Computer Organization

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A Computer organization describes the function and design of the various units of digital computers that store and process the information. It also deals with the units of the computer that receive information from external sources and send computed results to external destination. Computer Architecture deals with the specification of an instruction set and the hardware units that are implemented with the instructions.Thus the students that are preparing for the study of Computer Organization need to go through this post and thus it will provide the basic idea of the same. The details can then be easily grasped from the text books and will help in securing good marks.

What is meant by Contemporary Computer?

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Computer Organization

A Contemporary computer can be defined as a fast electronic calculating machine that can accept any digitized input info. processes it according to a list of internally stored instructions, and produces the resulting output information.

This list of instructions is further called a computer program, and the internal storage is thereby called computer memory.

Computer Types

Types of computers exist that are different from each other in size, cost, computational power and intended use of it.


1) Personal Computers / Desktop Computers
2) Notebook Computers
3) Workstations Computers
4) Enterprise Systems and Servers
5) Super Computers

Personal Computers

Personel Computers

Personal Computers

A Personal Computers have found wide use in homes. This is the computer that is most commonly used. The common form of this computer is called as Desktop. PC is a general purpose Computer   is a general-purpose computer that is intended to be operated directly by an user without a computer operator because of its size, sale price capabilities which makes it useful for individuals.

Notebook Computers

Note Book

Note Book

These computers are a compact version of the personal computer with all of these components packaged into a single unit the size of thin briefcase. These are extremely lightweight personal computer. Notebook computers typically weigh less than 6 pounds. Aside from size and portability, the principal difference between a notebook computer & a personal computer is the display screen.

Workstation Computers



These computers has the high resolution graphics input/output capability, although still retaining the dimensions of desktop computers, have comparatively more computational power than personal computers.

These computers are often used in engineering applications,especially for interactive design

Enterprise Systems and Servers

  • These further contain a range of large and very powerful computer systems.
  • These systems are used in business data processing in medium to large corporations that require much more computing power and storage capacity than workstations.


Computer Organization

Server Computer

These contain the database storage units and are capable enough of handling large volumes of requests to allow the access of the data. These machines are widely accessible to the education, business, and personal user communication.
The request and responses are thus transmitted over the internet communication facilities.


  • These computers are used for large – scale numerical calculations required in applications.
  • Weather forecasting.
  • Aircraft design and simulation.

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