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Best cbse Schools in Ahmedabad

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Ahmedabad is considered as an important hub for higher education in India.Schools in Ahmedabad  are run either by the AMC or privately by individuals and trusts. Majority of the schools are affiliated to the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSEB). Some schools  are associated with the Central Board for Secondary Education. It remained one of the most important cities in the Gujarat region. Ahmedabad is very much concerned about the studies as there are many schools which are top in list. There are many best CBSE schools in Ahmedabad who are providing quality education with all the facilities for students’ comfort.

List of Best schools in Ahmedabad-

  1. Udgam School
  2. Maharaja Agrasen Vidyalaya
  3. ST. Kabir School
  4. Anand Niketan School
  5. Swastik Sattva Vikas school
  6. DPS East School
  7. Amrut School
  8. A G High School
  9. Rachna School
  10. Som Lalit School
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Details of facilities and other things-

1.Udgam school

Udgam school image

Udgam school

It is a co-educational English medium school which is affiliated to CBSE. It was founded in 47 years ago. The mission of this school is to educate students with the skills to think innovatively, reason critically, communicate effectively, feeling of respect towprds others. In this school visual based learning takes place in the classrooms as an effective tool for teaching through installation of Smart Board in every class. Well trained faculties who understand the needs of children.Facilities like value education,creche, counselling,sports etc

Opp. Sardar Patel Institute,
Thaltej, Ahmedabad- 380 054
Gujarat, INDIA.
Phone No: 079-26****39, 9925* ***53
Email Id:

2.Maharaja Agrasen Vidyalaya

Maharaja Agrasen Vidyalaya image

Maharaja Agrasen Vidyalaya

The education here is ‘learning and character building’ oriented. It has an extensive, beautiful, magnificent and a very neat and clean building, said to be one of the best in Ahmedabad. 3 Well equipped Science Laboratories, audio-visual room, activity Hall, amphi-theatre etc.Remedial teaching is done for those who are educationally backward.Modern method of teaching is followed.

Gurukul Road,
Near Sterling Hospital, Memnagar,
Phone no: 07927****71

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If you call this coaching, tell them you got this number from oureducation because coaching center don’t entertain non serious students and spam callers

3.St Kabir school

St Kabir school image

St Kabir school

It is CBSE affiliated top most school of Ahmedabad. It has own international school award.This year ranked no 4 of ” value for money”.Its aim is to provide vibrant forum for quality education, with a scientific temper,adaptive to the changing needs of time.Well trained faculties.

Near Goyal Intercity.
Drive-in Road,Ahmedabad.
Phone No : – 079 26****95

4.Anand Niketan

Anand Niketan image

Anand Niketan

It is affiliated to CBSE board and provides quality based education to the students with all the facilities for their bright future. To nurture students like seeds with joy, instilling proficiency in them through activity, thus honing their skills and helping them grow into a complete.Facilities like transport,lunch,labs,indoor outdoor sports etc.Innovative teaching method is employed by the well trained faculties.

Nr. Indira Bridge, Airport-Gandhinagar Road,
Nr. Sandesh Farm,Gandhinagar,
Memdabad Highway, Ahmedabad,
Phone: 9737****63

5.Swastik Sattva Vikas

Swastik Sattva Vikas image

Swastik Sattva Vikas

It is also one of the best school of Ahmedabad which is affiliated to CBSE and provides high quality education. It believes in sincere and concentrated learning.Its features includes-Toddlers’ world, artistic horizon,words worth lab,reading and listening studio,instumental inclination,techno ignition hub,smart room etc.well trained faculties to cater the needs of children

On new 100 feet road,
2 kms. off Sarkhej- Gandhinagar Highway
from Pakawan intersection,
Ahmedabad 380 059
Phone : +91 79 26*** *16

6.DPS East school

DPS East School images

DPS East School

This is CBSE affiliated Top most School of Ahmedabad providing high quality education.The school aims to provide holistic education to your child through qualified teachers, proven curriculum and modern facilities.Facilities like bookshop,activity room,parent teacher meeting,first aid clinic etc.It imparts education using a professional,modern and ethical approach.

