Bio molecular computing

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Q1 Define Bio molecular computing?

Ans It uses DNA & other biological material as a block for planning of living computational machine to solve complex problem. Bio molecules performed natural computations with this field to which electronics engineers, bio physics, chemistry etc contribute to extent. It has produced by bio logical computer, composed of DNA molecules & enzymes that can provide biological phenomenon.

Q2 Explain the role of DNA in molecular programming?

Ans. DNA is is used as a tool for molecular programming. It is easy to design & fairly predictable in their geometric shape. Further it is chemically stable & implementing in no. of labs. DNA system are autonomous and programmable i.e. modification is possible.

Q3 Explain computation process?

Ans. Computation process


Q4 Explain solution Hamilton Path Problem (HPP)?

Ans Aldeman did experiment  on molecular scale computation via DNA molecules & solve small seven instances of HPP & given a graph if problem ask, there exist a path that visits each vertex exactly once. Beside HPP solution, Aldeman also give solution of Real problem and travelling salesman problem.

Q5 Explain Biochemical computer?

Ans. These computers are characteristics of biological chemical reaction io order to achieve computational functionality. Feedback loop can be of +ve or -ve loop causing either increase the chemical output or decrease chemical output resp. These factor include quantity of catalytic enzymes present, amount of reactant present etc

Q6 Explain bio mechanical computer?

Ans. These are similar to biochemical computer but difference in their serve of output. In this the shape of specific molecules or set of molecules under initial condition serves as output while in bio chemical computer the presence or concentration of certain chemicals serves as output signal.

Q7 Explain bio electronic computers?

Ans It is also similar to both bio chemical & bio mechanical computers & develop to perform electronic computing. In this computation is done by interpreting a specific output that is based on the initial set of condition act as input.

Q8 Explain advancement in bio computer technology?


  • Bio chemical computing scheme in which protein  concentration act as binary signal i.e. 1 or 0.
  • Using the method of computational analysis bio chemical computer can perform logical operations.
  • Bio computers can also do mathematical computation.

Q9 Explain the scientific background of bio computers?

Ans These consists of pathway or series of metabolic pathway including biological material that are engineered to behave in a fixed manner based on input of system.

Q10 Explain future potential of bio computers?

Ans Bio computers are premature than commercial non bio logical computers. There is a plenty of room to improve in the realm of bio computers computational ability & it is reasonably expect that the science of bio computers will greatly improve in upcoming years.



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