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Q1. What is a static function?
Ans1: It is a function whose scope is limited to the current source file. Scope refers to the visibility of a function or variable.

Q2. Is it possible to execute code even after the program exits the main()?
Ans2: C library consists of a function named atexit() that can be used to perform “cleanup” operations when your program terminates. You can set up a set of functions you want to perform automatically when your program exits by passing pointers to the atexit().

Q3. Using exit() is same as using return()?
Ans3: No. The exit() is used to exit from your program and the return is used to return from a function and return control to the calling.

Q4. Explain the use of fflush()?
Ans4: It is used to empty the buffer associated with the o/p stream.

Q5. What is the difference b/w malloc() and calloc()?
Ans 5: malloc() allocates uninitialized memory while calloc() initializes the allocated memory with a constant (0).
malloc() uses single parameter while calloc() uses 2 parameters to initialize memory.

Q6. What is virtual function?
Ans6: It is a member function that is declared within a base class and redefined by a derived class.

Q7. How many arguments can be used in a function ?
Ans7: As such c language doesn’t put any restriction on number of arguments to be used but arguments greater than 8 is not preferred.

Q8. What is the output of the following program?
int x=20;
int y=10;
printf(“%d %d”,y,x+2);
swap(int x,int y)
int temp;
temp =x;

Ans8: 10 22 (duplicate copy of arguments are generated on calling a function)

Q 9. What will be the output of the following code ?

Ans 9: Some address will be printed as function names are just addresses. Similarly output() is also a function and its address will be printed.

Q 10. What will be the output of the following code ?
int i;
printf(“%d”,scanf(“%d”,&i)); // value 10 is given as input here
Ans 10: 1 as Scanf returns number of items read successfully. So number of items read is 1.

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