How Can I crack the GATE exam in 6 months

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The most essential element is your approach towards the exam.  Your chances of getting good rank in GATE becomes low if you think GATE can be solved in one or two months. One might clear GATE in one or two months but unable to get admission in your Dream College or PSU’s whatever you aim for. It will be easy for you to get good rank in GATE if you start studying for GATE at least 5-6 months prior. In fact, half a year is indeed a good time for GATE where you can simply prepare your syllabus. It grows tough for Students of 4 years as they have to manage university exams, campus placement and GATE. Set your priorities, as I started my preparation for the 3rd year but became serious in last 5-6 months before the exam.

Check your syllabus for GATE. Figure out your interest. If you start your development with the subject you dislike then ultimately you will lose interest in studying. So start with subjects you like to study, prepare handwritten notes yourself for each subject. This you will find useful in last two months when you have to mug up all the concepts of 4 years for 1 day. When you complete your subject, practice as many questions as you can. The concepts you find difficult and important for GATE read them again and again, ask your professors, your friends.

Download 15 years GATE papers and practice them. Questions don’t get replicated but the pattern will. Studying will allow you to understand what kind of questions come in GATE and how to solve them. Devote 1 hour daily to practice. Solve as many mock tests as you can. This will enable you to know what your preparation level is. I practiced every question I found.

Strategy for 6-8 months

  • Check your syllabus. The best way is to start with a subject you like most. Finish off with solving previous year questions to that topic/subject and mock test. You have to focus on all the sections that you have to face in exam. You better try to find out the important areas of all these sections and then figure out what topics can be scoring and what not.
  • Devote 1 hour daily for solving questions. In the weekend you can spare more time as per your power of grasping. Practice will make you perfect and you will come to know the exam pattern and questions pattern. You will also realize the weak and strong areas.
  • Spare 2 months to solve doubts and questions. In 2 months you can revise using your handwritten notes prepared while studying. Before the exam. Try to complete your syllabus for 2 months. This is really a good practice.
  • Don’t leave General Aptitude. It is most scoring part of GATE. Take some good book and revise your concepts. You should buy best books after reading users reviews. You should also listen to or read the interviews of the toppers so that you can know more about the tips that make you successful in this exam.


These are some tips that you should try while preparing for GATE exam.


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