cbse class 10th board exam

CBSE class 10th board exam 2018

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CBSE class 10th board exam 2018

CBSE class 10th board exam :

CBSE conducts its 10th board exam through its affiliated schools. Although this process of CBSE conducting exam was stopped in 2009 but with time government and society understood importance of comprehensive exams. CBSE 10th board exam has been re initiated from 2018. Although board exam use to be a regular process it was stopped in 2009 with introduction of CCE. CCE was continuous and comprehensive evaluation which was used to test skills of students and their performance for entire year.

 When CBSE class 10th board exam 2018

Board  exam for 2018 will be conducted in March. As per CBSE guidelines sent to all of its affiliated schools dated 8th Dec 2018 , Practical papers are conducted at school by school and CBSE board has asked to conduct Practical paper between 10th January to 16th January.

Practical Paper: 10th to 16th January 2018

Marks of Practical Paper to be uploaded till: 25th Feb

Expected date of 1st paper: 25th Feb or 1st march 2018

Students will have to make their own blueprint on study methodology of exam. As this time in 2018 board exams are being conducted by CBSE after gap of 10 years. A decade has passed since CBSE used to be equipped for this exam like festival season. CBSE board has to come with decade old strategy in new form of educational system.

What will be important for class 10th board exam 2018

  1. To Know that your own teachers are no more evaluating You.
  2. You need to have strong writing skills and habit.
  3. Learn to sit for 3 hours
  4. Study Plan with NCERT will be Key..
  5. Solving Past Year paper
  6. Understand earlier marking Schemes of topics.
  7. Not taking 5th subject lightly for good marks overall.

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Practice will be key for board exam result.

Students have lost habit of sitting for three hours and appearing for exam and even a decade passed with students even knowing about that experience. Even tell and story of that experience have not been passed to Juniors thus its going to be new experience where your practice with NCERT.

Which books to study for class 10th board exam 2018

Different people , different tale and tale to tell. Key is 70% of board exam questions are from NCERT books with little or no change. So first book which you need to finish is NCERT.

After finishing NCERT book question one can go for questions of other practice books for CBSE board exams 


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