Fees of IAS Coaching in Bhopal.

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From Armstrong Pame to Arnuna Sunderarajan has all inspired us to be IAS officers. But securing a spot is the most difficult. This pool of candidates is one of the most competitive in India. If asked which is tougher, CA or Civil Service, both are. Both are equally hard. Indian Administrative Service employs you in the government sector. The exam is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission of India. It is an exam which is applicable to all Indian citizens without any prejudice. All you need is a graduate degree and to be within the age limit of 21-32. (general category)

Many cities offer you top IAS Coaching institutes. Delhi, the capital of India at the top of these institutes. This does not mean unless you attain coaching from this particular city you do not have a chance. Most cities in India now offer top-notch services of the same. Some of the cities well known in this field are: Delhi, Jaipur, Indore, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Allahabad, Lucknow, Agra, Patna, Bangalore, Kolkata and so many more. 

Bhopal for IAS Coaching – Top IAS Coaching Center in Bhopal

Bhopal is one of the largest cities in India. It is famous for its lakes and is called as the green city. The capital of Madhya Pradesh and attracts swarms of tourists. Bhopal is a famous shopping destination for  sarees and well crafted souvenirs. Bhopal is now popular for its IAS Coaching institutes as well. The top ten IAS Coaching institutes in Bhopal has been reviewed, ranked and published by our website. They are:

  1. Kautilya IAS Academy
  2. The Administrator Academy
  3. ALS IAS Academy
  4. Eminence IAS Coaching Institute
  5. Dhyeya IAS Coaching Institute
  6.  Kalka IAS Academy
  7. Unique IAS Study Circle
  8. KSG IAS Coaching
  9. Ambition IAS Coaching
  10. Excellence IAS Coaching

Fees structure of IAS Coaching in Bhopal – Top IAS Coaching Center in Bhopal

Each of these institutes have their own fee structure however it usually ranges from Rs. 70,000-Rs. 1,80,000/-. The following are the fee structures of some of the famous IAS Coaching Institutes in Bhopal.

Kautilya IAS Coaching Academy charges as follows:

  • UPSC Rs. 1,52,500 1 yr, MPPSC Rs. 1,28,500 1 yr. For Public administration Optional, Sociology optional, Political Science option you need to pay extra Fees.

The Administrator Academy charges as follows:

  • GS Prelims cum Mains and Interview 1 year Rs. 85,000

ALS IAS Coaching Institute charges as follows:

  • English Medium GS 1 yr Rs. 1,40,000 ,Hindi Medium-Rs. 77,000, Optional Subject- Geography,Public Administration.

Eminence IAS Coaching Institute charges as follows:

  • Till the Selection Rs. 40,000, Optional Subjects- Geography, History.

Dhyeya IAS Coaching Institute charges as follows:

  • UPSC GS 1 year-Rs. 85,000, MPPSC 1 yr – Rs. 70,000, Optional Subject- History.

As you can see, the cost varies according to the plan of IAS Coaching you have chosen, whether it is only General Studies or is it including Prelims and mains and so on.

Perks of being in Indian Administrative Services

If you have been thinking about being an IAS officer you have to know the admission procedure as well. It is a competitive examination which has three stages namely the prelims, mains and interview. Prelims qualifies you to appear for Mains which has nine papers including two of your optional subjects and the last stage is the Interview. You have to keep in mind that anything under the sun can be asked in this process. Government jobs have a wide variety of advantages and being in the top ranks entails many significant benefits. Some of the benefits include Residence. Bills, Transportation, Job security, Study leaves. Pensions and significant positions after retirement. One of the key features is the study leave provided. IAS officers can study further even in foreign universities and the cost will be covered by the Government of India. These are subject to certain legal formalities such as one has complete almost a period of  7 years of service before undertaking the study leave and will have to continue for a specific period in the services after return as well. Apart from materialistic gains, the pride and respect one attains for serving their nation can not be expressed in words. You can share your knowledge to the next set of aspiring candidates and your life and stories will be looked up to.

Another fact to keep in mind is do not feel dejected considering you academic life till then. The civil service examination does not require you to be a rank holder at any point of your life. If you are willing to work hard then this is certainly a feasible option.

Read whatever you can lay your hands upon. Every word you read can be significant. The earlier you develop the habit of reading the newspaper the better your chances. Newspapers are the epitome of current affairs and vocabulary. Develop your hobbies and your personality. Work on yourself. Surround yourself in healthy competition and proper guidance. Do not let your focus digress.

Uplift your spirits cause you have a chance as anyone else for being an IAS officer! All the best.

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