MBA in digital Marketing can be best Career option

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This article gives you the complete information about Master of Business Administration(MBA) and also about MBA in digital marketing.

Introduction To Course

It was being difficult to decide the topic at a times when Global oil Prices are coming down every day , if not Indian . world economy is at difficult situation dew to slowing Chinese economy. In this era of changing trend no one had predicted future of online and digital systems. Industry experts have to believe “change is law of nature”.

It has been asked by many students and parents that why big brand names of coaching do not appear or appear very less in our rating of top coaching.

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We would like to inform that during our review of coaching centers, we keep personal guidance as most important factor or parameter of our calculation for the best coaching.

During our review process we have found that in big brands teachers salary is as high as Rs 6000 for one hour of class.Due to which teachers cost becomes Rs 100 for every minute he/she invest.I think a teacher feels that till the time he/she is in coaching his/her bill meter should keep running.

Thus, they keep rushing for classes without giving individual time to students and thus we do not recommend these big brand centers.

Even centers of big brands who focus on individual mentor-ship, we put them in ranking.

I still remember in 2009 while I was perusing my MBA 4P’s where being accepted as 5P’s and some where as 6P’s . During my 2 nd MBA degree 6 P’s were well accepted and now people were fighting for 7th P and 8th P. Although those who have not studied MBA , for them it would be difficult to actually co relate these P’s.

1. P: Product

2. P: Placedigital marketing results

3. P: Price

4.P: Promotion

5. P:Process

6. People

7. Physical evidence

8. Productivity

But those MBA colleges which will keep on teaching these 8P only without understanding meaning will not be able to give well to the students and will not help in career enhancement of students.

Management degree has changed overall after introduction of online universe. Now MBA is all about digital marketing , if you learn understand digital marketing well then you are best of the finance manager and you are better than your Human resource manager because you already know what your production head would need when and what HR manager goals will be. MBA in digital marketing has sum of all and needs knowledge of all. MBA in digital marketing degree is not as of now very common in Indian B schools but it has started with IIm’s and few top colleges.

Although Banking and IBPS is also now a days good career option and you should read about top IBPS coaching of Noida

Digital marketing has advanced to the level of taking care of every need of a client and even understanding value of own delivery. All though proper implementation of digital marketing process is only possible , if one has good knowledge of Maths , accounting , Human resource and economics.

Thus I would say a Digital Manager will be heading everything in an organisation very soon.  Best of MBA colleges around the globe have started changing their curriculum accordingly and now college wants to be pioneer of change and do not want to lag behind industry. May it be colleges of India like IIM’s in which selections are through CAT exams which are considered to be toughest of the lot but an aspirant of Digital marketing should have good knowledge of Data analysis and well verse with mathematics.

Digital marketing courses are most useful for internet based entrepreneurs , who waste their time and effort in SEO at place of Digital marketing. While list of top companies are changing from Reliance to Flip Kart and TaTa’s are investing in Snap Deal. Career in digital marketing is going to be career of future.

Although many of the times career in digital marketing is being misunderstood with SEO. I have seen top UPSC coaching have started to understand importance of digital marketing.

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