GRE Physics syllabus

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GRE i.e Graduate Record Examination is skill based test mainly taken for admission in post graduation courses in foreign universities across globe. GRE is conducted on basis of course curriculum of graduation examinations and many of times high score in GRE also helps students in getting scholarship to study in foreign universities.

Here we have tried to discuss GRE Physics syllabus in Details. GRE syllabus of all subjects

  • Basic Mechanics(20%) or classical Mechanics constitutes of about 20% in GRE Physics
    GRE Physics syllabus

    GRE Physics syllabus

    syllabus , although its not necessary that questions in every GRE Physics exam may be asked evenly from all parts of classical Mechanics or Basic Mechanics.


Kinematics, : Deals with movement and motion of a body with cause of motion.

Newton’s laws: All three newtons law of motion and problems related to newtons law is very important part of GRE syllabus of Physics.

 Work and energy: calculation of work done and amount of energy required for respective work to be done.

 Oscillatory motion:Motion that repeats its cycle at regular interval with delta errors but constitutes a cyclic path.

Rotational motion about a fixed axis: Motion or movement around a fixed axis

Dynamics of systems of particles: The dynamics or system which leads to rigid body

Central forces and celestial mechanics: Defines motion of celestial bodies

Three-dimensional particle dynamics: 3D property of movement of particles.

Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formalism:

Non inertial reference frames,

elementary topics in fluid dynamics.

  • Quantum Mechanics(12%)
  • Electromagnetism(18%)
  • Optics and Wave Phenomena(9%)
  • Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics(10%)
  • Atomic Physics(10%)
  • Special Relativity(6%)
  • Laboratory Methods(6%)
  • Nuclear and Particle Physics(9%)

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