Best Preschool in Faridabad

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A long time ago schools were restricted to only those who had learnt to read and write at home. The first preschool opened in London in 1819 for infants who have no access to education or their parents work in factories or unable to teach them. From than preschools or kindergarten came into existence and opened worldwide till now. Many scientists have opined that 90% of the brain developed until the age of 5, so preschool education becomes more important. Because of preschool education, many disorders can be detected at the early age and can be cured easily.

Modern Early Years is the best preschool in Faridabad and why I am saying this, I will explain it in this article. Modern Early years, knows that the early age is very crucial for the mental and physical development of a child. They continuously optimize their teaching methods so that students can have a better understanding of the subjects. Along with teaching style, they have constructed a separate preschool campus for students in accordance with their need. Along with classroom teaching, teachers conduct an interactive session to encourage their curiosity to know the physical world around them.

Learning with fun is a new concept of teaching in which teachers taught students in a fun way. For this approach, they have optimized their classrooms and playground. They teach in the form of plays, themed poster making competition, animated videos etc to have a long-lasting impact on their mind.  On the important dates like Gandhi Jayanti, Independence Day etc they make stories with the help of pictures and explain it to students in a fun way. Because of these methods students not only learn or understand but also they retain it for a longer duration.

Apart from education, they focus on physical health also. Do you know that they have made 1 hour Games period compulsory before starting the classes so that they enjoy attending the school and to improve their physical health. They also teach them about the basic hygiene, table manners, importance of cleanliness, etc so that they become responsible and develop good habits right from the beginning.

Now I believe, you agreeing what I Quoted earlier in this article that Modern Early Years is the best preschool in Faridabad as their prime focus is to prepare students for their further formal education and face the world confidently.

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