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Why all good teachers takes coaching…may be they are not happy with their salary or they tried to use each and every second for earning more..but do you think that what they actually do with student…they setup the mind of student.

likewise parents are also don’t take any responsibility that why they use to send their child to go for coaching class.Is school teacher not teach well in school time.if it is so than how he teach in other time.so its are responsibility that we have to take care abut this ..if this type of issue arises than we have to take appropriate decision and go for complain against this.similarly if i talk about those people who are not belong to middle class family than how he manage the fee for coaching classes..just think about that.there parents not even take food for 2 to 3 days for collecting fees for their child..

we are responsible for that ..and raise their business. Now a days education become business for those who know that for getting good rank in any compititive exam they can adopt coaching…and we do..in this way coaching classes earn huge revenues..today education is become a business. thats why education become so costly.

Anand kumar the only one who teach poor student with their own responsibilty.thats what i want or an indian wants from every iitians ,n-itian’s or one who is expert in their subject.please come forward and please stop that peoples who make business…learn people without earn. may be it is so dificult but your one step can make even a single poor children’s life who really want education but not have fee..

so at last i only want to say that “ earn student without earn.and make their life”

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  1. diya mukherjee says:

    a student can agree with the topic without giving second thought to it. today education is given not to educate people but medium a to earn money..today there are thosands of engineering, medical. honors colleges along with private coachings that students take up while paving thier way to future. the private tutors take lumsome amount. they horrify students of poor scores in 10,12 and other competitive exams. so out of fear students start private coaching. my suggestion is that instead of having goosebumps ,they should trust themselves ,work hard to get better scores in exams.

  2. Er Ketan Joshi says:

    I personally believe that our education system were facing really very down face because our school and college faculty does not support in the study they only want to run their coaching classes.
    They insist student to came over there coaching classes and join there coaching classes and then they will ensure that they will us 90% marks in every subject. I just want to ask that faculties if you are able to create 90% by any student then why you insist to join there coaching classes they have to give this result in teaching in school and colleges also so it not an education it is basically earn money.
    By the name of boards.competitive exams and semester exam.
    Now a days faculty will also introduce coaching for engineering graduates and tell them that 100% placement gaurintee. So this will not reduce this will be more enhance
    Lastly we have to study by own and take a guide only we dont have waste our parents money by this coaching classes

  3. Kriti Das says:

    There is no point asking this question.Education today has become the most profitable business with 100% return and maximum profit.Parents today are ready to pay anything for the desired degree of their wards.In this situation with less number of available opportunities ,students whose parents are not that well disposed fails to make the cut.The equation is very simple and straight forward-The more you can,the easier it for you to get your desired degree.No can even think of getting addmission in a premier institution with out paying a heavy donation. Management quotas are provided in colleges by law only.And then these management quotas seats are literally auctioned off to reap maximum cost.We must think of some way to regulate this immediately or else the situation will go from bad to worse.

  4. Vipin Sahu says:

    Today education has become business due to increase in more schools and institute which are opened to provide education.The standard and quality of education decrease due to more institutes and lack of quality teachers.At present time Teachers started concentrating only on those who understanding things by themselves & others are left alone.But institutes like IITs and IIMs are providing quality education to make better future of the students.

  5. Gourav Jain says:

    Education has become bossiness in this modern world where all that matters is money.
    People who study, study only to earn money and people who teaches does so to earn money (obviously except a few of them).
    IN Today’s world all that speaks is MONEY.

  6. Seema Mishra says:

    Today, it has become a common scenario to see students and
    their parents struggling for arranging money to pay lakhs of fees for the
    student’s education. This is what the real scenario of our today’s education
    system is.
    With the advancement of science and technology and followed by competitive scope for professional employment, education also becomes more competitive. Under competition every thing goes in the same way. As a result education becomes more costly now a day. Therefore, some private organizations take the advantage of it and making profit out of it as a business.
    While on the one hand, the fee structure of schools and
    colleges are rising immensely, on the other hand, the quality of education is
    also deteriorating at a very high speed. The institutions are engaged just in
    earning profits for themselves.

