Explain servo motor and stepper motor

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This article lets you know about the Servo motor and stepper motor



Servo motor is a motor which works on ac as well as dc current. This motor is used in feedback control system as output actuators .these motors are not used for continuous energy conversion. These motors are of two types .

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AC servo motors :

These motors operates on the ac supply .These motors also have stater and rotor .Stater is a stationary part of the motor and rotor is the rotating part of the motor.IT prates on three phase as well as single phase supply.

DC servomotors:

DC servo motors operates on dc supply .They have stator and rotor . They

Servo motors

Servo motors

also operates on three phase as well as on single phase .

STEPPER MOTOR:stepper motor works on the property of flux lines  to occupy low reluctance path so the stator.Rotor get aligned such that the magnetic reluctance is minimum.

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