Beginners guide to crack UPSC interviews

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UPSC Interviews is the last and final stage of the IAS aspirants and is indeed the final rank decider. With more than 4 lakhs students fighting for around 1000 seats, the competition goes stiffer and stronger at this stage.  Scroll down for some important tips on cracking the UPSC interviews which is the last hurdle of your dream.


“First impression is the last impression” . The moment you enter the interview room, your fate is sealed. Your walking, talking, and dressing sense, speaks everything for you. Make sure to keep yourself formally dressed and work on your body language as well. Don’t fumble while giving answers rather take a small pause if necessary.

Give mock Interviews

There are many coaching centers which prepare you for the interviews. They will help you to get focused on introspection and work on your individuality. The experts will guide you as per your strengths and weakness. You can easily work on the areas which require more focus. Remember that the real perspective of IAS personality test is not checking your General knowledge, it is something more than that.

Communication Skills

Language is not a barrier. Be it Hindi or English, you should have a firm grasp on that. Be confident in whatever you speak. Communication does not only lay stress on speaking skills, but requires attentive listening too. How does it feel to the interviewer if you keep on repeating “Pardon me”? Be attentive to all the questions.

Answering the questions

All the questions asked may not be difficult. Apply your common sense as well. It may happen that the question asked has the answer hidden in itself. Don’t feel panic and give any answer randomly. But if you feel that the answer is right you must have proper justification for that. In case you don’t know the answer, just say “Sorry, I don’t know”. Be confident in whatever you answer.

Remember what you have written in your mains exam

The interview may ask you regarding your mains exam. Ensure revising that and questions regarding your selection of optional subject. Make sure you answer every question very seriously and confidently while looking into the eyes of the interviewer.

Confidence Vs Over confidence

Understand the basic fine line between confidence and over confidence. Thinking yourself to be superior of all is overconfidence. The interviewers know better than you and are certainly more experienced. Remember a single answer is capable of making or breaking your dream.


So far you have been reading newspaper for merely knowledge sake. Now focus on opinion based reading. Go for the editorial sections of the newspaper or listen to the debates on the television regarding the various developments happening across the country as well as world.

Why do you want to become “IAS”?

This is generally the first question asked by the panel. Prepare this well. The answer should not be generic but should be genuine & convincing. Also, do your SWOT analysis alongside with a short and impressive description about yourself.

Revise your DAF thoroughly

You DAF i.e. Detailed Application Form will be shared with all the interview panel members. So, you should be well aware of all what you have written regarding your bio-data, hobbies, interests, achievements etc. Experts also recommend going through your graduation books for an extra preparation.

Be Optimistic

Don’t ever let any negative thought distract you from your aim. Every question which you answer should reflect positivity in you. There are things which are not under your control but still you can turn them into your favor by having a positive attitude.

Make a checklist of the documents

To avoid the last minute panic, make sure all your documents are ready and keep them in a folder. Make a checklist to avoid any confusion.

Be regular on your revision level and stay optimistic in every situation. Give proper respect to all the interview panel members. Greet them on entering and say “thank you” when you leave. Don’t sit until you are asked so.  Gear up and start preparing yourself for the UPSC interviews as early as possible.

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