Electronics interview questions and answers

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Electronics interview questions and answers 

Electronics interview questions and answers on Blue Ray Disc

Electronics interview questions and answers

Be electronics interview questions and answers

Q.1.What is blue ray disc?
Ans. Blu ray disc is an optical disc format designed to display high definition video and store large amounts of data. Blu ray is the successor to dvd. The standard was developed collaboratively by Hitachi,LG,SAMSUNG,HP,DELL,APPLE,SONY,PHILIPS,PIONEER,JVC,.
Q.2. Whats the meaning og its name.?
Ans. Blu ray name is a combination of a blue for the color of the laser that is used and ray for optical ray. The “e” in blue was purpasefully left off ,according to the manufactures,because an everyday word can not be a trademark.
Q.3. What are the features of blu ray disc.?
Ans. With the blu ray disc we can record HD tv with out any quality loss, record me program while watching other on the disc create playlist, edit or reorder program recorded on disc, instantly skip to any spot on disc,access to web to download subtitles.
Q.4. How many types of blu ray disc.?
Ans. There are two types of blu ray disc. One is single layer and other is double layer.
Q.5. What is the single layer.?
Ans. Single layer can hold data upto 25/27GB that means 2 hrs of HD video.or about 13 hrs of standard video.
Q.6. What is the double layer.?
Ans. Double layer can hold upto 50GB that means 4.5 hrs of HD video or about 20 hrs of standard video.
Q.7. How many formats of blu ray disc.?
Ans. It comes in four different formats. One is BDROM ( read only), second is BDR ( recordable), third is BD RW ( rewritable) , fourth is BD RE ( rewritable).
Q.8. What are the advantages of blu ray disc.?
Ans. It is more capacity , density and performance. It is more industry support. It is more durable. It is mor interactive. And it is more flexible content protection AAC.
Q.9. what are the benefits using of blu ray disc.?
Ans. Benefit of using a blue violet laser ( 405 nm ) is that it has a shorter wavelength than a red laser ( 650nm) , which makes it possible to focus the laser spot with even greater procision. This allow data to be packed more tightly and storrd in less space . So it is possible to fit more data on the disc even though its the same size as a cd or dvd.
Q.10. What is the difference between CD,DVD and BLU RAY DISC.?
Ans. CD has 780nm red laser ,lens aperature is 0.45.
And DVD has 650 nm red laser , lens aperature is 0.6. Blu ray disc has 405 nm blue violet laser, lens aperatur 0.8, it does not suffer from birferingence and DVD suffer from birfringence.

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    Blu ray disc is a very innovative and beneficial invention in the field of Electronics.The blu-ray name is a combination of “blue”, for the color of the laser that is used and “ray” for optical ray. The “e” in “blue” was purposefully left off, according to the manufacturers, because an everyday word cannot be a trademark, this is an interesting fact to know. I would suggest all electronics students as well as those who are interested in this field to go through this article as it is really interesting and describes the topic well.

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