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Let us know in brief about  Maharashtra  board


Established under the “Maharashtra Secondary Boards Act” 1965 (amended in 1977) The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education is a statutory and autonomous body.

In terms of enrollment in high school in India only after the CBSE this board is very popular .It has been given rank  4th in the ‘Futuristic Education Boards in India’ among more than 35 educational boards in the country.. This board came into existence on  January 1, 1966 .

It started with name as Maharashtra State Secondary Education Boards but after the act was amended it was renamed as Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education.

The Board conducts examination twice a year and the number of students appearing for the main examination is around 1,400,000 for Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and 1,700,000 for Secondary School Certificate (SSC) every year.

The exams are usually held in the months of March, and October every year; and results are given out usually in June, and January respectively. March marks the end of educational year, and June marks beginning of the new educational year .

Study  guide for exams


Be Confident- Keep confidence in yourself and study properly.  You need to  make a plan and follow it properly.  Do not panic and do not let stress consume your time. Focus is very important. You have to leave other less important activities and focus more on your studies.

Create a Study Plan- Avoid last minute preparations and create a study plan. Make sure you know the concepts and basics first, before advancing. Plan in advance which days you will study what subjects and when you will be practicing the past years solved papers and sample papers.

Night before Exam and On Day of Exam– Do not try to learn new things one day before the exam or on the night before exam. You only have to revise whatever you have studied and be confident about answering those questions.

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How to prepare for exams subject wise in Maharashtra state board for 12th

English- Focus on the grammar part

  • Choose a good reference book.

Read from the prescribed book or from the solved papers.

  • Work on your time management skills. You do not want to run out of time due to a lengthy paper
  • Practice writing in English and note down your mistakes and work more on your mistakes.

Maths- Practice a lot.

  • Make a list of all the important formulas and concepts and refer to them whenever you can
  • Practice previous year question papers and sample papers.
  • Write the answers step-wise. Marks are given for each step in the maths paper

Physics-Create a list of all the formulas from all the chapters. Make a separate list of all the derivations and that should help you cover theory too.

  • Create a list of  definitions and important concepts.
  • Practice graphs and solve questions using a diagram.
  • Practice with sample papers and previous year question papers.

Chemistry-Make a list of all the organic formulas for all the important elements.

  • Create a list of all the inorganic equations along with the molecular reactions.
  • Practice a lot of question papers and sample papers.
  • Do not get confused in the formulas or equations.
  • Practice diagrams with proper labeling from chapters like, ‘solid state’, ‘electron chemistry’, ‘principles of isolation of elements’. Revise structures of compounds in p-block elements, d-block elements. Make a list of formula, chapter–wise,

Biology-Biology is theoretical and needs a lot of memorization, so use flash cards for definitions and names.

  • Use Mnemonics for lengthy words and details
  • Use flowcharts to remember the processes and sequences.

Hindi-  Studying Hindi is similar to studying English.

  • Apart from that you can focus on essay, application and story parts as they are high scoring areas.

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Maharashtra state board students currently studying in standard XI (science) give their HSC examinations in 2019, it will be based on a national framework as laid down by the Council of Boards of School Education (COBSE) in India.

The question paper pattern for physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics has been changed so that students fare better in entrance exams like the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) and Joint Entrance Exam (JEE). However, there will be no change in the present curriculam,.

Around 20% of the questions will come under the ‘difficult’ category in all four subjects and around 50% will be in the ‘average’ category.







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