What is PTE? What is the exam pattern of PTE?

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If you are a non native English speaker and want to study abroad, then you have to qualify PTE. This is a computer based test that is conducted to test your English speaking, listening, writing and reading skills. There are so many popular colleges and universities that require students to qualify this exam.  This exam is all about real English speaking and this is not associated with grammar and other complexities of this language. You have to complete this test and you need to attend a test center. A headset and compute are required to read, listen and answer the questions. This test may take at least 3 hours to compete.

The test includes 3 parts writing/speaking, reading and listening. There is a 20 different question format that may range from many options via to essay writing and interpreting information.  This is quite easy to prepare for this exam. You can hear lectures and view charts/graphs. Many accents you will hear in this PTE test that may be American or British. Non-native speakers may have to expose to various kinds of accents that may be used in your daily life.

The Pearson Test of English Academic is a computer-based examination that non-native English speakers need to take to study abroad in English native universities. It exam comprises of reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills. The tests often have the questions that assess the two skills of students together like reading and listening or speaking and reading. The whole test lasts three hours in a secure test environment. It has integrated tasks that will reflect the real-life English skills of students or people who wish to immigrate.

Exam Pattern

The PTE exam has two subparts namely;

PTE General

It is a six-level test that determines the ability of English language communication of people. It is accepted by national education authorities or employers of the organization.

PTE Academic

PTE Academic tests the English language ability of students who wish to get into higher educational institutions, universities, or other organizations. It has three parts namely

  • Speaking and writing: In this part, you may be asked to answer questions, repeat sentences and summarize any paragraphs. This section has introduction part and you will get 30 seconds to introduce yourself. You see a recording box on the screen and you have to speak immediately after a beep.
  • Reading: This section is to evaluate the reading skills of the candidates. You have to follow some instructions to follow the answer.
  • Listening

The examination is totally free of human intervention as the computer undertakes the examination. It is opted by many students as it offers flexible exam dates, time, and location. Students can get the results within five business days that avoid delays. Getting high scores in the exam will help the students get into colleges of their choice or get acceptance for visa applications.

This exam pattern is meant at candidates who want to pursue higher studies abroad. This exam is used to test the listening, speaking, reading and writing skill of the candidates. Three hours is the total test duration as we mentioned above, so better practice as per the pattern and duration.

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