Business Money Or Fame

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Fame Money Power No doubt are essential !! But In my opinion these things need not to be put before all aspects of life.Because it is not money that keeps an individual happy,it does buy luxuries which offer oneself only a peripheral sense of happiness. but then it all fades away.

Fame and Money are something people crave for. It earn power

Power multiplies Money, and Fame ofcourse..

Thus it becomes an Autocrine loop!!  This is the way people live trapped in a closed loop
that leads them nowhere.

 I do agree Money is important so as to fulfill our basic needs and for comfortable dwelling.But one should not cross limits while running behind these things that does not even last forever.we should remember that Joy is not in luxuries..It is in contentment
Life is not in praise..It is in peace !!

Money OR Fame ?

Now the question that arises is what should be given more importance is it MONEY or it should be FAME ? In my opinion money should be given more priority, because at the end of day fame does not pay the bills,and will not increase sales. Always choose sales over awards and profits over plaques.When fame does come, make sure that you redirect the spotlight where it belongs and that is on the products and services that you offer that provide you the lifestyle that you enjoy.

Now a days young  people focuses more on fame than money,one of the main reason behind this is they want to enjoy the glory of the life of the celebrities, something that is promoted from the media in a very effective way.

 Some young people are still more interested in earning a lot of money, no matter if hardly anyone knows they exist. Being wealthy is promoted from the media too, but not in the way a “trendy” lifestyle is.

Although being famous directly link to have vast sums of money,but what people really care is leaving their identity or marks behind them.Money is equally important , but some people care more about fame than being rich.


I think being a part of an organization or while doing business one should go for money,and if you are the representative of your company that you should make sure that any publicity you get is directed to your company’s products and services. Put them first over promoting yourself when it comes to media coverage.

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