connecting Devices,2 and 3 layer switches

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The various connecting devices are given as follows:


This network regenerates the signals that can be either electrical or wireless or optical type of the signals. The data transmitted regenerate incoming electrical,wireless or optical signals.With the help of the WiFi and internet the data can be transmitted but only to the particular distance and after that the quality of the data degrades.The use of the repeaters helps to avoid the integrity of the signal and extends the data transmission to the safety level.


repeaters help in the data transmission

repeaters help in the data transmission

2.Passive Hubs

It is the centrally connecting device which is used to join various stations in a star network.It doesnot provides the facility of the processing and the regeneration of the signals.It connects the wires coming from the various hubs.

passive Hub

passive Hub


3. Active Hubs

They are also called “multiport repeaters”. These are bit smarter than the passive hubs.They are used for strengthening a signal as it enters and exi

Active Hub

Active Hub

ts the hub.These can be connected either at the input or at the output port hence known as the multi port device.

Two layer Switches

 These are used in the access control of the address from the host network which decides the forward frames.The two layer switches are based on the hardware  i.e. the switches are used to maintain and build the filter tables.It can also be used as the multiport bridge.

The two layer switching provides the following advantages

1)It provides the hardware based bridging

2)HIgh speed

3)Low latency

4)wire speed

The two layer switch

The two layer switch

The two layer switching are highly efficient as there can’t be any modification in the data only the frame can be modified. The encapsulation of the packet is done and this is done only when the data is passing through the dissimilar medium.

The two layer switching has helped to develop the new components in the network

1) server farms:The VLANs can be created to broadcast the domains in the bridged networks i.e all the servers can be placed in the central location even though a particular server can be the part of the workgroup in the remote branch.

2)intranet:It allows the organizations to communicate based on the web technology.
Limitation of Layer II

The broadcast and the multicast along with the coverage of the spanning of the trees cause severe problems as the network becomes wider.Due to this problem two layer switching are not suitable to be replaced with the routers.

The three layer switching

The only difference with the three layer switching and the router is that physical implementation can be created via this.The previous routers made the use of the microprocessors for the decisions where as the switch performs only the packet switching which is basically hardware based. The three layer switches can be placed anywhere because of various advantages such as they handle high performance , LAN traffic and can cost effectively replace routers.



The three layer switching

The three layer switching

Advantages are:

1)It runs three layer checksum

2)based on the logical addressing it determines the path

3)Processes and responds to any informations

The benefits are

  • Low latency
  • Lower per port cost
  • Flow accounting
  •  Security


It has following meanings

A network node equipped for interfacing with the another network that uses different protocols. It is also called protocol converters and can operate at any network layer.The activites of a gateway are more complex than that of the router or switch as it communicates using more than one protocol.

Both the computers of internet user and the computer that serves pages to user are host nodes that connect the network in between are gateways.

Related Questions and answers

1.What is active and passive hub??

The active hubs are used for strengthening the signal at the entry and the exit of the signals.The passive hubs are the centrally connecting devices which connects the connecting wires coming from various devices.

2.What are repeater??

The repeaters are the devices which can regenerate the electrical,optical or wireless type of the signals.It helps in the transmission of the data packets at the safety level.

3.What is the limitation of the two layer switches??

Along with the coverage of the spanning of the trees in the broadcast and multicast it causes severe problems with the widening of the network day by day.Due to such reason the two layer switching is not suitable to be replaced by the routers.

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