UPTU Sample Paper of Chemistry

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UPTU Sample Paper of Chemistry

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GBTU B.TECH 3rd Semester December Examination Result

UPTU Sample Papers

Here are UPTU sample paper for Chemistry for your reference

1. What will be the % of N2H4 that has reacted with water in solution, when 0.32 gm of N2H4   are dissolved in water and the total volume was made 4L (given kb for N2H4= 6 ×10^-8 m)

(A) 3 % (B) 3.6 %

(C) 2 % (D) 0.489%

2. The reaction A + B→ C + D is studied in one liter vessel at 250 0C. The initial concentration of A was 3n and that of B was n. When equilibrium was attained equilibrium concentration of C was found to be equal to the equilibrium concentration of B then concentration of D at equilibrium will be




(D) n

3. Which of the following behaviour is true for an ideal binary liquid solution.

(A) plot of Ptotal v/s 1/YA (mole fraction of A in vapour phase) is linear.

(B) plot of Ptotal v/s 1/YB is linear.

(C) plot of 1/Ptotal vs 1/YA is linear.

(D) plot of Ptotal v/s 1/(YA) is linear.

4. For the reaction N2O4 (g) → 2NO2 (g) the relation connecting the degree of dissociation

(α ) of N2O4 (g) with the equilibrium constant Kp is

(A) α=(Kp /p) / 4+Kp /p

(B)α = (kp)/4+kp

(C)α = [(kp  /p) /(4+kp /p)]^1/ 2

(D)α = [kp/(4+kp)]^ 1/ 2

5. A metal crystallizes into two cubic faces (FCC) and (BCC) whose unit cell lengths are 3.5

A^0 and 3.0 A^0 respectively.The ratio of densities of FCC and BCC will be

(A) 1.26 (B) 3.14

(C) 2.18 (D) 4.26

6. An organic compound crystallises in an orthorhombic system with two molecules per unit cell. The unit cell dimensions are 12.05, 15.05 and 2.69 A^0 . If the density of the crystal is 1.419 g cm^-3, then molar mass of compound will be

(A) 207 g mol^-1 (B) 209 g mol^-1

(C) 308 g mol^-1 (D) 317 g mol^-1

7. 50 gm of saturated aqueous solution of potassium chloride at 30^0C is evaporated to dryness, when 13.2 gm of dry KCl was obtained. The solubility of KCl in water at 30^0C is

(A) 35.87 g (B) 25.62 g

(C) 28.97 g (D) 27.81 g

8.92U235 belongs to group III B of periodic table. If it loses one -particle, then the new element will belong to group.

(A) I B (B) III B (C) II B (D) IV B

9. According to Bohr’s theory the energy required for an electron in He+ ion to be emitted from n = 2 state is

(A) 10.2 eV (B) 13.6eV (C) 3.4 eV (D) 27.2 eV

10. One mole of potassium dichromate completely oxidises which of the following number of mole(s) of ferrous oxalate in acidic medium

.(A) 1 (B) 4 (C) 2 (D) 6

11. An alkane C5H12 gives only one monochloro substitution product. It is

(A) 2,2-dimethyl propane (B) 3-methyl pentane (C) Isopentane (D) Either of these

12. A chemist wishes to prepare a buffer solution of pH = 2.90 that efficiently resists a change in pH yet contains only small concentration of buffering agent. Which one of the following weak acid along with its salt would be best to use.

(A) m-clolorobenzoic acid (pKa = 3.98) (B) Acetoacetic acid (pKa = 3.58) (C) 2, 5-dihydroxybenzoic acid (pKa = 2.97) (D) p-chlorocinnamic acid (pKa= 4.41)

13. C – Cl bond of cholorobenzene in comparison to C – Cl bond of methyl chloride is

(A) longer and weaker (B) Shorter and stronger

(C) Shorter and weaker (D) Longer and stronger

14. The ion which when added to silver nitrate does not produce a precipitate.

(A) I^- (B) F^- (C) CrO4^2- (D) CO3^2-

15. The first five ionization energies of an element are respectively 801, 2428, 3661, 25033 and 32836 in KJ/mol then the element could be

(A)halogen (B) A third group element (C) A noble gas (D) A second group element

16. The dipole moments of diatomic molecules AB and CD are 10.41 and 10.27 Debye respectively while their bond distances are 2.82 & 2.67 A^0 , respectively. Then

(A) Bonding is nearly covalent in both the molecules. (B) Bonding is 100% ionic in both the molecule. (C) AB has more ionic character than CD. (D) AB has lesser ionic bond character than CD.

