    None of these


15.Kundankulam nuclear plant is situated in which of the following state?

a)    Tamilnadu

b)    Kerla

c)     Andhrapradesh

d)    Gujurat

e)    None of these


16.Who among the following  has authored the book “A passenger to india”?

a)    Chetan bhagat

b)    Jawaharlal neheru

c)     Amarty sen

d)    E.M forster

e)    None of these


17.Which of the following is meant to ensure exports from india?

a)    SEBI

b)    FICCI

c)     EXIM

d)    RBI

e)    ECGC


18.Which of the following is not correctly matched?

a)    Sania mirza-lawn tennis

b)    Gagan narang-shooting

c)     Pankaj advani-cricket

d)    Saina nehwal-badminton

e)    Diego forlan-football


20.Which of the following is not a kind of endorsement in banks?

a)    Endorsement in bank

b)    Endorsement in full

c)     Conditional endorsement

d)    Unconditional endorsement

e)    Restrictive endorsement


21.Full form of EPZ is:-

a)    Export promotional zone

b)    External protection zone

c)     Extreme prevention zone

d)    Export processing zone

e)    None of these


22.If a person referring to smart money, then it refers to___

a)    Traveller’s cheque

b)    Internet banking

c)     Credit card

d)    Foreign currency

e)    None of these


    23.Which of the following country has recently shut down all of its    nuclear reactors?

a)    India

b)    South korea

c)     Japan

d)    Italy

e)    France


24.The process of selling of insurance product by banks is referred to as:-

a)    Reinsurance

b)    Bancassurance

c) Life insurance

d) General insurance

e) None of these


25.In banking language if we are referred to nostro account, then it refers to:-

a)    Account maintained by an Indian bank in the foreign country

b)    Account maintained by a foreign bank in india

c)     Its an account maintained by NRI

d)    Its an account maintained by an individual

e)    None of these


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    A very nice set of questions. Aspirants must go through it.

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    General awareness is also an important part of any job entrance exam. Go through this thoroughly.

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    this article consists of exactly the same pattern based sample paper of bank clerical exam. It consists of the general awareness section of this paper and has all the popular questions under this category.

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