Andhra Pradesh Board English Sample Paper for Class 9

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The Andhra Pradesh Board of Secondary Education was established in the year of 1953 and it is famous for its quality education.  It functions as an autonomous body under the concern of Department of Education. AP Board conduct BOARD exams every year in the month of March and April for the classes of 10th and 12th. English is the most interesting and easy subject to prepare for exam preparations. As an engineer, I have tried to set this Andhra Pradesh Board English Sample Paper for Class 9 by taking help from previous years papers and Board Sample Papers. You can revise Class 9 Chemistry Formulae to save your time.

Sample Paper of English for Class 9
Andhra Pradesh Board

Sample Papers for Class 9

Unsolved English Sample Paper for Class 9

General Instructions:
1. This Paper has been divided into Four Sections, I to IV.
2. Section-I carries 25 marks and contains questions from prose and poetry.
3. Section-II carries total 20 marks and include questions on   study skills.
4. Section-III carries total 35 marks and include questions on grammar.
5. Section-IV carries total 20 marks and  include questions on communicative skills.

Section – I

1. A. Read the following Passage and answer the questions that follow. l x 4 = 4
Good memory depends upon a good brain. The brain needs a good supply of Oxygen,Glucose,Calcium,Phosphorus and Iron. So make sure you sit in a well ventilated place when studying. Your diet should include milk,cheese,walnuts,wheat,green leafy vegetables,ragi and dates.Do not forget that “breakfast is the brain food”.Fatty meals,sugar and acids take away calcium from the system.Diets rich in fibre like fruits and vegetables help to reduce stress.
a. What does our brain need?
b. What should be included in our diet to have good memory?
c. Good Connections is important to improve the memory. (Say True of False)
d. Diet rich in fiber like fruits and vegetables help to reduce stress.(Say True of False)

1. B. Read the following Passage and answer the questions that follow 1 x 4 = 4
Mars is considered to be a sort of twin of our own planet earth. It is the next planet beyond the
earth in distance from the sun. The diameter of Mars is about half the diameter of the earth and it rotates around the sun in just under two years. But the Mars has a day that is almost equal in length to our day in here on earth.
In observing Mars, astronomers have noticed certain things that indicate that a form of life may
be possible there. First of all, Mars has seasons like the earth.In fact,as the season changes in the
Mars,there seems to be changes on its surface. The dark areas get stronger in the spring and summer, and the colour changes from bluish-green to yellow. Could this be vegetation?
a. The size of Mars is (Identify the right answer)
i. About half of earth.
ii. Half the diameter of the earth.
iii. Half the diameter of the Sun

b. How much time does Mars take to rotate around the Sun?
c. Mars has seasons like earth.(Say True of False)
d. Mars has a day that equals in length to our day here on earth.(Say True of False)

2. Answer any four of the following the questions. 4 x 2 = 8
i. How did Gavaskar break his mother is nose?
ii. Are Pythagoras theorem and Newton’s Law of Gravity important to all of us in our daily life? Why do you think we all learn about them?
iii. How does research help in popularasing the use of wind energy?
iv. Why did the doctor invite the man in?
v. What did the pundits advise Ved’s mother for regaining Ved’s?
vi. Why was the intruder a hunted rat?
vii. What weapon did Baldeo carry? Who had made it?
viii. How did Ardhana learn the truth?

3. Answer anyone of the following the questions. 1 x 4 = 4
i. What kind of life did Rahul’s Grandparents lead when he was a small boy? What was considered important in those days?
ii. What are the advantages of using wind energy.

4. Read the following lines from the Poem “Night of the Scorpion” and answer the questions given below it. 1 x 5 = 5
I remember the night my mother
Was stung by a scorpion. Ten hours
of steady rain had driven him
To crawl beneath a sack of rice
Parting with him poison- flash
Of diabolic tail in the dark room
He risked the rain again
The peasants came like swarms of files
And buzzed the Name of god a hundred times
To paralyse the evil one
With candles and with lanterns
Throwing giant scorpion shadows
On the mud-baked walls
They searched for him; he was not found.

i. Who does ‘him’ in the line 3 refer to?
ii. Why did the scorpion come into the house?
iii. What did the scorpion do?
iv. Why did the peasants come in large numbers?
v. Why did they not find the scorpion?

