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Computer Questions for IBPS Exam 2015

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Computer Questions for IBPS Exam 2015

Q 1 Which one is the second memory of the computer?

(a) Hard Drive

(b) Hard Disc

(c) CD

(d) USB

Q 2 Computer virus is a –

(a) Compiler

(b)  Software

(c) Operating system

(d) Computer program

Q 3 What is the name of Super computer of India?

(a) Paresuram

(b) Indainex

(c) Param Padama

(d) Dhurve

Q 4 Which shortcut keys are Used to save a file document ?

(a) Ctrl+ A

(b)  Ctrl+ B

(c)  Ctrl+ F

(d)  Ctrl+ S

Q 5 Which shortcut keys are Used to create a new document ?

(a) Ctrl+ C

(b)  Ctrl+ H

(c)  Ctrl+ F

(d)  Ctrl+ N

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Q 6 Which shortcut keys are Used to Insert a link ?

(a) Ctrl+ K

(b)  Ctrl+ Z

(c)  Ctrl+ V

(d)  Ctrl+ U

Q 7 which one is the first calculating device ?

(a) Clock

(b)  Calculator

(c)  Computer

(d)  Abacus

Q 8  The number system used by computer for calculation is called-

(a) Decimal number

(b)  Binary number

(c)  Hexadecimal numbers

(d)  Octal numbers

Q 9 What is online transaction? 

(a) Which is done in A line

(b) Which is done by internet

(c) Which is done by bank

(d)  Which is done by computer

Q 10 Which one is the example of Electronic money ?

(a) Debit card

(b) Cradit  card

(c) Visa card

(d)  All above

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Q 11 What is the full form of W.W.W?

(a) World wild Web

(b) World Wide Web

(c) World With Web

(d)  None of these

Q 12 What is E-mail Attachment ?

(a) A file which send with mail

(b)  A file which send with SMS

(c)  A file which send with pdf

(d) None of these

Q 13 What is called to do business through Internet?

(a) E- Business

(b)  E- Banking

(c)  E- Commerce 

(d) E- Marketing

Q 14 Which one is not an operating system ?


(b)  Unix

(c)  MS DOS

(d) None of these

Q 15 Which one is a Brain of computers ?


(b)  Monitor

(c)  Software

(d) Operating system

Q 16 What is the full form of C.P.U. ?

(a)Central processing unit 

(b)Combined processing unit

(c)  Communication processing unit

(d)  None of these

Q 17 Which device send data package to computer network system ?

(a) Router 


(c)  Compiler

(d)  Modem

Q 18 In Which year INTERNET was developed?



(c)  2000

(d)  1980

Q 19 Which software is use to see the web page ?

(a) Browser

(b) Search engine

(c)  Compiler

(d)  Modem


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