Best GRE preparation book for computer science

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“GRE subject test” is conducted to test your knowledge on a particular subject area which also determine your apprehension and ease of that subject. In order to achieve a good score on the GRE Subject Test, you should have a appreciable amount of knowledge and a large background in that particular subject. Usually, students become well known with a subject during their undergraduate years by either majoring in or taking a number of classes in that field. Therefore, students typically choose to take GRE test in their department of study. Students who have done specialization  in a different subject area can also give GRE Subject Test but must have the knowledge of the subject they wish to take the exam in.

There are total 8 subjects GRE exams-

  1. Psychology
  2. physics
  3. Computer Science
  4. Chemistry
  5. Literature in English
  6. Biology
  7. Mathematics
  8. Biochemistry, Cell and molecular biology.


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The Computer Science subject test is among eight GRE subject tests conducted for admissions for gradation course in US. 

Like all other subject tests that are conducted under GRE .The Computer science test is paper based.

For the preparation of the test it is best to refer to the official site for latest and current information.

The test consists of 70 multiple questions and the time limit is 170 minutes. It consists of questions based on four main areas-Software Systems and Methodology, Computer Organization and Architecture, Theory and Mathematical Background and other topics too.Apart from these topics you should have information of the concepts of calculus and linear algebra, in reference with computer science.

The main topics under Software Systems and Methodology are data organization, program control and structure, programming languages and notation, software engineering and systems. 40% of the questions are framed from these topics only.

The main topics under Computer Organization and Architecture are digital logic design, processors and control units, memories and their hierarchies, networking and communication and high-performance architectures. 15% of the total questions comes from this section.

The main topics under Theory and Mathematical Background are algorithms and complexity, automata and language theory and discrete structures. 40% of the total questions of the test comes from this section.

The main topics under Other Topics are numerical analysis, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, cryptography, security and social issues. Under this section there could be other similar topics as well. 5% of the total questions of the test are framed from this section.


books1-TITLE-GRE computer science test

AUTHOR-Benjamin Wells, Resarch and education association

PUBLISHER-Resarch and education assoc, 2004


BOOK REVIEW- This books provide complete presentation and information about GRE in computer science. Full-length practice test is given in this book which is based on current format of GRE computer science subject test syllabus. The tests given in this book are of 170 mins and are based on every topic that can be expected to come in an actual exam.

books (1)2-TITLE-The Best test preparation for the GRE, Graduate Record Examination, computer science

AUTHOR-Ruknet Cezzar,Resarch and education association

PUBLISHER-Resarch and education association, 1991

PRICE– Rs1250




BOOK REVIEW-This test preparation book consists of four full-length exams with their explanations .Previous year gre test paper are also given in this book.questions that are framed in this book are based on the following areas-software systems and methodology, computer organization and architecture, computational math, and advanced topics.A seperate section is given on computer science topics and glossary.




3-TITLE-Gre:Ready to take the computer test


PUBLISHER-Educational testing service,1997

PRICE-Rs 990


BOOK REVIEWThis book is a useful study guide. It contains sample paper for GRE computer science book. The answers in this book are not explained.However, details of the test and steps that are given for the preparation are really helpful.




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