CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12th Maths

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Central Board of Secondary Education is most finest Board of Education that has maintain the quality standards to serve best Education to their students. This board is responsible for producing great scholars  by developing  educational policies in India for fruitful educations. From many years, CBSE have been identified as most toughest Board. To get good marks in these exam is like a dream for appearing students.Thus, we have tried to made available CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12th Maths, which will sure help for better preparations.

This is the 1st CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12th Maths of Sample Paper Series and we will soon update more sample papers in this series for more help.


Time allotted: 3 hrs                                                                                Maximum marks : 90


CBSE Sample Paper Class 12 Maths

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12th Maths

1.  If a matrix has 12 elements,what are the possible orders it can have?
2.  What is the value of d(-cot x)/dx?
3.  Find the minimum values of (5x-1)²+4 without using derivatives of function.
4.  Is (adj A)’=adj A’ ? True/False.
5. If A,B,C are collinear then find the area of triangle ABC .
6.  If A’=A then A is square matrix . TRUE/FALSE
7. What is the range of y=sin-1(x)?
8.  Let f : N→ N:f(x)=2x for all x € N.Show that f is one-one.
9.  If any two rows or columns of a determinant are identical then its value is 1.True/False.
10. Are vector products COMMUTATIVE?? Yes/No.


11.  If x= (2cosA-cos2A) and y=(2sinA-sin2A), find dy/dx2 at A= p/2.
12. Find the equation of the tangent to the curve x²+3y=3, which is parallel to the line y- 4x+5=0.
13. Find the interval on which the function f(x)=log((1+x)-(x/(1-x))) is  (a) Increasing (b) Decreasing.
14. Evaluate integral of dx/(1+5*sin2x).
15. Evaluate integral of dx/[x*{6log2x + 7 log x + 2}].
16. Find the equation of the plane passing through the point (0,7,-7) and containing the line (x+1)/-3 = (y-3)/2 = (z+2)/1 .
17. Show that the lines
(x-a+d)/(q-t) = (y-a)/q = (z-a-d)/(q+t) and (x-b+c)/(r-s) = (y-b)/r = (z-b-c)/(r+s) are coplanar.
18. Two numbers are selected at random from the integers 1 through 9. If the sum is even, find the probability that both the numbers are odd.


19. Using properties of determinants, prove that

CBSE Maths Sample Paper for Class 12




20.  Solve (dy/dx)-3ycotx=sin2x,it being given that y=2 when x=p/2.
21.  A cylindrical can is to be made to hold 1 litre of oil. Find the dimensions which will minimize the cost of the metal to make the can.
22.  Sketch the region common to the circle x²+ y² = 16 and the parabola x²= 6y.  Also, find  the area of the region using integration.
23.  Show that the lines
r = (i+j-k) + A(3i-j) and r = (4i-k) + B(2i+3k) intersect. Find their point of intersection.
24. Prove that the definite integral

CBSE Maths Sample Paper for Class 12

Definite Integral

25.  Find the distance of the point (0,-3,2) from the plane x+2y-z=1, measured parallel to the  line   (x+1)/2 = (y+1)/2 = z/3 .
26.  A card from a pack of 52 cards is lost. From the remaining cards of the pack, two cards are drawn and are found to be both spades. Find the probability of the lost card being a spade.

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