How to choose UPSC IAS mains optional subjects

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Many students who opt to take the UPSC examination face the dilemma of choosing the IAS Mains Optional subject. The students need to make the right choice as the selection will determine their overall marks in the UPSC examination. The optional subject needed for the UPSC is now reduced to one, but they need to make the right selection to boost their chances of success. Students can select the IAS Mains Optional based on the following criteria;



Choose Subject as per your interest:

  • Students must go through all the optional subjects for the IAS thoroughly and know their syllabus in detail. It is important to opt a subject that can hold the interest of the students. Interest is the main factor that you should look for. If you have good command over the subject and you find it easy to understand and interesting, then you should go for it. But if you go for the subject that you just opt for scoring marks or you think that this particular subject is easy to score well, then it would be a mistake. Don’t take any subject under the pressure of friends or family members, it’s your call. If you think you already have some knowledge about the subject and you can easily understand the topics associated with it, and then go for that particular subject.


Small Syllabus


  • A small syllabus compared to the other subjects. The specifically defined syllabus will offer more ease of studying to the students. Small syllabus is easy to cover and understand. You can learn all the topics easily and remember them without many efforts. This is how it can make easy for you to get good marks.


Availability of Study Material:

  • The availability of the study material for the subject is another crucial factor while choosing the optional subject. An easy availability of material is ideal as it will make it easier for the students to get their hands on the resources. Study material is the main factor that you should research on. If it is easily available, then you should choose that subject.

Short Study Material


  • An interesting subject material short in length can keep the interests of the students. So, it will not cause any distraction while learning.


Score Nature

  • The score nature of the subject is another factor is key to select the ideal one. An easy scoring subject will boost the overall marks of the candidate that will increase their ranks.



Availability of experienced Guideline


  • The availability of experienced guideline will help the students clear the examination with ease. The availability of experienced faculty, books, notes and many more things can make the IAS preparation easy. So choose the right subject as per the interest.


Many students choose history, public administration, sociology, geography, Economics, Psychology, Philosophy, and Political Science. The subjects are preferred by students due to its short syllabus and the ease of scoring marks. The UPSC examination is designed to test the intellectual power of the candidate and assess their traits. A candidate with good understanding and analytical skills can pass the examination without any hassles. So, it is important to opt for the right optional subjects to increase the chances of scoring high and get a high rank.


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