Manipal Online Test Sample Paper

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Manipal online test sample paper 2013

Manipal University is one of the best universities in India. Around 28000 students from across the world get the quality education and excellence in their skills in this university. Grown over decades, Manipal University is now a brand for Education of which many students dream to be a part. Lets help you with our dreams. Here are the questions with their answers for all India Manipal University Entrance Test 2013 with Manipal Online Test sample Paper-

All India Manipal Entrance Test 2013

All India Manipal Entrance Test 2013


1. One drop of soap bubble of diameter D breakers into 27 drops having surface tension T. The change in surface energy is

(a) 2πTD^2    (b) 4πTD^2  (c) πTD^2  (d) 8πTD^2

2. The period of a planet around sun is 27 times that of earth. The ratio of radius of planet’s orbit to the radius of earth’s orbit is

(a) 4 (b) 9 (c) 64 (d) 27

3. Three particles each of mass m are kept at vertices of an equilateral triangle of side L. The gravitational field at centre due to these particles is

(a)  Zero (b) 3 GM/L^2 (c) 9 GM/L^2 (d)12/√3 (GM/L^2)

4. In a turbulent flow,the velocity of the liquid in contact with the walls of the tube is

(a)  zero (b) maximum (c) in between zero and maximum (d) equal to critical velocity

5. A charge q is fixed. Another charge Q is brought near it and rotated in a circle of radius r around it. Work done during rotation is

(a) zero (b)Qq / 4πϵ0r (c) Qq /2πϵ0r (d) none of these

6. A diode having potential difference 0.5 v across its junction which does not depend on current, is connected in series with resistance of 20 Ω across source. If 0.1 A current passes through resistance then what is the voltage of the source?

(a) 1.5 v (b) 2.0 v (c) 2.5 v (d) 5 v

7. Dipole is placed parallel to the electric field. If Q is work done in rotating the dipole by 60^0  , then work done in rotating it by 180^0  is

(a) 2W (b) 3W (c) 4W (d)W/2

8. An electron of  charge ‘e’ is moves in a circular orbit of radius ‘r’ around the nucleus at a frequency ‘v’. The magnetic moment associated with the orbital motion of the electron is

(a) π ver^2 (b) π vr^2/e (c) π ve/r (d) πer^2/v

9. A and B are two identical spherical charged bodies which repel each other with Force ‘F’ kept at a finite distance. A third uncharged sphere of the same size is brought in contact with sphere ‘B’  and removed. It is then kept at mid-point of A and B. Find the magnitude of force on c.

(a)F/2 (b) F/8 (c) F (d) zero

10. A wave equation is y=0.1 sin[100πt – kx] and wave velocity is 100 m/s , its wave number is equal to

(a) 1m^-1 (b) 2m^-1 (c)π m^-1 (d) 2π m^-1

11. An optically active compound

(a) rotates the plane polarised light

(b) changing the direction of polarised light to pass through

(c) do not allow plane polarised light to pass through

(d) None of the above

12. Power applied to a particle varies with time as P= (3t^2 – 2t +1)W, where ‘t’ is in second. Find the change in its kinetic energy between t=1 s and t=4 s.

(a) 32 J (b) 46 J (c)61 J (d) 102 J

13. A hockey player receives a corner shot at a speed of 15 m/s at an angle of 30^0 the y-axis and then shoots the ball of mass 100g along the negative x-axis with a speed of 30 m/s. If it remains in contact with the hockey stick for 0.01s, the force imparted to the ball in the x-direction is

(a) 281.25 N (b)187.5 N (c) 562.5 N (d) 375 N

14. two equal charges are separated by a distance ‘d’.A third charge placed on a perpendicular bisector at ‘x’ distance from center will experience maximum coulomb force, when

(a) x=d/√2 (b) x=d/2 (c)x=d/2√2 (d) x=d/2√3

15. A circular current carrying coil has a radius R. The distance from the centre of the coil on the axis of the coil, where the magnetic induction is 1/8 th of its value at the centre of the coil is

(a) √3 R (b)R / √3 (c) (2/√3)R (d) R/2√3

16. A point source of light is placed 4m below the surface of water of refractive index 5/3. The minimum diameter of a disc, which should  be placed over the source, on the surface of water to cut-off all light coming out of water is

(a) infinite (b) 6m (c) 4 m (d) 3 m

17. The plane face of a plano-convex lens is silvered. If μ be the refractive index and R, the radius of curvature of curved surface,then the system will behave like a concave mirror of radius of curvature

(a) μ R (b) R/(μ-1) (c) R^2/μ (d) [(μ+1) / (μ-1)] R

18. The first excitation potential of a given atom is 10.2 v. Then, ionisation potential must be

(a) 20.4 v (b) 13.6 v (c) 30.6 v(d) 40.8 v

19. The train is approaching with velocity 25 m/s towards a pedestrian standing on the track, frequency of horn of train is 1 Khz.Frequency heard by the pedestrian is (v=350m/s)

(a)1077 Hz (b) 1167 Hz (c) 985 Hz (d) 954 Hz

20. Intensity of wave ‘A’ is ‘9I’, while of wave B is ‘I’. What is maximum and minimum intensity in YDSE?

(a)  82 I, 80 I (b) 8 I, 10 I (c)16 I,4 I (d) 4 I, I

21. What happens inside optical fibre?

(a) Diffraction (b) Polarization (c) Interference (d) Total internal reflection

22. What is de-Broglie wavelength of electron having energy 10 Kev?

(a) 0.12 A^0 (b) 1.2 A^0 (c) 12.2 A^0 (d) None of these

23. Half-life of radio active substances is 3.20 h. What is the time taken for a 75 % of substance to be  used?

(a) 6.38 h (b) 12 h (c) 4.18 day (d) 1.2 day

24. Resistance of rod is 1Ω. It is bent in form of square. What is resistance across adjoint corners?

(a) 1Ω (b) 3Ω (c) 3/16Ω (d) 3/4Ω

25. What is angle between electric  field and equipotential surface?

(a) 90 always (b) 0 always (c) 0 to 90 (d) 0 to 180



1.Which of the following is diamagnetic?