  7. Manisha Chawla says:

    EDUCATION is becoming a BUSINESS. This is so very true. Now, as we see there are numerous big organizations, institutions, colleges, coaching classes etc.in every lane of cities. Why these are getting opened everywhere? The reason is just money. India is a country of villages, so most of the parents are poor. They have keen desire to give good education to their children but they are unable to do so because of HIGH education fees. Even middle class parents cannot afford fees of big institutions like IITs, IIMs, etc. Due to this many deserving children remain illiterate. Automatically, Illiteracy rate is increasing in our country. Government should make more and more policies to provide education to poor people.

  8. shreya sarkar says:

    Undoubtedly education today has become a business in India. Students don’t get good marks if they don’t go for tuitions to their respective subject teacher. Teachers don’t teach properly in school so that student would come up to them for coaching and this way they will be able to bag some extra money. May be that’s mostly because the teachers do not get a satisfactory pay. The same is the case with colleges. There are so many colleges in the country whose sole aim to make more and more money. Most of them are not even concerned with the student’s future. Most of the private institutions today do not have even proper affiliation but they are making sky high buildings with the help of the money from students. Yes education has become a business and the sad part is this business is run by businessmen who are not so educated and lack ethics and hence are only concerned about their profit.

  9. Sneha Sinha says:

    Yes it has now become an established fact that education has turned out to be a profit making institution which values money over teaching.The opening of innumerable coaching institution promising students a bright future or their guaranteed admission in IIT’s, NIT’s or other top colleges are nothing but ways to cash on education. Today education has turned out to be only business….

  10. Rashmi Rani says:

    Education has assuredly become a business. The business concepts were offering quality education which led to organic growth and for them to be bigger, better establishments offering the best education for the money. Now the market is distorted with profit universities valuing admission numbers over quality and ensuring that you leave with a worthless piece of paper.

  11. Oishi Chatterjee says:

    Education has certainly changed into business . The real education imparting strategy has vanished. sports and other co-curricular activities are given more priority than main course and this is just to attract students to their institiutes ,over here they follow advertising and when it comes to money making ,we all know that today wat is the fee structure of top schools and colleges in India… and moreover donation is always the precious part . Money comes first and Merit comes later nw.

  12. neha vijayvargy says:

    education are going to be politics yes that is true because if we are seeing in every corners of the cities coaching are had a big way to earning of money. the student could not use there own knowledge to give there result and in colleges and schools also want such a benefits about no teachers. coaching’s are the major setup for the students. it is necessary media for students so yes it is going to be big politics

  13. Sonali kushwah says:

    Yes at this time edcation becomes the business for the society and also to the students.
    Due to the greediness of the teachers the students didn’t take that knowledge as should they get.

    In other countries education is free where the presidents child or ordinary people child is study in same place
    but in India the education is too costly might be the govt. din’t think about the ordinary people.
    Education is future of the India so the education must free.

  14. Avdhesh singh says:

    thats y we are lacking is education, technologies etc
    the higher education is so impossible for odinary people

    might be govt!! not thinking in this propectus of
    ( ordinary man might be not existing)

    In other coutries the education is free
    even of president child or ordinary people child

    this is education

    education must be
    1. adualt eduaction
    2. physical education
    3. security
    4. technology (practical 75% n theory 25%)
    5. health education
    6. agriculutur,
    7. hobies

  15. pragya saxena says:

    yes education in todays time has become a part of business..people in order to earn money spread their sources and ways in education field without considering the future of students or the quality of education they are imparting..dere main motive is to earn money in either way..

  16. Mankeshwar Tripathi says:

    Yes definitely, its the kind of business which never suffers a recession and the money making by different methods adopted by the colleges are fabulous.