Survey No.43/1B & 45, Sulikunte Village,
Dommasandra Post,
Phone:+91 80 27** **60, +91 80 2**2 ***1/63
Fax:+91 80 2657 2787

7.Amrut school

Amrut school image

Amrut school

It is one of the oldest institution of Ahmedabad.The schools strive to achieve peaks of excellence in the academic field as well in life itself through a large variety of curriculum and co-curriculum projects.It has smart class for e-learning.It has NCC training centre and also provides golf training.

Amrut School / Firdaus Amrut Center
15, Cantonment, Shahibaug,
Ahmedabad – 380003.
Tele Fax No. :91 – 079 – 22866393 / 22866501

8.A G High school

A G High school image

A G High school

A G High School is one of the best school of Ahmedabad which is CBSE affiliated.The school boasts of a simple three storeyed building structure and having a huge playground where various co-curricular and sports activities can be pursued in a right earnest way.Well trained faculties employ innovative teaching method.Teacher student ratio 1:20

Navrangpura, Ahmedabad-380 009.
Phone:91-79-26****72 & 26****26
E-mail :

9.Rachana School

Rachana School image

Rachana School

It was established in 1972 which is affiliated to CBSE provides high education to the students. Rachana provides a stimulating learning environment with a technological orientation, which maximizes individual potential.It has subject labs keeping in mind the fact that effective learning always takes place better in smaller groups and with hands on experience.It has good faculties and superb infrastructure

Nr. Sujata Flats,
Opp Rita Park Society,
Ahmedabad – 380004,
Gujarat, India
Phone:+91-0*9-22****45, 22****35


Somlalit School image

Somlalit School

It was established in May 1996. It is top rank school in Ahmedabad which is CBSE affiliated and providing high quality education to the students for their bright future.Striving to draw out the full potential of the students.Fostering in them the rich values of our Indian cultural heritage so that they are urged to respond to life’s challenges with joy and courage.It has all the facilities and well trained faculties employing innovative teaching method.

Address –
Behind Hindu Colony, Opp. Sadhna Colony,
Nr. Sardar Patel Stadium , Navrangpura,
Ahmedabad – 380009
Phone : 079-26****47 , 26****01-2

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    looking for 11 th cbse collage/ school in ahmedabad

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  7. Ramchandra Fagedia says:

    8th or 9th

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  11. DR ANSHUMAN SAHA says:

    moving to Ahmedabad in January 2018, need admission of daughter in class 1 in area around civil hospital in ahmedabad

  12. DR ANSHUMAN SAHA says:

    moving to Ahmedabad in January 2018, need admission of daughter in class 1 in area around civil hospital in ahmedabad

  13. Vanita says:

    Looking for admission in Grade 2 for m kid in 2018-19 session in best school of Ahmedabad

  14. Vanita says:

    Looking for admission in Grade 2 for m kid in 2018-19 session in best school of Ahmedabad

  15. Bhavish Desai says:

    I want join this.

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  18. devangi dave says:

    which schoolof is giving d best performance in both study & extra curriculamtime activities inof ahemdabaf?

  19. brajesh kumar singh says:

    play and nusery

  20. brajesh kumar singh says:
  21. Deepak Sharma says:

    need admission in 8th Std in Best CBSE School. Suggest best school

  22. Deepak Sharma says:

    need admission in 8th Std in Best CBSE School. Suggest best school

  23. Pooja Radia says:

    I an searching school for my daughter

  24. umeshkumar says:

    for 1st standard =- english meduim

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  201. pal lakhan says:

    pl.. call me

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  203. Niraj says:
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  205. Avani says:


  206. Avani says:
  207. RAHUL SHAH says:

    My Son’s Birth date is 14th May 2014 and I am looking for good CBSE school in Ahmedabad to enroll him in Jr. KG from AY 18-19

