Best Commerce Colleges in Rajasthan

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 Best Commerce Colleges in Rajasthan

Top commerce Colleges in Rajasthan

best commerce colleges in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the “Land Of Kings”. Its capital is Jaipur. Rajasthan is  located in the North-West of India and is  bordered by Gujarat  to the South-West, Madhya Pradesh to the South-East, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana to the North-East and Punjab to the NorthDuring the past few decades, Rajasthan has progressed in education by leaps and bounds especially when it comes to engineering and commerce streams.

Commerce and Commerce colleges

Commerce is the whole system of an economy that constitutes an environment for business.Commerce is a system or an environment that affects the business prospects of an economy or a nation-state. Modern Commerce and business education cover various fields like Management, Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Auditing, Cost Accounting, Income Tax, Economics, Business and Commercial Law. In all developed countries commerce is organized on systematic and dynamic lines. In today’s world, to attain a fast economic growth we need expert accountants and economists that have been given a vigorous practical training to tackle the complexities of business. And hence commerce is the base-stone of economy of any business body.

Commerce as a stream can be opted after class 10 in schools. And this paves the way for higher study in commerce subjects. Various universities and colleges are offering graduate and post graduate courses in commerce

Courses for graduation-

  • B.B.M– Bachelors of Business Management
  • B.B.A– Bachelor of Business Administration
  • B.C.A–  Bachelors in Computer Applications
  •– Bachelor of Commerce

Courses for post graduation-

  • M.B.A – Masters of Business Administration
  • M.Com – Masters of Commerce
  • M.C.A –  Masters in Computer Applications

Following a list of best commerce colleges in Rajasthan


Note: Please click the college name to view its profile and details.

                  NAME OF COLLEGE                 LOCATION
 1. Amity UniversityJaipur , Rajasthan
2. Goverment Commerce CollegeKOTA,Rajasthan
3. Jyoti Vidyapeeth Womens UniversityJaipur , Rajasthan
4. Jain Vishva Bharati University Distance Educationladuun , Rajasthan
5. Mahatama Jyoti Rao Phoole University Jaipur , Rajasthan
6. Pacific Group Of Institutions Udaipur, Rajasthan
7. Jaipur National University Jaipur  , Rajasthan
8.Jaganaath UniversityJaipur, Rajasthan
9.Central University of RajasthanAjmer  , Rajasthan
10. Maharshi Dayanad Sarswati University Ajmer , Rajasthan

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11 Responses to Best Commerce Colleges in Rajasthan

  1. Jay Maheswari says:

    confused which bcom institute will best suit my needs and furnish my qualities

  2. SUMIT JAIN says:

    I’m studying in class-12 of delhi public school and i have taken commerce stream for my higher education.But now im confused what to take next after class-12.please help me!

  3. ISB&M Pune says:

    Thanks for this nice and great article on best commerce colleges in rajasthan and keep giving and writing these kind of article it will help to students

  4. Prince Khanna says:

    Every college in Jaipur has some specific specialties in itself. Similarly, as far as I know JECRC offers good placement to the students of engineering that makes it the best engineering college Rajasthan.

  5. Surabhi Singh says:

    Get yourself in the best commerce colleges in Rajasthan by the help of this article. Commerce has lot of scope in the field of career enhancement .

  6. Atif Pall says:

    Rajasthan has given itself a good stand with the immense development and progress of good commerce colleges for the students who aspire to pursue their education there.
    The above article tells you about all colleges doing great in the commerce field of education . Interested students must go through it for further information , helpful and valuable information for commerce aspirants.

  7. Kriti Das says:

    Rajasthan is state famed for its cultural heritage for of late it has a made a name for itself for having world class colleges.The commerce colleges of Rajasthan have recently burst into the national scene.Here we have the list of top commerce colleges of Rajasthan which is quite a good one.

  8. singh prashant says:

    Commerce is all about training your self to be a good planner as well as a good manager .Its like understanding the ways of market its characteristic from theoretical as well as practical point of view currently a student interested in commerce can opt for one of so many fields such as B.Com, (hon.), BBA, BBM because every field has its own importance in the market so their is no point of discussion that this is a better branch or this branch has no future etc etc ,but one one thing should be kept in mind that what so ever branch you are opting you have to become expert in that or you will get nothing .
    According to me colleges which are mentioned in the above list are good but i would like to make a remark that theoretical knowledge is only half of the story the next part of the commercial field is personality development and self improvement. if u work on both of these aspects you will gain success.
    good luck..


    If a student wishes to choose COMMERCE as the subject stream then he or she should study subjects like ECONOMICS,ACCOUNTANCY, BOOK KEEPING,SECRETARIAL PRACTICE,BUSINESS MATHEMATICS etc.Rajasthan although known for its handicrafts,tourism,handloom is also doing well in its education.This article gives information of some commerce colleges which will be helpful to those students who want to take up commerce for higher education.

  10. Top Arts Colleges in Rajasthan | Our Edublog says:

    […] previous posts we have provided details of Top Commerce Colleges in Rajasthan and Top Medical Colleges in […]

  11. Priyanka Sarkar says:

    COMMERCE is the key of the business technique.In this method it is the way for national growth and developement.Today by the virtue of the commerce line,businessman are the richest person in the world.So young boys and girls are being tempted by the commerce.So there making a bee line in the commerce colleges. Commerce is the whole system of an economy that constitutes an environment for business.Commerce is a system or an environment that affects the business prospects of an economy or a nation-state.Many colleges are their to take degree in commerce stream like B.COM,M.COM, MASTERS IN FINANCE, BBA ,BBM. In Rajasthan there are so many commerce colleges where offers B.COM,M.COM,MASTERS in FINANCE,BBA,BBM etc.

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