  17. Jagriti Singh says:

    Yes, education has become a part of business… as there are lots of exams occur for engineering and other fields, and students pays for them as they buy the forms for the exam… apart form this there are above them thousand colleges of uptu and other sectors.. they all just want to spread thier buisiness

  18. Arpita Sardar says:

    yah.. nw a days education has become a business…according to me nothing is wrong there because we all belives in Give Nd Take policy… if u wanna to take something u hv to give something for that.. so if u want to take a proper education which today’s schools nd colleges are not give u have to attnd coaching center nd also u have to pay for that…

  19. BHARAT GAUTAM says:

    Education is the thing which is provided by the teacher to the student with dedication and faiths. But now a days education is becoming a business for the teachers. Due to greediness of the teachers the desirable student is not getting the right knowledge.

    When a teacher enters into a class then he/she may find different-different levels of students and this is the teacher’s responsibility to make the lecture interesting. But today teachers do not concern with this thing they just want to make money by there knowledge. They do not worry that how much the student is getting from him/her. I’m not including all teachers because there are good ones too…

    Now i am telling you the fact of kota city coaching environment. Around 100 of coaching institutes are there and they all concern with there profit. The student in lower batches do not get proper attention and good faculty. And by this they them self are dividing students in parts. The COST of education in these institute is so high that the middle and lower class families can’t dream to put their child in these institute.

    Even the engineering colleges are also dealing the business not education.

    So according to me Govt. should stop this business process of these institutes.

  20. abhishek pareek says:

    Yes I am completely agree with that openion that education system is become a source of business.What is the need of running coaching center if the same teacher can provide same and much more knowledge in class.But thing is that teachers are doing only for money.herefore, now most of the brands are indulging in opening schools & institutes.
    also govt. by passing law under complete education allow to open as many institute due to which as result no. of institutes are more than no. of students to study.

  21. vandana asnani says:

    Yes..if we talk about present scenario, education system is becoming a source of business, whether its a school education or higher education, people are involved in making education, a source of income for themselves. The fees of private institutions is going high with a name of facilities, if person wants to get admission in a reputable college or universities , they have to pay high admission fees for that. Every individual wants to get a good education therefore they become ready to pay so much. Less educated people are opening their private tuition institutions and earning high in the name of education but actually those people are only serving themselves. Government should take an appropriate action to stop this business, number of government institutions with better facilities and education should be provided to students because better future of nation resides behind the educated citizens.

  22. Bhawani Singhpanwar says:

    Yes i do completely agree with the fact that education is now transforming into business and every individual are getting dependent on coaching center ,the undergoing courses ,without even knowing the feed backs of these coaching center.The learning is been reduced to a significant level and it became a more prior subject to deal that what is the use of all excessive number of coaching organizations are reside in the market and dealing with every one career .
    People are taking the responsibility for a fast change in competitions that are rising among the students and people are instead of taking a good views for innovation in learning pattern they are trying to establish more and more coaching center and only mean to earn lots of profits.
    People perceptions are know deviating that they can only have this quality education after joining a good renowned educational organization and not believing in self education.

  23. abhishek kulshrestha says:

    yes i do agree that education is a business because we are ready to give any amount to study in tution teachers are also supporting this system…………..so we need some youths volunteers to step out who compress this gap of studies by giving free tutions to students which are needful ….. ….. and as a teacher one should give proper financial concession to students who need this and for talented students.

  24. shivani sharma says:

    Yes education has became a business. The only purpose of running a education institute is making money and moto of providing quality education has vanished. What is the need of running coaching center if the same teacher can provide same and much more knowledge in class. Mind of child is drained and made such that they think they can get good marks by coaching classes they are ready to pay a huge amount of money on coaching classes. Teachers also don’t pay attention in classes and their main concentration is on coaching classes. This is because they are making extra money by this. Not only the professional courses but also the school education is so much expensive that a lower class family can’t afford it. Parents also think that their child can get quality education by paying good fees. This mentality made this business to grow up and expand its arms.

  25. SAKSHI JAISWAL says:

    It is very true that education has become a business in our country BUT WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT??? OF COURSE OUR FINANCIAL SYSTEM. TEACHERS ARE NOT BEING PAID PROPERLY IN THIS EVER INCREASING INFLATING ERA. THEY HAVE NO OTHER OPTION EXCEPT GIVING TUTIONS CLASSES. but this affects poor and middle class of our society. parents are not able to give proper education to their students as they have to pay high in good schools and teachers don’t teach in school because they don’t get satisfactory salary there. so at the end students have to join coaching classes to perform good. this creates burden for the parents.