  208. RAHUL SHAH says:

    My Son’s Birth date is 14th May 2014 and I am looking for good CBSE school in Ahmedabad to enroll him in Jr. KG from AY 18-19

  209. AKASH SHAH says:

    for nursury addmission age eligiblity in cbse school

  210. Dharmemdra Pitroda says:

    I need information about top ranked higher secondary school in Ahmedabad

  211. Yash Surana says:

    I need to to fee structure of CBSC schools in ahmedabad for junior kg class

  212. Devesh says:

    I need to to fee structure of CBSC schools in ahmedabad

  213. Zainab says:

    I am not getting which school is best for my daughter education

  214. Vinod says:

    Seeing admission to Std VIII for son in CBSE school & for Std XII Commerce (SYJC) for Daughter in colleges offering Maths & IT(Information Technology)

  215. Vinod kumar says:

    I m shifting to ahmedabad on transfer
    I have two kids class 7 and class 3
    Want to enquire about good schools

  216. ashok kumar says:


  217. Ujjawal Gupta says:

    Let me know the status of any vacancy for admission in Junior K.G.

  218. Rupa mehta says:

    Which school is best for my daughter TRIPADA INTERNATIONL OR H B KAPDIA SHE IS In sr kg

  219. Anurag jangid says:

    Fee structure of cbse board school for 12th standard commerce stream

  220. sardar singh kushwah says:

    I was transfered from Indore to Ahemadabad and i want to get admission for my children in class 9th and 7th.
    please suggest best school in ahemadabad

  221. Manvender singh says:

    Need admission in 11 pcm. 10th CBSE passed from Rajasthan.

  222. avi goyal says:

    i study at k.v. ongc , received 86.4% in cbse board 12th commerce exam. i want to know what is my merit in ahmedabad.

  223. B k singh says:

    Mid session admission in class 10 after state change

  224. jaynam b prajapati says:

    what to for 70 percentage in ssc
    science in biology is good or so so…
    little about commerce and arts

  225. Nafisa poonawala says:

    Which schools have class 11 arts stream in ahmedabad??

  226. Sagar Ghorpade says:

    I have an inquiry about admission in CBSE school for UKG. Please suggest the school with the contact dtails

  227. Vardhman jain says:

    Searching good school for education n open platforms

  228. Sonam Tekwani says:

    I live in sardarnagar so wan nearby skul n which board should I select from nursery for my daughter?

  229. SAMIT SEN says:

    best science stream school in Ahmedabad for class xi and xii

  230. sanket shukla says:

    i need guidence on schooling for my Son.. i m not have clear idea about Ahmedabad.. so please help for the same..

  231. Priyambada Housing Estate says:

    Need to know the good CBSE higher secondary english medium school at ahmedabad to admit my daughter in class XI Sc.

  232. M.K.Gajjar says:

    I wnt admission for my son in 11th CBSE, please suggest good school in Ahmedabad

  233. Sumesh says:

    Looking for admission of my sons for 5th & Sr Kg in CBSE schools in Ahmedabad, preferably near Maninagar

  234. Nirav Bhavsar says:

    Which is the good CBSE school near by New C G Road , Chandkheda ?

  235. Vishalkumar Davjibhai Patel says:

    I want CBSC Board school list in Ahmadabad area.

  236. Bhushan Mehta says:

    I need to enquire about the Ahmedabad CBSE school for getting the admission in class 10 as i have to move from uae to ahmedabad in april

  237. Lalit says:

    My son has passed 10 std. What are the courses for him

  238. rohan vyas says:

    i need admission in 1st standard for my son, in CBSE or international bord

  239. NILANJAN says:

    am going to be transferred to ahmedabad and want to arrange admission of child for class 6 at top ranked cbse school in ahmedabad. i need detailed info for schools details, admision procedure, fees structure and donation or admission fees amount and whom to contact for all these issues.