Section – II

5. Read the following Passage given below and answer the questions that follow.
Human Civilization has been around for a short period of 12,000 years. Barely in that short amount of time, we have dominated nature, with our villages, towns, cities mega cities. The rapid increase of human population has left us battling with other species for limited resources. Burning of fossil fuel has now created a blanket of carbon dioxide around the world which is slowly but surely increasing the average global temperature.
Climate change is one of the most hotly contested environmental debates of our time. Will the west Antarctic ice sheet be melted entirely? Will it be the end of the world as we know it? May be, may be not. Either way Antarctica is a crucial element in this debate not just because it’s the only place in the world which has never sustained a human population and therefore,remains relatively“Pristine” in this aspect;but more importantly,because it holds in its ice covers half million old carbon records trapped in its layers of ice.
i. How has human life affected nature? 4 x 2 = 8
ii. What is the cause of global warming?
ii. What makes Antarctica different from the other regions of the world?
iv. What is the greatest significance of Antarctica’s ice core?

6. Read the following Passage given below and answer the questions that follow. 4 x 2 = 8
The most exciting adventure would be to go to forest and see wild animals, both the little ones and the big. Foolish people go there with a gun and kill them and thus put an end to something that was beautiful. It is far more interesting and amusing to wander about without a gun or any other weapon and to find that wild animals are not afraid and can be approached. Animals have keener instincts than man. If a man goes to them with murder in his heart, they are afraid to him and run away. But if he has any love for animals, they realize that he is a friend and do not. If you are full of fear yourself, then the animal is afraid too and might attack you in self defence. The fearless person is seldom, if ever,attacked. Perhaps the lesson might be applied to human beings also. If we meet other people in a friendly way,they also become friendly.But if we are afraid of them or if we show our dislike of them,then they behave in the same manner.
i. What lesson do we have to learn from animals?
ii. What is the best way to approach the animals?
iii. What helps animals understand the motives of a human being?
iv. What sort of person is not attacked by animals?

7. Read the Passage given below. Then fill in the table below with properties of synthetic and natural blood. 4 x 1 = 4
Often, there is serve shortage of natural blood. On the other hand, Blood substitutes have persuasive selling points. Unlike real blood, artificial blood has a shelf life of only weeks; artificial blood could be stored in some cases upto three years. And medical personnel could forget about patient’s blood type, because the substitute is a perfect match for anyone. That would speed transfusion inemergencies,where every minute counts.Since molecules of the synthetic blood can be as much as thousand times smaller than red blood cell, they can squeeze past abstractions a blood clot that’s starving the heart on the brain, killing crucial tissues second by second – to give life saving oxygen where it is needed.
Synthetic Blood Natural Blood
1. 1.
2. 2.
3. 3.
4. 4.

Section – III

8. Do as directed.
A. Fill in the following sentences with passive forms of the verbs given. 3 Marks
There was an exhibition last Sunday. I ____(inform) by my friend. It ___ (inaugurate) by the Chief Minister and _____ (attend) by many people. Several attractive exhibits ____(display) there. I was lured
by them.

B. Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with appropriate form of the verbs given in brackets. 4 Marks
I ____(like) watching films as it was Sunday yesterday, I _____(go) to the theatre. The film _____(begin). While I _____ (Watch) the film, the Power broke down.

C. Combine the following pairs of sentences using the connectives given against each pair. 4 Marks
i. I met a gentle man. He knows your father (who).
ii. I could not attend college yesterday. I was ill (since).
iii. The police arrived, the thief ran away (when).
iv. Listen to English, you will speak well (if)

D. Read the following dialogues between two friends. Complete the passage given below based on the dialogue as reported by Salim 4 Marks
Reshmi: How did you do the examination? _____
Sultana : I haven’t done well.
1. Salim told me that Reshmi asked sultana_____
2. Sultana replied that she ____

E. The underlined words/phrases in the following sentences have errors in them.Correct them and rewrite the sentences. 6 Marks
i. She never listens me.
ii. They have discussed about politics.
iii. I am not believing you.
iv. Where I can buy stamps?
v. Can you give an information?
vi. He is married with a doctor.

