Delhi Rape Case Justice ?

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Delhi Rape Case Justice

I think that hanging till death is not sufficient punishment because 3 out of those six criminal want that punishment,and if we give this to them it is like fulfill their will. i think made them impotent is quite good punishment and after some year of pain then we can give this punishment for end of those life.

violence on indian women

rape cases increasing

I know that the parents of that girl want a hard cruel punishment for those criminal and the whole world also want it so the punishment should be very cruel.

i want to now that how many of you are agreed with me or who is not and why with your opinion.

Some thing more needs to be done , it should not remain just delhi rape case , It should become an example for every one who feels wemen as there dolls but , DO Indian wemen also need to understand “Freedom comes with responsibility”

Adding to above point there can be a contradictory statement as well and that can be as Follows

Indian women are them selves responsible for current situation of theres and Now government is adding more to it

All women Auto

All women Bus

All women Train

All women BAnk

All women Post office  , what more?

This Topic has been of very High Important in different public Service Commission Exam like that of UPSC,RAS,BPSC, and MPBSC etc. As Essay Topic. 

This is not going to help , women in India need to check there attitude , I would ask what Nirbhahaya was doing at 11 PM in Night . How can we forget that Man is a social animal , we are not robots and if there is fire , we need to take a different route. Shouting for law and order problem for JUST women can not be a solution. No only women are suppressed but even men are suppressed by women , who will protect them??????????????

Again , This time a 5 year baby was raped brutally. What has happened to society , what we are upto , what we want from this. I donot understand.

Sushma swaraj wants to hang all and Javed Akhtar does not understand how westernization is responsible for this.

We do not understand importance of moral science. We need to those moral science books back.

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378 Responses to Delhi Rape Case Justice ?

  1. Kara says:

    Dr Julian Abel Constantine Gojer of Toronto Convicted of Drugging and raping two woman and killing a third one with the drugs he used to render his victims unconscious before raping them. Date fall of 2000. Psychiatrist gets off with a slap on the wrist and works as a psychiatrist regardless of criminal negligence against him.

  2. Gagan Preet Singh says:

    That is very sham full not only for me rather than it’s a sham full for all Indian’s. When this was happening, whole the world watchd delhi. Everybody know google was blowing the Kendal on it’s doodle. America told us, that is very bad to India. I feel like anybody scraped my hair but what could we do. So we think a very difficult punishment for them.

  3. diya mukherjee says:

    it seems like India always wait for some serious crime to take place within the country. last the whole India was seen together standing up was the murder case of Jessica Lal and now its on Delhi gang rape case. otherwise incidents are just morning newspaper everyday minimum of 3 cases of molestation and rapes are reported.people read it with a cup of tea and forgets the next moment,and if in case they remember ,they start gossiping on these topics.people are always busy blaming government but they themselves don’t have the time to take an initiative. they forget that their children will also grow up in this society. if society is getting filled with filths then its our duty to clean it up to maintain a good evironment. every minute evry second a girl is being harrased . now we can see the result of our silience. Giving them the adjective of animals is just like telling a kid that he is a bad boy. the criminals should not be hanged but they should be made impotent so that understand th pain of the girls that they go through…

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