Class 9 ICSE Maths Sample Papers

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Indian Certificate of Secondary Education is abbreviated as ICSE, which is a non-governmental Board of Education serving quality education in India. Maths is one of the most difficult subject that cannot be read. So, practice this subject by writing and actually solving the questions.If you are going to appear in Maths Exam of class 9th ICSE board examination, then the following effort has been made for you. The objective of setting this ICSE Maths Sample Papers for Class 9 is to make students aware about the type of questions asked in the Board exams.

Tips for the preparation:

(A) There will be one theory paper of 80 marks of two and half half hour time duration and evaluation of remaining 20 marks will be on Internal assistance. Thus preparation of the paper is much more important.

(B) Students have to give their proper time in order to understand the concept behind the problems. Follow these important tips given to obtain good marks in your examination.

(C) 3 mark Short answer questions will be asked from Pure Algebra,Co-ordinate Geometry and Rational numbers. So, do not waste your time in writing these in a long format.

(D) 4 mark Long answer questions will be usually asked from the algebra, geometry, Mensuration and Statistics Section. So, prepare long answer questions from these topic very well.

(E) Solve available sample paper as much as possible to maintain your Time Management.

 Class 9 ICSE Maths Sample Paper

Unsolved Class 9 ICSE Maths Sample Paper

 Class 9 ICSE Maths Sample Paper 

General instruction:
(A) This paper has two sections containing 40 marks each.
(B) Exam duration is of two and a half hour.
(C) Section- A contain questions from 1-4.
(D) Section- B contain questions from 5-11.
(E) Marks are allotted to each question for your convenience.
(F) All questions are compulsory.

SECTION-A (40 marks)

Question- 1

(a) Insert one rational number between 5/7 and 4/9 and arrange them in descending order.
(b) Three cubes each of side 6 cm are joined together side-by-side to form a cuboid. Find the volume and the surface area of the cuboid.
(c) Find the slope and y-intercept of the line 3x – 4y + 2 = 0

Question- 2

(a) A watch is sold for Rs.405 at a loss of 10%. Find the cost price of the watch.
(b) Factorize: 8x3 + y3.
(c) v = u + at. Make ‘a’ as a subject and write the formula.

Question- 3

(a) Solve:   x/2 = 3 + x/3.
(b) Solve the simultaneous linear equation: 3/x + 4y = 7 5/x + 6y = 13
(c) Round the number correct to 4 significant figures: 546.86.

Question- 4

(a) Express as decimal: 35%.
(b) Construct a quadrilateral with ,X and Y are mid-points of AB and AC    respectively. If BC = 6 cm, AB = 5.4 cm and AC = 5 cm, calculate the perimeter of trapezium XYCB.
(c) Find the number of sides of a regular polygon if each of its interior angles is 108º.

SECTION-B (40 marks)

Question- 5

(a) Calculate the area of a triangle whose sides are 13 cm, 5 cm and 12 cm.
(b) The volume of a rectangular solid is 3600 cm3. If it is 20 cm long and 9 cm high, find its total surface area.
(c) If 5 tan? = 4 , find the value of (5 sin? – 3 cos?)/(5 sin? + 2 cos?)

Question- 6

(a) Prove that v2 is an irrational number. Hence show that 3 – v2 is an irrational number.
(b) Three candidates in a school election got 108, 132 and 260 votes each. What percentage of the votes did the winner receive?
(c) A trader buys goods at 19% off the list price. He wants to get a profit of 20% after allowing a discount of 10%. At what percent above the list price should he mark the goods?

Question- 7

(a) Two equal sums of money were lent at 10% and 13% p.a. on simple interest. At the end of 3 years the total interest received is Rs6900. Find the total sum lent.
(b) If (x + 1/x)2 = 3, find the value of x3 + 1/x3.
(c) Factorize: x2 + 1/x2 – 11.

Question- 8

(a) If A = P (1 + r*t/100), find t. If A = 460, P = 400 and r = 5, find t.
(b) If x = p + 1, find the value of p from the equation: 1/2(5x – 30) – 1/3(1 + 7p) = 1/4.
(c) Solve the following simultaneous equation graphically : 4x – y = 5, 5y – 4x = 7.

Question- 9

(a) A fair dice is rolled. Find the probability of getting
(i)  4 on the face of the dice
(ii) An even number on the face of the dice
(iii) A number less than 7 on the face of the dice.

(b) Six years hence a man’s age will be three times his son’s age, and three years ago he was nine times as old as his son. Find their present ages.
(c) Three vertices of a triangle ABC are A (4,2), B(6,8) and C (8,4). Write down the equation of the median of the triangle through vertex B.

Question- 10

(a) The manufacturer sold a bag to a shopkeeper for Rs.5400. The shopkeeper sold it to a trader at a profit of Rs.3000. If the trader sold it to the consumer at a profit of Rs.3400, find:
(i) The total VAT (value added tax) collected by the state government at the rate of 20%.
(ii) The interest that the consumer have to pays for the bag.

(b) Construct a triangle DCE, given that DC= 3 cm, CE = 5 cm and median CF = 6 cm. Construct an in-circle to triangle DCE and measure its diameter.
(c) Rama wishes to start a 400m2  rectangular fruit garden. Since she has only 30 m barbed wire, she fences three sides of the garden letting his house front wall which act as the fourth side of the fence. Find the dimensions of the rectangular garden.

Question- 11

(a) An number  is selected at random from 50 to 100. Find the probability that the number is:
(i) Divisible by 10.
(ii) A perfect square.
(iii) A even number.

(b) Solve the given quadratic equation for  the value of x and give your answer up to three correct to significant digits
(c) The given table has information about the distribution of the heights of a group of teachers

No. of Teachers412452627128

Use a graph draw an Ogive distribution and find
 (i) The inter quartile range
(ii) The no. of teachers  whose height are more than 158 cm
(iii) The no. of teachers  whose height are less than 148 cm.

Note: To get above Sample Paper in pdf form, follow: Class 9 ICSE Maths Sample Paper

As an Engineer, I have prepare this  ICSE Maths Sample Papers, i hope this will help to solve your problems. For any kind of suggestion related to the content of Sample Paper, please follow the comment Section to let me know.

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