Business Money Or Fame

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Fame Money Power No doubt are essential !! But In my opinion these things need not to be put before all aspects of life.Because it is not money that keeps an individual happy,it does buy luxuries which offer oneself only a peripheral sense of happiness. but then it all fades away.

Fame and Money are something people crave for. It earn power

Power multiplies Money, and Fame ofcourse..

Thus it becomes an Autocrine loop!!  This is the way people live trapped in a closed loop
that leads them nowhere.

 I do agree Money is important so as to fulfill our basic needs and for comfortable dwelling.But one should not cross limits while running behind these things that does not even last forever.we should remember that Joy is not in luxuries..It is in contentment
Life is not in praise..It is in peace !!

Money OR Fame ?

Now the question that arises is what should be given more importance is it MONEY or it should be FAME ? In my opinion money should be given more priority, because at the end of day fame does not pay the bills,and will not increase sales. Always choose sales over awards and profits over plaques.When fame does come, make sure that you redirect the spotlight where it belongs and that is on the products and services that you offer that provide you the lifestyle that you enjoy.

Now a days young  people focuses more on fame than money,one of the main reason behind this is they want to enjoy the glory of the life of the celebrities, something that is promoted from the media in a very effective way.

 Some young people are still more interested in earning a lot of money, no matter if hardly anyone knows they exist. Being wealthy is promoted from the media too, but not in the way a “trendy” lifestyle is.

Although being famous directly link to have vast sums of money,but what people really care is leaving their identity or marks behind them.Money is equally important , but some people care more about fame than being rich.


I think being a part of an organization or while doing business one should go for money,and if you are the representative of your company that you should make sure that any publicity you get is directed to your company’s products and services. Put them first over promoting yourself when it comes to media coverage.

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15 Responses to Business Money Or Fame

  1. Kriti Das says:

    Business,money and fame are all interelated.But i feel,Money is of prime importance among the three.With money,one can have a successful business and fame is bound to follow.On the other hand if somebody gets a chance to gain fame all of sudden(say by some reality show),then in that case money will follow him or her.Investing this money in a profitable business is the next obvious step.So it is difficult choice between money and fame.

  2. oishi chatterjee says:

    Today maximum people are actually struggling to gain or earn fame in this world but when it comes to Business, I guess money is the fuel required for it to run and survive in this world. And as we all know no single person in this world wants to die or to let his beloved things die. so i would say money is the motive and actually the ultimate aim for any business.

  3. Manisha Chawla says:

    BUSINESS- MONEY or FAME ?? Well by the term Business a normal man thinks of making MONEY and not FAME. Fame is the thing that a person can earn if he/she has a large amount of money. If the person gets loss of money in business , then he/she has no fame even. For getting fame, we need to promote our business everywhere and for promotion we need MONEY only. So, definitely Business is meant by MONEY firstly and then the word FAME arises.

  4. Seema Mishra says:

    I think fame is least important.Fame fades with age.But money is very important in this world.If you have money power, the world is your slave.But you cannot buy respect and love with money.

  5. Neha S says:

    When anybody thinks about the word business the first thing that comes to you mind is MONEY…
    Yes Business has since ages have always been associated with MONEY not with power.
    Business is done to earn money and a living not to earn fame.
    If you want to become famous then Business is not the right thing for you…

  6. preeti nisha says:

    I too agree with the fact that money should be given more priority over fame. Fame will not buy us food for our starving stomach. Though both does not last forever but still if we see the proportion if we have money it can fetch us goodwill and power but once we loose fame it will end up taking both money and power. As the matter of business organisations fame should be aired to the organisation and should not be personal. Both fame and money at a certain point makes us creepy. one can be famous by being a philosopher but cant make money while for en example ambani is rich and thus is famous. so my vote is for MONEY.

  7. Priyanka Baidya says:

    I think the least important is money.
    If we have the fame then we can become rich.
    It is very important for a person of our society to be known and have the ability to influence others.
    One of the main reasons people really want to make themselves is the glory of the life of the celebrities,something that is promoted form the media in a very effective way.
    Some people think money is most important because they depends upon some kind of income to run their lives and also think that money buy them whatever they want.
    But money can not buy love and respect.
    Although being famous is often directly linked to having vast sum of money but everyone really care about is leaving their marks behind them.
    So,if you have fame then you can become rich.

  8. Aditya Kundan says:

    Money is eternal but Fame is not. With money comes power, confidence,pride and sense of security. With fame comes fan following, well wishers. If you crave for money you work for it and you end up being a affluent personality.Fame fades with age as people tend to forget those with the arrival of new and better ones.It’s not so long back that veteran actors of bollywood had to pass away without a mere attention of theie fans who ones worshipped them. A.K Hungal died in such a miserable state where no one was beside him to look after. Even financially he had become so poor that he could not afford a better treatment.
    If you have money power, the world is your slave.So,money is something that you can rely on for everything.Fame can get you happiness but that won’t last long because it is a tough hill task to maintain ur charm and charisma with the increasing age.But wealth is always with you ,even in your tough times.


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  10. boopathy sathish says:

    i think business is important than fame.. if we shine well in business sure we will get a good fame

  11. Seetha Manoharan says:

    most of them doing business for money only…..but if we are doing business for fame means we get a good name between people

  12. Dinesh says:

    The fame is more important than any money
    to make money we need our business to develop in large manner, to develop our business we need fame so eternally even though we need MONEY it can be get only by FAME

    think about a situation if you loss the business your business then you need Sponser’s help to come back in this situation the sponsor grade you when only if you have FAME otherwise nobody will ready to come forward to help you

  13. poorva gupta says:

    Well i think that fame is more important because it is cherished forever whereas money can come and go at any point of time …

  14. Mahima Sharma says:

    In my Opinion Fame is something which i consider to be more Important than money because once to get fame.. then making money is not a big deal..!!

  15. patlakshi says:

    I think according to me fame is more important. Because when one becomes famous he or she can make money easily as he or she is recognised by everybody.

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