Optional Books of Geology

Geology Optional Books

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Geology Optional Books

Geology a branch of Earth Sciences has risen as one of the most secure and scoring optional subject for the UPSC Civil Services Mains examination. This subject is  easy to understand, hence easy to crack. So, if the aspirants have profound interests in geology, then choose this subject. The syllabus of geology for UPSC IAS Mains exam is long and aspirants may require over three months covering the syllabus. The syllabus of Geology ought to be done before prelims.

UPSC Topper Suggestions Geology Book

Aspirants who are prepared for the UPSC Exam and their subject is Geology Optional They generally use for some books so here are we provide book list which is important for the exam point of view.

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  1. Skylight Geology Books
  2. Geology: An Introduction – Kronaris and Krambine
  3. Text Book of Geology – P.K. Mukherjee
  4. Text Book of Physical Geology – Mahapatra
  5. Geomorphology – Woolridge or Thornbury
  6. Principles of Petrology – G.W. Turrel
  7. Petrography – Williams
  8. Mineral and Crystal Science – V.C. Jesh
  9. Sedimentary Rocks – Petti John
  10. Underground Hydrology – David Keith Toad
  11. Igneous Rocks and Metamorphic Petrology – Turner
  12. Ocean – Square Drop, Johnson, and Blimming
  13. Simple Geological Structure – Plate and Charlincr
  14. Soil Mineralogy – I. E. Grim
  15. A Dictionary of Geology – Morrison
  16. Dimensions of Himalayan Geology- Biyani, A.K.

                                1. Skylight Geology Books

Hydro Geology and Engineer Geology, Geomorphology and Remote Sensing, Paleontology, Structural Geology, General Geology, Indian Stratigraphy

Soft Copy  Price -80

Hard Copy Price – 590

Geology Notes for UPSC

Skylight Geology Books

                             2. Text Book of Geology – P.K. Mukherjee

Author– P.K. Mukherjee

Price- 319

ISBN: 8187567546
ISBN: 978-8187567547

                              3. Geomorphology – Woolridge or Thornbury

Author– Woolridge or Thornbury

Price -440

ISBN: 9788123908113
ISBN: 978-8123908113

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                               4.Principles of Petrology – G.W. Turrel

Author- G.W Turrel

Price- 8189

ISBN: 0412215004
ISBN: 978-0412215001

                              5. Sedimentary Rocks – Petti John

Author– Petti John

Price– 440

ISBN: 812390875X
ISBN: 978-8123908755

                          6.Dimensions of Himalayan Geology  Biyani, A.K.

Author= Biyani  A.K.

Price – 2250

ISBN: 8189304151
ISBN: 978-8189304157

Through This Research Article on best  Geology Optional Notes, we have tried to answer a few frequently answered question by a student

1.What is the best book for the geology optional paper?
2. Which are the best books for UPSC geology optional?
3.Which book should be studied for the preparation of geology optional for the IFOS?
4.What is the book list and strategy for geology UPSC Optional?

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Geology Optional Books
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Geology Optional Books
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