CBSE sample paper of mathematics for class 9th

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1. On comparing 2x = y with ax + by + c = 0. The values of a, b and c are ____.

A) 1, 3 and 0

B) 2, -1 and 0

C) -1, 0 and 2

D) 2, 5 and -2

2. The measure of an angle which is 32 degree less than its supplement is ____.

A) 72 degree

B) 74 degree

C) 75 degree

D) 78 degree

3. The weights of newly born babies (in kg) in a hospital on a particular day are as follows:

2.3, 2.2, 2.7, 3.1, 2.9, 2.8, 3.0 and 2.4

The range of the weights is ____.

A) 0.7 kg

B) 0.8 kg

C) 1 kg

D) 0.9 kg

4. The algebraic expression  2+(3/x)+4x  is a polynomial.

A) True

B) False

5. If the abscissa and ordinate of a point are negative and positive respectively, then the point lies in the third quadrant.

A) True

B) False

6. The measure of an angle is 24 degree less than its complement, then the angle is ____.

A) 66

B) 156

C) 33

D) 78

7. By which of the following congruence conditions are the two triangles congruent?






8. The diameter of base and the height of a conical house are 14 m and 18 m respectively and the capacity of a rice bag is the number of such rice bags required to fill the conical house is ____.

A) 14

B) 24

C) 28

D) 25

9. If the angles of a quadrilateral are in the ratio of 2 : 4 : 5 : 7, then its angles measure:_________


10. In the figure given here, PQRS is a parallelogram with PR = 7.8 cm and QS = 6 cm. If PQ and QS intersect at O, then OP= and OQ=:


A. 3.7 cm, 3 cm                 B. 4.9 cm, 4 cm

C. 3.9 cm, 3 cm                  D. 3 cm, 3 cm


11. The region occupied by a simple closed figure in a plane is called:

A. Length                             B. Volume

C. Perimeter                        D. Area


12. One-fourth of a circular disk is called a:

A. Semi-circle                        B. Quadrant

C. Sector                                 D. Arc

13.  in the figure given here, if O is the center of the circle, then x measures:

A. 65            B. 60           c. 50               d. 70


14. The probability of getting a number less than 5 in a single throw of a die is:

A.1/6                  B. ¾                            C. 2/3                       d. ¼

15. Draw the graph of the equation 2x + 3y = 13, and determine whether x = 4, y = 2 is a solution or not.

16. A shopkeeper makes a profit of 20 per cent on selling a children’s umbrella, and a loss of 10 per cent on selling a normal umbrella, but gains Rs. 10 on selling one of each. If the cost of a children’s umbrella is Rs. x, and that of a normal umbrella is Rs. y, then frame a linear equation that represents the information given.

17. Construct a triangle ABC in which BC = 7 cm, ∠B = 75° and AB + AC = 13 cm.

18. A cylinder is 12 cm high, and the circumference of its base is 44 cm. Find its curved surface area and total surface area.

19. A joker’s cap is in the form of a right circular cone of base radius 7 cm and height 24 cm. Find the area of the sheet required to make ten such caps.

20. PQRS and ABRS are two parallelograms, and X is any point on side BR. Show that:

(i) ar(PQRS) = ar(ABRS)


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    Sample test paper for class 9th students in Mathematics!!
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