17. For the gas phase decomposition, A →2B, the rate constant is 6.93×10^-3 min^-1 at 300 K  The percentage of A remaining at the end of 300 minutes is

(A) 75 (B) 50 (C) 25 (D) 12.5

18. Kw(H2O) at 250 C is 1×10^-14. Dissociation constant of 2H2O→ H3O^ + ^-OH is

(A) 1.8×10^-16 (B) 10^-14 (C) 55.5 (D) 18

19. The pairs of compounds which cannot exist together in solution is

(A) NaHCO3 and NaOH (B) Na2CO3 and NaOH (C) Na2CO3 and NaHCO3 (D) NaHCO3 and NaCl

20. The hydration energy of Mg^2+ is greater than

(A) Al^3+ (B) Na^+ (C) Be^2+ (D) Mg^3+

21. The standard reduction potential values of three metallic cations X, Y & Z are 0.52, -3.03 and -1.18 V respectively. The order of reducing power of corresponding metals is

(A) Y > Z > X (B) X > Y > Z (C) Z > Y > X (D) Z > X > Y

22. 14C6 is a beta – active nucleus. A sample of 14CH4 gas kept in a closed vessel shows increase in pressure with time. This is due to the

(A) formation of 14NH3 and H2 (B) formation of 11BH3 and H2 (C) formation of 14C2H4 and H2 (D) formation of 12CH3, 14NH2 and H2

23. pKa (NH4^+)=9.26.500 mL of 0.01 M NH4OH solution will have pH = 8.26 if X mol of (NH4)2SO4 is added. X is

(A) 005 mol (B) 0.005 mol (C) 0.025 mol (D) 0.10 mol

24. If the solubility of calcium phosphate (mol. Wt = M) in water at 25 0C is w gm/100 mL, its solubility product at 250 C is

(A) 10^9 (w/M)^5 (B) 10^7 (w/M)^5 (C) 10^5(w/M) (D) 103

25. Among the following the compound that is both coloured and paramagnetic is

(A) K2Cr2O7 (B) (NH4)2[TiCl6] (C) VOSO4 (D) K3[Cu(CN)4]

26. The Cl – C – Cl bond angle in 1, 1, 2, 2 – tetrachloro ethene and tetrachloro methane respectively will be about

(A) 120^0 and 109.5^0 (B) 90^0 and 109.5^0 (C) 109.5^0 120^0 (D) 109.5^0 and 90^0

27. Which halide is not oxidized by MnO2?

(A) F^- (B) Br^- (C) Cl^- (D) I^-

28. 30 gm AgNO3 is added with 0.37 mole of KCl. The no. of moles of ppt produced will be [atomic wt. of Ag = 108]

(A) 0.37 (B) 0.1765 (C) 0.2572 (D) 0.739

29. What is the equivalent weight of MnO2 when it reacts with dil. HCl and liberates Cl2 gas [atomic weight of Cl = 35.5, Mn = 55]

(A) 43.5 (B) 87 (C) 21.75 (D) none of these

30. Oxidation no. of chlorine atoms in Ca(OCl)Cl

(A) – 1 (B) +1, – 1 (C) 0 (D) – 1, 0

31. Which of the following elements is Nobel metal?

(A) Au (B) Cu (C) K (D) Zn

32. Which of the following has maximum bond energy?

(A) C = C (B) C = O (C) O = O (D) N = O

33. The value of kP for the following reaction is 2 atm^-1 at 600 K. The steady pressure of oxygen such that equal number of moles of poly atomic gases are present at steady state is

(A) 2 atm (B) 1 atm (C) 0.25 atm (D) 0.5 atm

34. At equilibrium if KP = 1, then

(A) ΔG0 > 1 (B) ΔG0 < 1 (C) ΔG0 = 0 (D) ΔG0 = 1

35. If LPG cylinder contains mixture of butane and isobutane, then the amount of oxygen that would be required for combustion of 1 kg of it will be

(A) 2.5×10^3 g (B) 4.5 kg (C) 1.8×10^3 kg (D) 3.58×10^3 g

36. The bond angle around the central atom is highest in

(A) SO2 (B) BBr3 (C) CS2 (D) SF4

37. At room temperature the reaction between NO and O2 to give NO2 is fast while that of between CO and O2 is slow. It is because

(A) the intrinsic energy of the reaction 2NO + O2→ 2NO2 is less (B) CO is smaller is size than that of NO (C) CO is poisonous (D) the activation energy for the reaction 2NO + O2→ 2NO2 is less

38. Zinc is used to protect iron from corrosion because

(A) Ered of Zn < Ered of iron (B) Eoxidation of Zn < Eoxidation of iron (C) Eoxidation of Zn = Eoxidation of iron (D) Zn is cheaper than iron

39. In neighboring group participation mechanism, the intermediate formed is

(A) a carbocation (B) carbanion (C) cyclic intermediate (D) both (A) and (C)

Get the answers of the above chemistry questions in pdf here Answers of UPTU Chemistry Sample Paper pdf

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