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Today in this developing nation, people’s thinking level has reached so much high that now signals are transmitted through wireless media like the radio wave which travels in space. As a result the thinking of the students is also getting advanced day by day. They are bunking the classes of schools and colleges. And the school and college authority are not able to track down the student commencing this type of mischief some of the time.

We know that our country is a developing country. Almost every day some or the other technology is coming out in front of the general people. And these technologies are invented in order to simplify the work of the people. In the above paragraph we came to know about the advances in thinking of the students. If students are a part of general people, then how can one think that other part of the people will stay at the back as compared to the students in case of the advances in thinking process. And we must not forget that the criminals are also a part of the general people. Even they use their brains and take the help of the technologies which they think will be a favor in their work. As a result rate of crime like kidnapping is increasing day by day. And as with the authorities in case of the above paragraph, the same thing happens with the police. They also some of the time fail to catch these criminals.

The result of the above both cases, the ultimate sufferers are the guardians. But that does not at all mean the people those who are not the guardians or those guardians whose wards are not the victims should be relaxed. May be next time they become the victim. So being prepared will be best from our side.

But everybody knows that the criminals are always one step ahead in these cases from the common people. So for common people, it is confirmed that they cannot stop these crimes, but at least they can avoid it. And the best way is to take the help of the technology. And the GPS system is the best alternative in case of selection of the technology.


The technology I am mainly concentrating in is the GPS system. GPS stand for Global Positioning System. This is a sort of monitoring system which returns the location of the chip in which it is currently is.


I have selected this technology because I think if every time each and every student is monitored by the school and college authority, then the chances of the above mentioned problems are avoided, at least from schools and colleges. This is so because schools and colleges are more prone to these types of problems, specially the second one.

The hardware part for this technology is a microchip. If it is installed in the student identity card, then each and every student can be monitored, not only their current location but also their attendance. And I have selected the identity card for its installation because each organization has a rule that every student must necessarily have their identity card with them. Also as these chips will be transmitting a low frequency radio wave which has a limited coverage range, so, as soon as they go towards the boundary of the range, the beeping starts where they are being monitored. Thus before they go too far from the range they are stopped. And the chances of students meeting any type of undesirable incident get minimized.

radio wave identification chip


The technology mainly uses Radio wave as the source of intercommunication between the chip and the controller or the monitor. Now what is radio wave? The radio wave is actually an alternating current. And if this current is supplied to the antenna, it gives rise to an electromagnetic field which propagates through space. The radio wave typically transmits less than 1mW of power. It operates over a distance of 3 to 30 meters. It supports data rate up to 1 – 2 Mbps. And it can penetrate through the walls.

Talking about its hardware part, the radio frequency identification chip is a small radio transponder, almost like a microchip. Its small size is the beneficial part of it, so it can be placed inside almost any object. On the other side, the transceiver decodes the information send by the chip. So if it is placed in the identity card, the information received by the transceiver is decoded to the details of the particular student, also giving the information that the particular student is also present and within its coverage range. Talking about its battery power, as its coverage range is very limited, the battery consumption is very less. And when the battery is fully consumed, it is affordable for a common man to change that battery.

Now moving on to its software part, we mainly need a database which stores the details of each and every student of the organization. It also needs software which on receiving very low power wave start beeping, which means the chip or the person is going far away from the range.


This proposal is mainly proposed for the education organizations. So the organizations must try to introduce this system as soon as possible if they want to avoid any unfavorable incident. This system guarantees safety as they are being continuously monitored and can be stopped before they go out of reach. Also the installation cost is also not very expensive, so they are easily affordable. And also their maintenance cost is very less.


As this proposal guarantees the safety of many students, mainly children, this sort of proposal will be encouraged more and more by the education organization and specially the guardians. And slowly and steadily this system can be used by other non educational organizations. Like this if it spreads all through, maximum people will be able to avoid becoming victim of any type of criminal activity, at least from their work place.


Only one thing that might limit this proposal is its security. If anyone of the criminal may intrude inside any organization, no one would be able to detect that intruder as till now no technology exists, at least in my knowledge, that can be installed in the identity card which might link the person holding the identity card with the details of that particular card which may be troublesome. Here the proposal which I have given here is using the existing technologies, but the security part needs something more.


As this proposal is installation of radio wave identification chip in identity card of a particular organization, the security part needs something which might check whether the authenticate person is having that identity card or not. If it is not so, then it must generate an alarm giving the notification that the identity card transmitting the signal is with some undesirable person and the authority might have a look to it.

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  1. Tuhin Banerjee says:

    Awesome blog . Great Concept featuring the GPS . It will not only monitor the movements of students it will rather safeguard them from the heaves of unpredictable events passed by . The concept of miniaturization of GPS microchip into a id card is quite a job and a simple solution provided in this blog will rather ease the task . In all a great blog , an inspiration for care takers and technologists .

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