  240. vishal patel says:

    I want next year my son admission in Class 8th. please send me good school list, presently he std in Saudi Arabia in class 7th.
    my cal no:- +91-9427691272 / +966-553658314

  241. MEHUL PATEL says:

    MY ELDER SON willing to admission in sixth cbse board. so, pls. advice me which school is best for me. also I want to admit in residential school.

  242. Juhi Patel says:

    You want to boost your child’s career with CBSE Board. Aavishkar school is one of the best CBSE school in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

  243. Falgun Pandya says:

    we are looking for Gujarat Board English Medium school for Tenth Standard around about Ghatlodia, Thaltej, S.G.Highway Ahmedabad, Gujarat for my child better education and growing up.

  244. Rachel Sandeep says:

    Want to know about cbse schools offfering humanities in 11th standard.

  245. Pranav Pandya says:

    Thanks for sharing useful information about schools in Ahmedabad. It would be helpful for those parents who are searching best school for their children

  246. Jyoti Mam says:

    for cbse board which school is best in ahmedabad for 9th standard

  247. RAKESH YADAV says:


  248. viraj says:

    I m finding good school for std 9 cbse english medium school

  249. vivek says:

    plz give me review for Aavishkar International School which is newly developed in Ahmedabad.

  250. Amit says:

    Want details about schools for my son currently in 5th Std.

  251. shriti says:

    How to decide on Board (CBSE / ICSE / IB) and school

  252. Sandeep SHARMA says:

    Want admission of daughter in CBSE/ICSE medium school

  253. Bhavin says:

    we are looking best school in ahmedabad for my kid.

  254. Pintu Prajapati says:

    i am only person able to teach my kid english and i am not available whole day at home. Should i admit my baby in english medium ??

  255. Neel modi says:

    I want to know rankings of cbse schools in Ahmedabad

  256. SWAPNIL PATEL says:

    Please provide the top 10 CBSE English medium school in ahmedabad.

  257. Pranat says:

    I am searching for a good CBSE/ICSE School in Ahmedabad , near Bopal Area. School Fees should be medium range, and I want to understand whether to search for school starting from Nursery or J. Kg. since my son is in a pre-school born in month of may 2014.

  258. nisha says:

    I want to know about best CBSC School in ahmedabad.
    Please help me

  259. ronak shah says:

    my child is 4 & half year old. how to judge best school and how to decide cbse or icse shcool appropriate for my child. Now he is in sanskar pre-school.

  260. LATIF MANSURI says:


  261. Manish Jethva says:


  262. Atul says:

    My son is in std 8, in ICSE board, i want to change board to get admission in CBSC school in Ahmedabad.

  263. Prakash Patel says:

    I am looking for preprimary school for sr. kg. CBSE board

  264. KHYATI says:


  265. Vimal Maheswari says:

    My son is studying in 1st std in mumbai , for next year i want admission in Ahmedabad

  266. Prashant Kaushik says:

    Require one of top English medium school as I have to shift my family from Delhi to Ahmedabad

  267. LD YADAV says:


  268. Rangoli says:

    Qualification Require for Teacher Jobs in Ahmadabad

  269. HAKIMULLAH KHAN says:

    I am a teacher, having 08 years experience of teaching mathematics (11 & 12) in CBSE Schools. I want to switch over my present school if better opportunity is there.

  270. dr.faiyaz sheth says:

    my daughter is 4 years.which cbse school is better for her?

  271. Swara says:

    I am searching best CBSE school for my child.

  272. Swara says:

    I am searching best CBSE school for my child. K

  273. nidhi says:

    top commerce school or good commerce school in ahmedabad with fee structure


    i want admission in cbse board school for 11th 12th science but my prcntage are 64% so it is possible?



  276. PIYA KHANDELWAL says:

    I am getting transferred to Ahmedabad from Kolkata,My daughter has passed Class VII,and I want her to get admit in Class VIII (CBSE BOARD ONLY).I want to know in which schools vacancy are their

  277. SEJAL AGRAWAL says:


  278. kaizar says:

    I want to enquire about my son’s admission to Nursery. i want to know procedures and fees. Please contact me either on cell number or on email.