  26. Deepesh Rehi says:

    yes of course ……and whats the problem ? i think its just a mutual benefiting! we are paying so that we could get the best results with the best teachers….and they are providing you the best platform to do it………
    and in todays scenario its a primary “want” that should be fulfilled…… we want to get best education to secure our future so this has to be the price we pay…..even more there are many institutions that provides the scholarships to those who are worth for it….

  27. gopesh saraswat says:

    yes, nowadays education has become a business. Even the kindergarden students go for tution classes apart from their school studies. So that they could get more marks if they study from that particular teacher in the school. There are various schools and colleges which on in the school. There are various schools and colleges which only demand for donation.Ya i agree that education has become a business. Students not securing enough marks are entered into engineering and medical colleges by giving many lakhs of rupees despite of the fact that that they are eligible or not.the only one who teach poor student with their own responsibilty.thats what i want or an indian wants from every iitians ,n-itian’s or one who is expert in their sub please come forward and please stop that peoples who make business…learn people without earn. may be it is so dificult but your one step can make even a single poor children’s life who really want education but not have fee..


    YES, according to my view education has now become a major business as now a days as the earnings of people increases therefor they prefer to a status name for education of there childrens.
    therefore, now most of the brands are indulging in opening schools & institutes.
    also govt. by passing law under complete education allow to open as many institute due to which as result no. of institutes are more than no. of students to study.

  29. Hitesh Murarka says:

    I am totally satisfied with the above post. You know what there are the teachers who are not studying well in the classrooms of school and force the students to take the coachings with them. Instead of that there are many teachers who do there work well but due to that teachers they are going down if we talk about the honesty and all. In India, now a condition is continuously arises that in every colony there is a school and a coaching centre. These schools are of only primary field (upto 8th standard) because they don’t have to take permission of education authority. Due to this permission authority problem education is becoming only a path of business.
    According to me there is no need to take coachings or any other classes because every individual has the power to grow self. If he/she study well or do more and more practice then there is no need to take any kind of coachings and all.

  30. VISHAL JAIN says:

    Today people are taking the education system as business cause education is very large field and their is large competition to get better and higher education. people are forgetting the basic values of the education and they mad it business to earn money. In this process they are not getting the valuable knowledge but they are just doing business.

  31. akhil atreya says:

    education has become a buisness ..buisness is not a bad word.it is just that schools and universties have become such commercial enterprises that everything is measured in terms of profit…

  32. Suchi Maheshwari says:

    In today’s scenario it is true that education has become business. Today coaching classes are opened for each and every course and a huge amount of money is taken by students on name of coaching. In those classes even after paying no attention is paid. Some people instead of teaching in schools and colleges force students to join their coaching in name of marks so that they can earn money and can run their business. Students who can’t afford such huge amount do not get proper education and get exploited. This business must be stopped so that right people get the right opportunities. Education must remain education instead of making it business.

  33. Abhilash Kaushik says:

    Yes , this is the best part of this test as the realistic topic because now a day’s the college & school are becoming a business because they are not focusing on the studies but on the admission they are having there focus.The college are not focused for the quality but quantity which result a poor educational condition in india

  34. Suyash maheshwari says:

    yes Education become a business . as every businees man has a motive to earn money so they opted it as a business by opening coaching institute. today colleges and schools are not teach students properly as they forced their own students to take coaching if they want to pass in the examination . by this they ruined students future as their is no competion between them .

