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    PLACEMENT GUIDELINES OF GOODRICH Goodrich is the global corporation headquartered at Charlotte, North Carolina, USA ,which provides the services to the aircraft and engine manufacturer of all over the world. The major products include landing gears, sensors

  • Bio molecular computing

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    Q1 Define Bio molecular computing? Ans It uses DNA & other biological material as a block for planning of living computational machine to solve complex problem. Bio molecules performed natural computations with this field to which electronics engineers,

  • Important Questions on OFDM

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    1)  What is OFDM? Ans: OFDM  (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) is a broadband multicarrier modulation method that offers superior performance and benefits over older, more traditional single-carrier modulation methods because it is a better fit

  • Questions on IC Engines with answers

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    An automobile engineer or a mechanical engineer is required to go through the depths of the IC engine portion as they might have to answer a numerous questions be it in the interview or in academics. So here is a set of some frequently asked questions on IC

  • Modulation and Demodulation based Interview Questions

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    Modulation and demodulation process is the main process behind the communication system. A effective communication may only be established if we have a proper and efficient tool for undergoing the modulation and demodulation procedures effectively. Being the