Food Flavourist /Flavour Chemist

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Food  Flavourist /Flavour Chemist

Those who create new flavours and add flavour to the food are referred as food flavourist or flavour chemist. Flavorist are chemist Who create flavours. There are two types of flavours natural flavours and artificial flavours. Job of a food flavorist or flavour chemist is to mix various ingredients and create a new flavour be it artificial or natural.
To become a food flavorist one requires a good knowledge of Aroma Chemicals ,essential oils, plant extracts etc.Research and development are essential part of this job. A challenge that this profession faces is that the materials and chemicals a flavorist uses for flavor creation does not only make food tasty, but it should also stands Straight for standards prescribed by the Indian Government. To be more specific, it should be safe for human consumption.A person who is passionate about food and Chemistry then this career choice will be the correct choice for you . this career option is very well but very interesting as well. Job of a flavorist is not only bound till food but also they have a vast options In many sectors such as pharmaceutical companies, hair care products, skin care. All the products which require adding up of flavour and good knowledge of chemistry, essential oils, Aroma chemicals, plant extracts require a flavourist .

Eligibility criteria
Candidates Who want to become a food flavorist Should pursue B.Sc or M.Sc in chemistry . You can take your undergraduate degree in chemistry or biology And then go for a master degree in food science program.

Personal attributes

If you want to become a food flavorist or food chemistry then you should have a good sense of taste and smell . You should have a excitement of knowing about new Smell and taste. You should be patient and motivated for experimenting New things always. This job also requires computer skills So that you can handle database, spreadsheets ,softwares etc. One must also have general understanding of food composition.

Salary structure :
Salary depends on your ability And experience that how you blend flavours. Other than this a fresher can expect the salary from 10000/- to 15000/-But a person with experience and reputed in this job can expect the salary in lakhs.

Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysore Offers various short term courses As well as research opportunities in food flavouring And products. there are various other colleges all over India who provide B.Sc M.Sc in chemistry and Biology and as well as Food Technology courses.

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