  35. Divya Acharya says:

    yes,education has become a business ,we can see this in our surrounding also that everywhere choaching classes are opened and they are not providing good education quality,they dont have good faculties, all they are worried about is how to make money by increasing the fees .
    the are making short term crash courses for many exams which compltes the whole course in 1 month ,in this time some students are not able to understand what they are teaching but they won’t worry about it.some schol teacher also make preasure on childrens to join there tutions otherwise they will fail them,because of this some students are comiting sucides also

  36. Surbhi Kabra says:

    YES,EDUCATION BECOME BUSINESS TODAY..very few teachers r not take tutions,they r not belive in the coaching education..but most of the people r give students knowledge in coaching. mainly..school teachers are not give the whole knowledge in school campus and he/she ignore the thing and said to the students taht this topic will teach in coaching class..so that is the effected value as well as it will decreses the interst of students..
    mainly students r also habitual for this thing and they are also afraid for teachers becoz if the students will not come in coaching so teachers will not give good marks.so education is hide in between rhe business..

  37. Ravishankar Rajpoot says:

    Yes of course now in india our education is going as a business. It is good for some limit but now these days we can see that there are some wrong.
    We can see our around in every street in the city there is available the schools , coachings, collages etc. most of them are opened only for the business purpose and they should be reduce but there we can see that there are continuously increasing and we should some actions to against them.

  38. amit jain says:

    i am stisfy with that because firstly various coaching system invest their money on education for addmission in compitition exam and more and more coaching institute are stablished.and at college level only few selected college provide quality rest of them doesn’t provide quality.they does not give better education.only their aim is that more and more student come to there institute .

  39. Vinay Agrawal says:

    Its absolutely correct that the now a days education is totally turning from knowledge to the business point of view. the people are less interested in the education part, and mainly focusing to the business part. we can see that from the number of increase in the coaching centers as well as many institute universities. The main aim of the new universities is to acquire accrediation and after that just to increase the number of students in the universities. At the school level, the teachers are less interested in the classroom studies and think for the coaching centers so they could also get a side income.

  40. komal sharma says:

    yes,education has become a business.in education field mostly teachers doesn’t try to teach students,for them only matters their earning or nothing else.parents also responsible for this because they are also busy in their earning,their status,their reputation and etc..in education field some students want to develop their studies,their mind and they also want to learn more and something new but for their development..it is necessary that teachers taught them very well and with a good dedication…but they starts their coachings and tuition’s except teaching in schools or colleges.

  41. roshani mishra says:

    Education has become business for which students are also responsible in some way!!!
    Teachers focus more in tutions and coaching class rather than on class teaching…
    Students have also lost interest in learning anything in class and they entirely depend on tution and other things…they are ready to pay good amount of fees…at ny instant of time…but there are few students who cannot afford huge amount of fees.. and because of this business…they do not get the right education…that they deserve…so everybody must put in their bit so that atleast the deserving ones and who cannot afford to pay get good education as far as possible…

  42. Ramesh Verma says:

    i think in this competitive and harsh environment where people are doing all those activities either gud or bad to earn their livelihood ,,there is nothing wrong in education going business way,, ultimately these days students study to make money then why the schools , institution should not allowed to make money..but there should be a limit where the motive of education should not be the money only but to add ethics and human values in an individual life.

  43. Shilpa Ranjan says:

    Definitely yes !!! Now a days education is business in all over the world.In the name of education colleges various universities tutorials and different organizations which are taking huge amount of money from candidate and in return to that they are not giving enough knowledge. Their motive is to only making money and run the business which is so called EDUCATION .

  44. mankeshwar tripathi says:

    Ya i agree that education has become a business. Students not securing enough marks are entered into engineering and medical colleges by giving many lakhs of rupees despite of the fact that that they are eligible or not.

  45. sakshi chaudhary says:

    Yes, education has really become a commercial business venture. School and College authorities are more concerned about making money rather that provoding quality education to students. 90% of the education institutions has became business. only 10% are those which provide high level education in reasonable feee

  46. Rajeev Ranjan says:

    yes , when i was in 12th my uncle finished the syllabus in just 5 months , but the other teacher keep on taking time to get fees for completion of the syllabus. lot more examples are there . really 85% of the education is a business and they are really playing with the future of the students

  47. patlakshi says:

    yes, nowadays education has become a business. Even the kindergarden students go for tution classes apart from their school studies. So that they could get more marks if they study from that particular teacher in the school. There are various schools and colleges which only demand for donation.

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