Fees of IAS Coaching Centers in Jaipur

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India is a country of diversity and traditions. The billions of population residing in the country have different ideologies and perspective. Each of the 29 states has its own specialties and governance. India is the largest democracy in the world and the most successful from the very beginning. How has it been this successful? Definitely because of our machinery working towards each and every step with all honesty in its endeavors . The Indian Administrative Services is the administrative arm of the Indian Government. Every year an estimate of 180 candidates are selected for the position.

Indian Administrative Services

The Union Public Service Commission conducts the Civil service examination every year selecting the finest candidates of all the thousands appearing. The other popular occupations are the Indian Foreign Service, Indian Police Services and so on. If you are doubtful about how the process is here is a summary,

The selection process for the Indian Administrative Services have three stages:

  1. Prelims
  2. Mains
  3. Interview

The Prelims consist of two papers on General Studies. Each paper is graded out of 200 marks and is of duration of two hours. The second paper qualifies you to appear for the mains.

The Mains consist of nine papers out of which two are of your optional subjects. The first two papers are for 300 marks each and the others of 250 marks each. These papers are not objective. Make sure you are well updated on current affairs and has a keen interest in reading the newspaper. The advantages of newspaper are two-fold, it is a treasure of knowledge and vocabulary.

The Interview is the last stage accounting for 275 marks. Once you qualify this your dreams are a reality now.

Are there advantages in joining an IAS Coaching Center?

What every aspirant has to keep in mind is that there are large numbers of candidates who have secured their position through diligent self-study but coaching can always be helpful. This is for various reasons. You’ll already be involved in a competitive environment encouraging you to work harder, constant guide to your goal, regular mock test and test series, comprehensive methods to break down the concepts and solve problems, time oriented and other various advantages are sewn together. However, self-study is the key ingredient to success.

Jaipur, the PINK CITY – Top IAS Coaching Center in Jaipur

Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan. Popularly known as the pink city it is famous for its architecture and is most ancient planned city. Its handicrafts and other attractions attract tourist as fast as moths to flame. Similarly, IAS aspirants from various parts of Rajasthan migrate to the capital to learn from these coaching centers. The top ten IAS Coaching centers in Jaipur are:

  1. Chanakya IAS Academy
  2. Plutus IAS Academy
  3. Rau IAS Academy
  4. Vision IAS Academy
  5. KSG IAS, Jaipur
  6. RIM Defense Academy
  7. Motive Academy
  8. Patanjali IAS Academy
  9. Astitva IAS Academy
  10. Indian Institute of IAS Aspirants

Fee structure of the most famous IAS Coaching Centers in Jaipur – Top IAS Coaching Center in Jaipur

The Rank one IAS Coaching center of Jaipur, Chanakya IAS Academy charges  as following:

  • GS (Prelims + Mains) + Essay + CSAT Total Fee – 1,57,000.

The Rank two IAS Coaching Center of Jaipur, Plutus IAS Academy charges as following:

  • Rs. 1,50,000+GST (Admission only after Test of NCERT class 6th to 12th)

The Rank three IAS Coaching center of Jaipur, Rau IAS Academy charges as following:

  • GS Fee-1,55,000 Duration 9 Months Optional Subject-Public Administrative, Geography 4 Months Fee- 48,000.

The Rank four IAS Coaching center of Jaipur, Vision IAS Academy charges as following:

  • GENERAL STUDIES PRELIM & MAINS- Rs. 1,50,000 Online Classes – Rs. 1,40,000

Fee structure of IAS Coaching in Jaipur – Best UPSC Coaching Center in Jaipur 

If you are migrating to the city to attend coaching then outside expenditure will also have to be looked after. Unlike metropolitan cities like Mumbai which is the most expensive Jaipur is very budget friendly city. Therefore you don’t have to worry about the additional expenses. The fees structure can vary according to the plan of IAS Coaching you choose, For example, if you have opted for only General studies classes at Rim Defense Academy the cost is Rs.25,000/- where as if you opt for complete online classes at Motive IAS Academy, Jaipur it is Rs.60,000/-  or if you choose prelims and mains with your optional subjects it can range upto Rs. 1,60,000/-.

Before choosing any IAS Coaching institute anywhere make sure that you are aware of the services they claim. It is not wise to join any institute that has no success percentage in their result. Be wise while choosing your institute. Jaipur has always been a blooming city for engineering, degree and other courses now proudly it has even begun IAS coaching.

Confidence and hardwork paves the path to success. Make sure you set a timetable and follow it religiously and understand that every nugget of information in crucial. Read voraciously. Education and knowledge are the biggest weapons of mankind. Use it wisely and you’ll be able to make your dreams and aspirations into your reality.


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