Best SAT Colleges in the USA

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The SAT is a paper-based standardized test that was originally known as Scholastic Assessment Test, which is required to get college admission in the United States. It is administered by Educational Testing Services on behalf of College Board. As it a part of college application process, many students take the SAT examination to get into good colleges. This exam is held seven times in a year in USA. There are no specific criteria for this exam to take admission in colleges. Students can take this test when they are in senior high school or junior. Here in this guide, we have mentioned best SAT colleges in USA that are popular all across the world:


The best SAT colleges in the USA are;

  • University of Chicago

It is the top college in the USA with the highest average SAT score of 1520 that reflects the rigors academic programs offered at the institution. This is very popular university and you have to match the college’s SAT requirement. This is really very crucial to get past the first round. If you don’t match the expectations or requirements of college they your chance of getting admission is nil. This is a hurdle that you have to pass. Once you cross this hurdle, you may have to impress UOC application readers.

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

It is the best institutions in the USA that has an average SAT score of 1493 that makes it tough for the students to get accepted for courses in the college. This college is very selective and you have to get GPA and high SAT score to get admission here. You may get rejected if you don’t pass GPA and SAT requirements.


  • Harvard University

It is a world-renowned university that attracts students from around the world as it has good infrastructure and excellent education plan. It has the average SAT score of 1481 that raises the bar of selection of students. This is the dream of every student to get in this university anyhow. But things are not going to be simple; you have to work hard to meet the SAT and GPA requirements.

  • Princeton University

It is a prestigious college that has good infrastructure and a high average SAT score. The score 1480 is the best among the colleges in the USA. This is a famous university that attracts every university. There are so many facilities, programs, courses are available.

  • Washington University

The Washington University in St. Louis has an average SAT score of 1475 and it is ranked 19th in the USA. This is the dream of so many Indian students to get admission here.

Students need to prepare well to get accepted into the institution as the bar to get accepted is high. If you want to play safe then you should look for 70 to 80th percentile with a good SAT and GPA. You have to be above average to get in. This test is the just first step you have to go beyond the academic scores in order to impress application readers.


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