(a) H2^+ (b) O2 (c) Li2

2. By heating phenol with chloroform in alkali,it is converted into

(a) salicylic acid (b) salicylaldehyde (c) anisole (d) phenyl benzoate

3. The formula mass of Mohr’s salt is 392. The iron present in it is oxidised by KMnO4 in acidic medium. The equivalent mass of Mohr’s salt is

(a) 392 (b) 31.6 (c) 278 (d) 156

4. solubility product of a salt AB is 1×10^-9 M^2 in a solution in which the concentration of A^+ ions is 10^-3 M. The salt will precipitate when the concentration of B^- ions is kept

(a) between 10^-8 M to 10^-7 M

(b) between 10^-7 M to 10^-8 M

(c) >10^-5 M

(d) <10^-8 M

5. The decomposition of a certain mass of CaCo3 gave 11.2 dm^3 of Co2 gas at STP. The mass of KOH required to completely neutralise the gas is

(a) 56 g  (b) 28g (c)42g (d) 20g

6. The basicity of aniline is less than that of cyclohexylamine .This is due to

(a) +R effect of – NH2 group

(b) –l-efect of –NH2 group

(c) –R effect of – NH2 group

(d) hyperconjugation effect

7. A distinctive and characteristics functional group of fats is

(a) a peptide group (b) an ester group (c) an alcoholic group (d) a ketonic group

8. Which of the following compound is expected to be optically active?


9. Which cycloalkane has the lowest heat of combustion per CH2 group?

(a) Cyclopropane (b) cyclobutane (c) Cyclopentane (d) cyclohexane

10. The physical states of dispersing phase and dispersion medium in colloid like pesticide spray respectively,are

(a) gas, liquid (b) solid, gas (c) liquid, solid (d) liquid, gas

11. Potassium dichromate is used

(a) in electroplating (b) as a reducing agent (c) it oxidises ferrous ions into ferric ions in acidic media as an oxidising agent (d) as an insecticide

12. Which one of the following statements is incorrect for the sucrose?

(a) It is obtained from cane sugar

(b) It is not reducing sugar

(c) On hydrolysis, it gives equal quantities of D-glucose and D-fructose

(d) It gives aspartame when it is heated at 210^0c.

13. Inductive effect involves

(a) displacement of σ-electrons

(b) delocalisation of π-electrons

(c) delocalisation of σ-electrons

(d) displacement of π-electrons

14. The atomic number of Ni and Cu are 28 and 29 respectively. The electronic configuration 1s^2,2s^2,3s^2,3p^6,3d^10 represents

(a) Cu^+  (b)Cu^2+  (c) Ni^2+ (d) Ni

15. In which of the following complex ion,the central metal ion is in a state of sp^3d^2 hybridisation?

(a) [CoF6]^3- (b)[Co(NH3)6]^3+ (c) [Fe(CN)6]^3+ (d) [Cr(NH3)6]^3+

16. ΔG^0  vs T plot in the Ellingham’s diagram slopes downwards for the reactions

(a) Mg + ½ O2 → MgO

(b) 2Ag+ ½  O2 → Ag2O

(c) CO + ½  O2 → CO2

(d) All of the above

17. When a mixture of calcium benzoate and calcium acetate is dry distilled, the resulting compound is

(a) acetophenone (b) benzaldehyde (c) benzophenone (d) acetaldehyde

18. In a metallic crystal

(a) the valence electrons constitute a sea of mobile electrons

(b) the valence electrons are localised in between the kernels

(c) the valence electrons remain within the field of influence of their own kernels.

(d) None of the above

19. Which of the following is correct, based on molecular orbital theory for peroxide ion?

(a) Its bond order is one and it is paramagnetic.

(b) Its bond order is two and it is diamagnetic.

(c) Its bond order is one and it is diamagnetic.

(d) Its bond order is two and it is paramagnetic.

20. Insulin regulates the metabolism of

(a) minerals  (b) amino acid  (c) glucose  (d) vitamins

21. Equivalent weight of a bivalent metal is 37.2. The molecular weight of its chloride is

(a)  412.2  (b)  216  (c)  145.4  (d) 108.2

22. Phenolphthalein is obtained by heating phthalic anhydride with conc. H2SO4 and

(a) benzyl alcohol (b) benzene (c) phenol (d) benzoic acid

23. If K <1.0, what will be the value of ΔG^0 of the following?

(a) zero (b) 1.0 (c) Positive (d) Negative

24. For the titration of KOH vs (COOH)2 .2H2O, the suitable indicator is

(a) methyl orange (b) phenolphthalein (c) methyl red (d) All can be used

25. 2, 2-dichloropropane on hydrolysis yields

(a) acetone (b) 2, 2-propane diol (c) iso-propyl alcohol (d) acetaldehyde

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These are the questions asked in the Manipal University Entrance Test. Hope this Manipal Online Test Sample Paper will be helpful for you. Please give your valuable feedback in the comment box below.

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