Topper's Choice Best PCM Books for WB JEE

Topper’s Choice Best PCM Books for WB JEE

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The competition exam isnt a cup of tea and before preparation of any examination the best mentorship and books is the success tools.So, if your question is  what exactly are the best books for  WB JEE Advanced? Read Best PCM IIT JEE Books Topper’s Choice.Topper’s Choice Best PCM Books for WB JEE

Which book would turn out to be your savior for important subjects like physics, chemistry, and maths?

The biggest problem when a student starts preparing for WB JEE Advanced is what should he/she study to crack WB JEE. Along with the growing number of aspirants, even the number of professional writers and books is increasing.

                                    Topper’s Choice Best PCM Books for WB JEE

Dear friends  Here’s a list of books which teachers and academicians have vouched for over the years. What more can you expect in this article? Well, a list of books subject wise! And we have kept the content concise and comprehensive for your benefit.

First We see some General books for WB JEE-What is SRM JEE Exam | Pattern | And Who is Eligible

WB JEE Engineering Entrance Exam 2017 Solved Papers (2017-2006)


Without previous year question paper how we know the exam lavel and question .This book help students crack the IIT JEE by looking at the previous year’s paper contents.

It is divided into three sections:

  • Mathematics,
  • Physics,
  • Chemestry



WB JEE Chapterwise Explorer Mathematics – Engineering







Best Physics Books for WB JEE Exam

a. NCERT Physics Part 1 and Part 2 Textbook for Class XII Related image

NCERT books the queen of the any examination and Mu OET isn’t the exception .The book divided in two part  and a number of chapters, the book’s first part rounds up topics including current electricity, magnetism, electrostatic potential and capacitance, matter and electromagnetic induction. Its other sections cover semi­conductors, quantum theory, optics, nuclear physics and communication systems.


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b. Concepts of Physics by H. C Verma Vol 1 and Vol 2 

This book is the best with general theory and questions , the way of explanation in this book is very simple and interesting as well the question level also very logical and thinkful. the best book for physics preparation.

THe Book is divided in two parts .



 c. Understanding Physics Series by D. C Pandey

The best book for individual topic vise this book divided in five part

  • Understanding Physics series by D. C Pandey
  • Understanding Physics: Mechanics (Part – 1)
  • Understanding Physics: Electricity & Magnetism
  • Understanding Physics: Wave & Thermodynamics
  • Understanding Physics: Optics & Modern Physics


D. Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick & Walker

It contains descriptions of physical principles, which are well supported by mathematical derivations of the equation, description of laboratory experiments, historical backgrounds, etc. followed by reliable, solved examples.




IIT JEE Toppers Handwritten Notes – Mathematics (Set of 3 Books)

E. Problems in General Physics by I.E. Irodov





Best Chemistry Books for WB JEE Exam-

NCERT Chemistry Part I and II Class 11th ,12thRelated image

This book  divided into nine topics to cover all bitsat syllabus including the

  • solid state,
  • solutions,
  • electrochemistry,
  • chemical kinetics
  • , surface chemistry,
  • general principles and processes of isolation of elements,
  • the p block elements, d and f block elements
  • and coordination compounds.

It includes questions and answers at the end of each chapter and a section on important terms to remember.

Physical Chemistry by P. BahadurImage result for Physical Chemistry by P. Bahadur


This book is best for physical chemistry part It provides extensive coverage of Physical chemistry and also comes with lots of relevant practical exercises and model test papers.

Its best-covered topics include chemical and ionic equilibrium.

It is especially relevant for solving numerical problems in physical chemistry.


Inorganic Chemistry by O. P. TandonImage result for Inorganic Chemistry by O. P. Tandon

This  is the second very important part of chemistry inorganic  cover It includes basic concepts like periodic table groupings and a host of other well-explained topics. This book comes with good practice questions too.






Organic Chemistry by Arihant (Theory & Practice)

This book is divided into the subject’s concepts through day-wise learning modules and explained content. It also has a host of objective questions focused on the model/pattern of most competitive entrance exams.



Best Maths Books for WB JEE Exam-

A. NCERT Maths Part 1 and 2 Class 12

Image result for maths ncert 11th

This book is covers all important topic, concepts taught in 12th grade and is the ideal book to start with if you are weak in maths.

With the CBSE curriculum in mind, the book covers topics including

  • Trigonometry,
  • Matrices,
  • Differentiation,
  • Algebra, etc.


B. Objective Mathematics by R. D. Sharma

This is the best book of beginner  want develop concept of mathematics . This book is divided in two part  it covers concepts including algebra,

  • Permutations,
  • Combinations
  • Probability and
  • Determinants.

It also helps students practice concepts using the exercises provided at the end of each

C. Arihant Maths Series by S.K. Goyal

This series made for individual topic understanding in depth . This book give you best practice exercise and lots of new concept in mathematics .

Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details

Plane Trigonometry Part 1 by

S.L. Loney                                                                             






The Elements of COORDINATE GEOMETRY Part-1 Cartesian Coordinates

S.L. Loney 








HIGHER ALGEBRA by Hall and Knight









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