How to choose a Career You Love!

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How to choose a Career You Love!

Most career struggles stem from the fact that we are awful at choosing jobs. It sure is a tricky job! As per experts only 5% percent of people are really able to find a good career on the first try. And even ahead of this frightening stat, there’s so much external pressure on people to follow their passion, be extremely successful and find that so called perfect job after passing out from college. It’s little wonder that most people break into cold sweat when asked about making career choices! But choosing a career that’s perfect for your can be simplified into 3 fundamental problems. And surmounting these can dramatically up your odds of finding the career that’s perfect for you!

You need to choose your career only what you love else it becomes monotonous , I remember my days when I was working with top Internet Giant of world , when so ever I use to see watch , it use to cover only 300 seconds and in 9 hours job I use to watch watch at least 100 times although I was being payed above Rs 50000/month 5 years back but I never enjoyed what I was doing , So I quit in 3 months and my condition was same before that when I was working with largest telecommunication of India and I could survive their as well for just 3 month. Do not plan your career on basis of money it pays rather on your enjoyment.

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So if you want to avoid being among 50% of the people who are not satisfied with their careers, then we can share some tips on how you how to move into a new direction and choose a career that’s fulfilling and one that you’ll love. But choosing the right career starts first with discovering yourself. It requires taking a step back and discovering your true passions, talents and interests. Most successful people believe that an important ingredient for great success is passion! If your work is important to you, your potential is limitless. In fact, one of the most damaging career blunders is working in a field that is incompatible to you.

Many of the times students opt for wrong career after class 12th thinking only Maths and Science is a good option but you need to take this decision carefully.

So if you’re like most people thinking of switching careers, then here are a few things to mull over to find a job that you would love:

Assess Yourself:

Before you think about making the right career choice, you first have to learn about yourself. Your innate interests, values, and skills, in combination with your unique personality traits that make you perfect for some careers and not appropriate for others. Each one of us is born with a set of skills and talents that are unique. Talents are entirely different from acquired skills, knowledge and interests. Your interests can vary, you can acquire new skills but your natural, innate talents remain with you for your lifetime. You can’t alter them but can use them to your best advantage. Your new career will fit best if it combines your personality and talents flawlessly and perfectly.

But how do you find out what’s right for you? Start by brainstorming what triggers your passion and what stimulates you. Sit down and list 10 things you’d like to do and then look for patterns. Do you like working with people, data, ideas or things. You’ll identify a career is right for you when you are excited and curious about learning new developments in the field and you feel a blazing desire to get started. You can also use self assessment tools to collect information about your traits and consequently create a list of occupations that are a perfect fit based on them. Circle the ones that you might have considered before and that you find exciting. You can definitely start by exploring these.


Set goals for yourself and make a career action plan:

After listing a few options, you would most definitely decide on one career that you would want to pursue. Post this; you can put a plan into place so that you can find a job in that field eventually. But first you will have to set some goals for yourself post which you can chart a course on how to reach them. A career action plan can help you pursue both your long term and short term goals.

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Get out there and apply for Jobs:

This is the final step and should be only taken once you think you can be tactical in your search. Start by revising your resume and rebranding yourself. Update your online profiles to mirror your updated professional goals and to emphasize new and significant skills. A successful personal brand is genuine and constant, as well as customized to every specific job you apply for.

The final takeaway:

The idea here is to dig deeper! Discover YOUR real self and then explore careers that excite you. Get it right and you can transform your life in positive and fulfilling ways. It can’t happen suddenly, and there won’t be a day when everything will be perfect. But knowing what you actually want and realising your passion will help you evolve in every which way! So take the required action right away! Do what you find contentment and meaning in. You are the one who can make it happen for yourself — so go discovering and find what a career that can make you smile!

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