CBSE class 12 Biology sample papers

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CBSE class 12 sample question papers

CBSE class 12 sample question papers

CBSE class 12 Biology sample papers

The students of class 12 need to prepare very hard for Biology section amongst all other subjects. They should have in depth knowledge of this subject as later after givng this exam they need to qualify different exams for professional courses. The division of course structure made by Central  Board of Secondary Education is very easy & simple which helps them to cope up with the pressure of getting good % in their finals.

CBSE class 12 Biology Syllabus

Unit                                                                                                                                   Marks

  1.                    Reproduction                                                                                               14
  2.                    Genetics & evolution                                                                                    18
  3.                    Biology & Human Welfare                                                                            14
  4.                    Biotechonology & its application                                                                  10
  5.                    Ecology & Environment                                                                                14 




Time Duration : 3 Hours                                                                                                                           MM:70


1 .    Which of these statements is incorrect :

  •      Flowers have a single ovule.
  •      Stamens should be exposed
  •       Flowers contains a single ovule

2 .      How to calculate allele frequency according to genetic equilbrium.

3 .      What is the reason behind the statement “If any one gets in contact with a disease once in           his life time chances of gettng infected again by the same disease again are very much”.

4 .       What is the name of dye which is used to make DNA visible under UV light.

5 .      Which main technique and instrument is used to isolate DNA from a plant cell?

6 .       Describe endonecules enzyme.

7 .     What is restriction nucleous.

8 .    How are standing crop and biomass related to each other?


  1. Describe Darwin’s finches?
  2. Why is there a statutory ban on amniocentasis ?
  3. What is ADA ?
  4. Why we use Taq polymerase  enzyme?
  5. Difference between a detrivore and a decomposer .
  6. Name the phenomena which will cause to the bird pollution.
  7. What is ecological sucession?
  8. Expand the following:
  • AIDS


  1. Write the full form & explanation of IVF,MTP,ZIFT
  2. What proof is there to prove that codon is a triplet ?
  3.  DNA fingerprinting
  4. What are microbes ?
  5. Describe the structure of RNA with diagram 
  6. What is cloning of host cells . List its 3 features 

                                                                    SECTION D

1 . Draw a diagram of human ovary

2 . What is adam’s apple?

3 . Draw a  diagram of the sectional view of a typical anatropous ovule.

4 . Describe the proporities of DNA.

5 . Name 3 enzymes involved in DNA

6 . What is Etbr?

7 . What is standing crop?

8 . What are lymphoctes ?waht happens when a gene produces an ADA.

9 . Define DDT

10 . Describe  Drawin’s theory ?

11 . Difference between DNA & RNA


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  1. Hary says:

    Write the possible source of rna interference gene

  2. Rachita Mishra says:

    Sample paper is given here.Biology is a natural science concerned with the study of life and living organisms, including their structure, function, growth, evolution, distribution, and taxonomy.

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