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GRE(Graduate Record Examination) is one of the dream exam for all those students who want to pursue masters degree from abroad.Here we have provided GRE sample papers pdf so as to help the candidates to crack the exam.

SECTION I – Verbal Ability


1. Trenchant

A. Unafraid
D.Lacking bite

2. Recant


GRE sample papers with solutions

GRE sample papers

3. Sadistic


4. Rueful


Sentence Completion

5. To reach Memorial Chapel, the traveller needs to drive with extreme caution along the __ curves of the mountain road that climbs __ to the summit.

A.shady – steadily
B.serpentine – steeply
C.jagged – steadily – languidly
E.gentle – precipitously

6. Only the most — taster can differentiate between brand name and generic colas.




A.Dissipate : Opportunity
B.Exploit : Fault
C.Emulate : Accomplishment
D.Salve : Wound
E.Offer : Excuse


A.Possible : Quixotic
B.Human : Seraph
C.Academic : Theoretical
D.Illusory : Incredible
E.Whimsical : Factual

Reading Comprehension:
Nearly a century ago, biologists found that if they separated an invertebrate animal embryo into two parts at an early stage of its life, it would survive and develop as two normal embryos. This led them to believe that the cells in the early embryo are undetermined in the sense that each cell has the potential to develop in a variety of different ways. Later biologists found that the situation was not so simple. It matters in which plane the embryo is cut. If it is cut in a plane different from the one used by the early investigators, it will not form two whole embryos.
A debate arose over what exactly was happening. Which embryo cells are determined, just when do they become irreversibly committed to their fates, and what are the “morphogenetic determinants” that tell a cell what to become? But the debate could not be resolved because no one was able to ask the crucial questions in a form in which they could be pursued productively. Recent discoveries in molecular biology, however, have opened up prospects for a resolution of the debate. Now investigators think they know at least some of the molecules that act as morphogenetic determinants in early development. They have been able to show that, in a sense, cell determination begins even before an egg is fertilized.

Studying sea urchins, biologist Paul Gross found that an unfertilized egg contains substances that function as morphogenetic determinants. They are located in the cytoplasm of the egg cell; i.e., in that part of the cell protoplasm that lies outside of the nucleus. In the unfertilized egg, the substances are inactive and are not distributed homogeneously. When the egg is fertilized, the substances become active and, presumably, govern the behavior of the genes they interact with. Since the substances are unevenly distributed in the egg, when the fertilized egg divides, the resulting cells are different from the start and so can be qualitatively different in their own gene activity.
The substances that Gross studied are maternal messenger RNA -products of certain of the maternal genes. He and other biologists studying a wide variety of organisms have found that these particular RNA direct, in large part, the synthesis of histones, a class of proteins that bind to DNA. Once synthesized, the histones move into the cell nucleus, where section of DNA wrap around them to form a structure that resembles beads, or knots, on a string. The beads are DNA segments wrapped around the histones; the string is the intervening DNA. And it is the structure of these beaded DNA strings that guide the fate of the cells in which they are located.

9. The passage is most probably directed at which kind of audience?

A.Undergraduate biology majors in a molecular biology course
B.State legislators deciding about funding levels for a state-funded biological laboratory
C.Scientists specializing in molecular genetics
D.Marine biologists studying the processes that give rise to new species
E.Readers of an alumni newsletter published by the college that Paul Gross attended.

10. It can be inferred from the passage that the morphogenetic determinants present in the early embryo are

A.evenly distributed unless the embryo is not developing normally
B.identical to those that were already present in the unfertilized egg
C.located in the nucleus of the embryo cells
D.inactive until the embryo cells become irreversibly committed to their final function
E.present in larger quantities than is necessary for the development of a single individual

SECTION II – Quantitative Ability

Quantitative Comparison Questions

Directions: Each question of this type consists of two quantities, one in Column A and one in Column B. Compare the two quantities and indicate:

1.Column A – The number of distinct prime factors of m
Column B – The number of distinct prime factors of 4m

A.If the quantity in Column A is greater
B.If the quantity in Column B is greater
C.If the relationship cannot be determined from the information given
D.If the quantities are equal

2. u and v are integers greater than 0.
Column A – u/v
Column B – u*u

A.If the relationship cannot be determined from the information given
B.If the quantities are equal
C.If the quantity in Column A is greater
D.If the quantity in Column B is greater

3. x > 1 and y > 1(y) ^ x
Column A y ^ (x+1)
Column B (y) ^ x

A.If the quantity in Column B is greater
B.If the relationship cannot be determined from the information given
C.If the quantities are equal
D.If the quantity in Column A is greater

4.Line k goes through (1,1) and (5,2). Line m is perpendicular to k.
Column A – Slope of line k
Column B – Slope of line m

A.If the quantity in Column A is greater
B.If the relationship cannot be determined from the information given
C.If the quantities are equal
D.If the quantity in Column B is greater

5. If n is a prime number greater than 3, what is the remainder when ( n ^ 2 ) is divided by 12?


6. Machine A working alone can complete a job in hours. Machine B working alone can do the same job in hours. How long will it take both machines working together at their respective constant rates to complete the job?

A.1 hr 10 min
B.8 hr 10 min
C.2 hr
D.4 hr 5 min
E.7 hr

7. In a certain competition, 5 judges score each stunt on a scale from 1 to 10. The point value of the stunt is obtained by dropping the highest score and the lowest score and multiplying the sum of the remaining scores by the degree of difficulty. If a stunt with a degree of difficulty of 3.2 received scores of 7.5, 8.0, 9.0, 6.0, and 8.5, what was the point value of the stunt?

Question is based on the graph represented below:


8. If Action Athletics had $320,320 in Youth Activewear revenue, what was its total apparel revenue?


9. If Action Athletics had $174,720 in Adult Headwear revenue, what percent of its apparel revenue was from Adult Headwear?


Frequency of burglaries and car thefts known to the police in 1998 and 1999.

10. Which city experienced the fourth-highest number of burglaries in 1999?

A.Salt City Lake
B.San Francisco

11. In how many cities did the number of burglaries decrease from 1998 to 1999, while in the same period the number of motor vehicle thefts increased ?


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