9. Read the following Passage carefully make notes in points. Suggest a suitable title.
4 Marks
Games are important for human life. Without them it is harder for a person to be sound in body and mind. For one thing if a person is to fulfill all the duties that society expects of him, it is important for him to keep healthy. He may be very intelligent, but that has little meaning if he cannot make use of his intelligence, because he is always suffering from bad health. In some ways the human body is like a machine if it is not made use of, it starts to work badly.
Secondly, playing and therefore experiencing winning and losing encourages the spirit of sportsmanship, thus enabling one to deal with life’s problems in a wise and natural manner. Games teach the truth embodied in the Olympic motto. “The important thing in playing is not winning or losing, but the participation, and I may add doing the best one can.
We have to remember some other things about playing games. However, first it is the physical exercise that is important for health, not the games themselves and there are other ways of getting this. It is also possible to be too interested in games. If we let games become the most important thing in our lives, we may be in danger of changing Olympic motto to “the important things is winning”. Never the less inspite of these dangers, playing games can be a valuable activity, and if we taken part in them wisely we can gain great benefits.

10. Read the clues. Understand the story. Write it in not less than 60 words. 5 Marks
Crow – thirsty. fly – here – there. see – pot – garden. sit – pot. There – some
water – pot. crow – think – plan. pick up – pebbles – put – pot. Water – come
up. Crow – drink – water – fly – happily.
Describe in not less than 60 words your village / town / city.

11. Read the following letter and write an appropriate reply. 5 Marks
17, Patel Road
26 Oct 2010
My dear Dad,
It has been a week since I returned from home after Diwali holidays. I have been busy preparing for my half yearly examinations. Now it’s time to pay my examination fee of Rs: 400/-. It has to be paid within a fortnight. I have to pay Rs: 100/- towards library and laboratory dues totally I needed Rs: 500/-. I request you to send the amount at the earliest. Convey my regards to mom and best wishes to Shanty.
Yours affectionately,
Dr. P.V. Rao
H.No: 2-3-4
Write a letter to the Principal of your college thanking him for midday meals given to poor students.

Section – IV

12. Read the following Conversation and write the message accordingly. 4 Marks
Operator : Good morning. Honda Ltd. How can I help you?
Caller : Please connect me to Mr. V.V Rao, the sales Manager.
Operator : May I know who is calling?
Caller : G.V. Naidu, the Proprietor of Naidu Motors, Hyderabad.
Operator : Please hold the line. I will check if Mr. Rao is in. (After checking ………… ) Sorry sir. He is on leave as he is unwell.
Caller : Oh. Then please write down the massage. We have ordered spare parts to be delivered immediately. We had paid the cash on 16th of this month. I want to know why there is delay.
Operator : Could I have your phone number please
Caller : Yes. Of course. It’s 9247181197.
Operator : I shall pass on the massage to his secretary.
To : ______
From : _____
Time : ______Date: ______
Phone Number: ______
Massage: _______
Taken by : _______

13. Write suitable response to the following Questions. 6 Marks
1. Is it A.P Tourism booking Office, Hyderabad?
2. I want to know if tickets are available for the city tour this Sunday.
3. May I know the places covered in the city tour?
4. We want Four ($) full tickets and two (2) half tickets to be booked.
5. Where can we pay the amount and collect the tickets?
6. We are staying in Royal Inn, Adarshnagar. What is the nearest boarding point?

14. Write an e-mail massage to your secretary to post pone the Sales Executive
Meeting from 15th to 25th of june. 2 Marks

15. Read the following advertisement in the Saakshi dated: 27.10.2010, Hyderabad.
Prepare your Resume/CV to apply for the Post. 4 Marks
Marketing Executives – 20 Nos In
V R L Logistics Ltd, Secondrabad-500 003
Visit e-mail:
Candidate should be Graduate / Post Graduate with 1-2 years experience with the knowledge of market. Should be excellent communicator in English and Hindi and should posses marketing skills.
Send your resume before 29th Nov, to the Vice-President You may use the following model-Address with your -e-mail-Employment objective-Personal Details-Education-Experience-Special Skills and Activities-References 4 Marks

16. You are a health supervisor attached to the P.H.C. Gudiwada (Rural) in Krishna District. You have been asked to conduct a survey of the number of jaundice cases in three neighbouring Mandals. Write a report to the DMHO, Machlipatnam on your findings and the need for the supply of hepatitis ‘B’ vaccine to P.H.C Gudiwada (Rural) also recommend a Public Awareness Campaign to make people aware of preventive measures. You may use the following hints and format.
Hints: 1. No. of cases in the last 2 months
2. Causes
3. Available medical help
4. Requirements
5. Preventive Measures
Contents: Status-
Action Required-

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