Deshpande Tutorials NEET Coaching Pune Reviews

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Deshpande Tutorials NEET Coaching Pune Reviews


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  • Past Year Result
  • Good Infrastructure
  • Best Batch Size
  • Unlimited speed tests facility.


  • NO Difficulty Level Analysis
  • No Information Teacher provided
  • No Subject Wise Analysis
  • No Online Test Provide

According To Review of Deshpande Tutorials NEET Coaching  on Google , ,Oureducation ,Best Coaching App”I was a student of deshpande tutorial and i don’t want to disclose my identity. Firstly Sir will mostly sit in his office and would rarely teach Maths and physics. So what’s the point of giving money for them if you have to study on your own. Students approached sir many times to request him to teach physics and maths but he never got up from his office and is mostly glued to his computer screen or has many visitors from God knows where. Chemistry and biology taught by Mam is good but don’t expect much for English. There are only two faculties (sir and mam) for 8th 9th 10th – cbse, icse, ssc. So they naturally can’t teach them all at same time hence they ignore others when they are teaching. They tell you to solve questions or tell you to approach them afterwards as they have to teach. So basically you only get be taught mostly once in a week. How can concepts be cleared if only you are taught once a week and told to self study yourself for rest of the chapters. Don’t expect anything for maths and physics. Literally. Sir tells you to solve some maths books on your own without even teaching the concepts. This is the best review i can give. Also don’t believe on reviews much as they can be diverging from reality. I also know i am writing a review but I know the truth. Many reviews can be ‘CREATED’ for financial benefits. Lastly if you go to the classes for trial basis then you many find them good as that’s the time to collect all money. And deshpande tutorial never miss this chance. So you may find the class good before paying the money. After paying money and after admission season is over they mostly don’t care about you. ALSO THEY MAKE YOU SIGN THAT THE FEES ARE NON – REFUNDABLE. PLEASE COLLECT SLIP AFTER PAYING FEES THEN AND THERE. DON’T ACCEPT ANY EXCUSE FROM SIR. COLLECT SLIP AND BEFORE PAYING BE ADAMANT THAT FEES SHOULD BE REFUNDABLE OR DON’T JOIN. Also you may think that why should i believe in this review then dear parents, if you want to make you child enroll here next year then please make sure to check this ‘tutorial’ in months of September, October, December and January. Just go and check many times there without telling them that you are coming to these classes. You will most likely see sir sitting in office and not teaching, he may make excuse that it was their break time. Also you may see Mam teaching some students and ignoring rest of them. Now parent will give their hard earned money here and student get to know the situation of these classes so he may either diverg means will do time pass here or he may tell you that this class is not good and hence his marks are degrading. You many think that you enrolled him in tution and will scold him not knowing the true state. Also if sir rarely teach you then he tells more of stories rather than academics. This was the situation when i was their student, i don’t know the current situation. As i said mock check such tutorials many times until you are satisfied the they are good.”Deshpande Tutorials NEET Coaching Pune Reviews

Deshpande Tutorials NEET Coaching Pune Reviews

Course  Offered By Deshpande Tutorials NEET Coaching  –  NEET  Coaching

Address  – 301 / 302 / 314, Bharat Bhavan ‘A’, third floor,Behind Saraswati Mandir Sanstha,, Opp Vidya Sahakari Bank Head Office, Off Bajirao Road, Shukrawar Peth, Pune, Maharashtra 411002

Local Map – [put_wpgm id=2527]

Contact No 094220 86198

Fee –mains-2 yr-1.5 lakh,1 yr-75 k

Batch Size – 50

Past Result – 85

Teacher – No Information Teacher provided

Notes- study material,test serveries

Google Reviews – 2.9 out of 5 stars (12 Reviews )

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This Research on  August – 18 – 2018

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Coaching all Information  Provided  Call receiver name –kaustubh deshpandey

Coaching all Information Provided  –17/08/18



NEET Coaching
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NEET Coaching
Shukrawar Peth, Pune, Maharashtra
Address  - 301 / 302 / 314, Bharat Bhavan 'A', third floor,Behind Saraswati Mandir Sanstha,, Opp Vidya Sahakari Bank Head Office, Off Bajirao Road, Shukrawar Peth, Pune, Maharashtra 411002

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