Future of online education in India

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¬†Every activity globally is shifting and so is education,”Education is taking a shift toward online services and commitment. May it be private or Business and Government entities are using online education system to spread out education or other information fast and effectively. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department uses online education to get out legal updates,and not only that but now in India Noida traffic police takes information from daily commuter on Facebook and there has been annual training, mandatory training issues and any update that they need to get out to the nearly 200 staff. By doing this it allows for all individuals to receive the information in a short period of time, allows verification as different commuters complain themselves regarding issue that the training was received, and provides a record for accountability that they received the training. Once the student completes the course they are checking and stating that they have retained and received the information in online education model, although its different from online policing.

Future of online education

Increasing Online Education in India

But online education system has some serious issue atleast according to me, Some of the major problems that I observe for online training and education is that it is not taken very seriously by students at least I can say as serious as information provided in a classroom setting. Some of the tactics used to curb this is by administering a comprehension test but I donot think its enough. However when the online material is presented in masses, there is no way to confirm that the KBT is their responses and not the groups. I also see that it becomes rather bland over time and does not include some of the key elements for adult learning. Since different people have different learning styles, it is not very effective for teaching some adults.

Importance of Online Education in India

The future of online education is promising for those who want to reach a large number of people in a shorter period of time. It is effective for people with time limitations, and those who have access to the technology required receiving it. Businesses are always looking for ways to make shortcuts and save money. Online training will save the costs of training staff in conferences, lectures and send them out of state to receive education. I foresee that this will be a marketing tool used by many instructors in the future

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