  279. PINAKIN says:

    i will admision my cousin. 11 std. commerce english medium

  280. S K Yadav says:

    My son has appeared in 10th this year, he wants to get admission in 11th in top school in ahmedabad. Please help him.

  281. taruna says:

    i want to admit my daughter in one of the best cbse school.

  282. Jalpa Vyas says:

    I want complete English culture over scholl premises. And teachers to be educated on very high level, who can make students study very well.

  283. Sachin DAve says:

    As I need to take admission for my daughter in X in CBSE school as I am transfer from Indore to Ahmedabad

  284. Ashish Desai says:

    CBSE or ICSE course..?? what are the options after 12th std.

  285. GS says:

    Dear Sir,
    Please advise about the new admission in top 5 International Schools in Ahmadabad for UKG.

  286. Rinku Jain says:

    Would like to know how many cbse schools are there in Ahmedabad. Also what is the criteria for admission in grade 11 commerce stream. how much percentage is required for that.

  287. Rajdeep Bhattacharya says:

    What are the top schools of Ahmedabad?Son is in 7th standard.

  288. Mirunalini Vijayan says:

    I am looking for a CBSE school which is good as well as having reasonable fees.

  289. Braham Prakash says:

    Application for admission in your school for my Daughter ( Vth ) and Son( Sr. KG)

  290. Kalpesh Panchal says:

    I want to get admission of My Daughter in next Year i.e June 2016. We both (me and my wife ) are working so please suggest best school option

  291. hemant makwana says:

    admission of son for Jr Kg in cbsc school near gurukul and ashramroad

  292. jignesh patel says:

    top 10 cbse schools around ahmedabad near ghandhinagar

  293. Pramod Khandelwal says:

    I want to admit my Son who is joining Class VIII this year with CBSE Std. Can you suggest me the good school having CBSE Std.

  294. Bipin says:

    CBSE affiliated school in Ahmedabad giving admission for 1st grade.

  295. ashok says:

    I am looking top ten highest ranked cbse school in ahmedabad

  296. abhay gupta says:

    I want to surah good cbse school for 10 th & 3rd standard

  297. V Tripathi says:

    Admission in Class XII for my daughter with humanities ( Psychology, Economics, Mass Media, History & English) for academic year 2016-17

  298. JIGNESH SHAH says:

    I am seeking admission for the 1st Standard in CBSE school for my son. Kindly suggest best school with economic options. fees must be max 60k or less than this with quality education.

  299. Piyush Patel says:

    Suggestion required for good cbse schools near ranip for admission in JR KG.

  300. Jonali says:

    What are the elective subjects offered generally in CBSE Science stream- PCM group? Which school is best suitable and economical for study in CBSE Science stream?

  301. Mrs Bhavna Joshi says:

    I would like to know top ten schools in Ahemedabad.

  302. Chintan Shukla says:

    I have daughter in JKG SSIS Ahmedabad.I want to know which is best CBSE School in Ahmedabad which provides best quality education with good environment.

  303. HEMAL PATEL says:

    i want to know about best cdse school in ahmedabad

  304. kinjal says:

    require admission in 3rd std in ahmedabad best school

  305. Mayur Chharodiwala says:

    Looking admission on 3rd standard & 6th standard CBSE/GBSE English medium school in Ahmedabad near vejalpur,setellite,bopal,makaraba

  306. Ravi Patel says:

    Dear Sirs,
    Please send me list of all English Medium Schools in Ahmedabad city and surrounding area.


  307. Ruchi Pandya says:

    Would you please suggest best play center in Ahmadabad for 1 year old baby..

  308. Anitha Naidu says:

    Would like to introduce an adaptive learning platform to practice math worksheets online
    Truly helpful to fall in love with Math

  309. Krkv Campus says:

    we are the best English Medium School in Ahmedabad.

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