Does Film Media Violence Cause Violent Crime?

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Violence in the media has been a concern over a long period of time. People raise concerns about scenes of violence in films, television and other forms of media and this have lead to several laws being passed, each restricting content in television, films etc. In the twenty first century, a new form of media has been shoved into limelight, the media these days have very strong approach towards things happening around the world. It does influence people and their activities around the globe.

The media both affects and reflects society. It has a profound influence on behaviour of its audience. When people try to imitate something they have seen or heard, are they capable of distinguishing between right and wrong? Youngsters these days, often imitate their role models blindly. What is being highlighted in the entertainment industry is the wrongdoings of these celebrities whom the young people idolize.Media, on their part, often showcase the negativity of an incident. It hypes the acceptability of vices.

The scenes of the violence being shown in the films and television these days have affected the mind of people.The rate of crime among youngsters have increased significantly. It is natural tendency of human behaviour to absorb negative things faster than the positive things. What people perceive, is the way people behave. Many a times, there has been a question mark on the credibility of media. The affect of the violence being shown in the films and other forms of media has always been a topic of debate for Parents and Politicians.A single question however,rises over the the din caused by the concerned parents and the politicians;is the violence in the T.V.s/ films/news etc really has that much effect on society?Much more of the cue will be taken from parents, siblings,mentors, teachers and friends than from media.
Every year number of movies are being made, all of them are not based on the crime and violence. There are films that bring about positive effect on people, they give out some social message to people.Same is applied to television and other forms of media. There are incidences where media has been a path shower to people and youngsters, taking into account recent incident of Delhi Gangrape. So, what is being shown on media and T.V. is not always offensive. It is on the person, how he/she perceive things. So,to conclude media alone does not has the ability to convince people to commit crime and violence.

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