Career in Telecommunications Engineering

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Career in Telecommunications:-

Telecommunication engineering refers to the study of various networks that are used for telecommunication. There are various brands in this context ,like BSNL,MTNL,AIRTEL,VODAFONE etc. Telecommunication engineering is the branch of ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING. It basically deals with the production of cables, switches, wireless LANS, WANS etc. The telecommunication engineers work for setting up cables for wireless networks. It is also their responsibility that we are able to get clear and crisp networks all the time. The networks are sent via cables, copper wires or optical fibers. Optical fiber is the latest advancement in this field. The telecomm engineers are also engaged in the production of switches, set top boxes, instruments etc. Telecommunication engineering is related to electronics engineering as well. As the name suggest telecommunication refers to the fields where networking is used.

The various uses of telecommunication are all the telephone networks and these  are controlled by the telecommunication engineering graduates or engineers who have completed there education in this field. All the internet services are provided by them. The base behind all this is the location of various satellites. The satellites are able to catch signals and only then we are able to access through anything on our computer through internet. The field of telecommunication engineering is on great boom. This field is going to be at the top level in a few more years because of the advancement in the usage of mobile phone and internet technologies. The various technologies that have been introduced in the last decade are 2G, 3G, and ANDROID. And in no time we will be using 4G as well.


This industry has a great future scope. The area of these engineers is very vast and there are lots of technologies yet to be introduced, that will make our lives even better. We are able to groom because of them.

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