career options after graduation

Career Options After Graduation

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This is a difficult job market for college seniors and recent graduates as the economy has tanked and the job you were hoping to get after graduation might not be there.The unemployment rate is higher for young people as compared for any other age group. Employers that, in the past, were the top companies for entry level candidates are reducing the number of freshers.

What can one do in a tough job market? Do not panic. Don’t limit yourself to your dream career as it doesn’t seem like such a good option at this moment. The same holds true for many other career fields and industries . That’s why it’s important to consider a variety of alternatives.


We have the details on what are the career options available for graduates.

Career options after graduation in Engineering:




  • There is no dearth of opportunities for aspirants after graduation in engineering. The career options (for engineers) can range from-

 Indian Engineering Services (IES) is for those canditates who desire a career in most reputed government departments like Indian Railways, Military Engineering Services, Central Engineering Services, Telecommunication Department, Central Water Services etc.For entering Engineering Services, a candidate has to appear in an Engineering Services Examination conducted by the UPSC every year in the month of May/June.

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PSU are a government owned corporations, state-owned companies, state enterprises, publicly-owned corporations or government business enterprises. Public Sector Enterprises (like NTPC, ONGC, IOCL, BPCL, HPCL, BARC, DRDO etc), a aspirant is required to have good technical knowledge, apt general apt and reasoning and a pleasing personality.PSUs recruit through individual entrance Examinations having technical and non technical questions.

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  • Career Opportunities through GATE

GATE is an all India Examination for admission in post graduate courses ( ME, MS and M.Tech )in various engineering colleges conducted by the GATE committee

  •      Challenging and stable career options
  •    To research and development
  •    Teaching and Prestigious private sector lucrative jobs after Masters in respective discipline in engineering after qualifying Graduate aptitude test in engineering (GATE).
  •        Post engineering degree there are other options for engineers like Civil Services, State Engineering Services, MBA, Banking Sector, Defence Services, higher study abroad through GRE and GMAT.

Career options after graduation in commerce:



There is a sea of options in Commerce stream to make a bright career. Commerce stream is very useful to one’s career prospects as it encompasses financial markets, economics to the latest management practices. Studying commerce can provide the proficiency and knowledge to even starting one’s own venture.

After completion of graduation one can opt for post graduation (M. com). One can also opt for Ph.D degree on their respective subject which can help in getting a respectable profession such as teaching, research scholar and also in the banking sector.

  • Chartered accountancy (CA) is one of the most popular choices of a student. The main duty of a chartered accountant is auditing company’s books, stock brokers and income tax assesses.

The duration of a regular MBA course is 2 years and an Executive MBA course is of 1 year. One can complete their MBA through correspondence also.

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  • Chartered financial analyst (CFA) is another exiting course for  students persuing Commerce. The chief responsibility of a CFA is to manage in the areas of financial accounting, management accounting, financial management, investment management, security evaluation, project planning, venture capital management and credit rating. The duration of the course is 3years after post graduation degree.
  • Company secretary (CS) is other interesting career which a person has certain liability for ensuring the company meets its statutory obligations. Student can apply for a company secretary course after passing school.

Career options after graduation in Science:





A Student can do Ph.D degree on their particular subjects. Some alluring job options after doing B. Sc or M.Sc are teaching (college/university), Scientists, Geologists, Chemists, Mathematicians, Physicists etc. A science graduate also can apply for UPSC exams, IAS, Banking, insurance exams and gets good jobs.

  • M.B.B.S (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) offers courses on Human anatomy. The duration of the course is approximately five and a half  years which includes one year of internship.
  • Students can opt for Post Graduate specialization in different subjects such as Cardiology, Anesthesiology, Surgery, Dermatology, ENT, Gynecology, Neuro Sciences, Opthamology, Orthopedics and Paediatrics.
  • B.D.S (Bachelor in Dental Sciences) offers courses in Dental Surgery and duration of the course is 5 years with Internship.
  • After completion of B.D.S one can do the Post Graduation (P.G) in Dental Sciences.

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  • B.V.S (Bachelor in Veterinary Sciences) encompasses courses of the Animal disease, prevention and surgery cases.
  • This course takes four and a half years time with a practical Internship. One can do P.G studies in different specializations after completion of B. V. S course.
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm) is also an attractive career prospect one can pursue. It takes is 4 years to complete the course. After completion of the course one can start career in departments such as Drugs Research or Production in various Pharmaceutical Industries. If anyone yearns to do Post Graduation (M.Pharmacy) they can chose specialization in subjects such as:

a. Pharmacology

b. Pharmaceutics

c. Pharmaceutical Analysis

d. Pharmaceutical Chemistry

 e. Pharm D

  • Diploma course in Pharmacy (D.Pharmacy) offers a 2 years duration course after which one can start practicing  in various Medicinal Institutionsas a Pharmacist .
  • One can also opt for further studies such as B.Pharmacy and later M.Pharmacy. Bachelor in Nursing (B.Sc Nursing) is a 4 year course which includes healthcare, medicine dispensing and caring of ailing patients.
  • Biotechnology  is a series of enabling technologies involving manipulation of living organisms or their sub cellular components to provide useful products, processes or services for the betterment of mankind. This is 4 year course.
  • Bioinformatics is a relatively new concept which is related to storage, retrieval and analysis of biological data for drug discovery and drug design.
  • It integrates information technology for processing biological information such as nucleic acid (DNA/RNA), protein sequence and structure. The duration of the course is 4 years or else can also go for B.Sc Bioinformatics where the course duration is 3 years.
  • B.P.T (Bachelor in Physiotherapy) basically studies how to restore the functioning of the body which is affected by due to illness like paralysis, injury, shock.
  • The basic duration of the course is 3 years. B.H.M.S ( Bachelor in Homeopathic Medicinal Sciences) offers courses how to increase the self healing power of our body by using medicine which are derived from natural and herbal sources. The duration of the course is five and a half year.
  • B.A.M.S (Bachelor in Ayurveda Medicinal Sciences) covers courses how to restore the balance of our body without side effects. Main focus of the courses are to regain balance of liver disorders, rheumatic and chronic conditions. The duration of the Course is only 3 years.

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  • Career options after graduation Arts
  • After getting the graduation degree a student can do masters degree (MA) in their selected subjects. For further high education one can opt for Ph.D degree in their respective subject.
  • Here are some of the attractive career option for Arts stream pursuer-
  • Psychologist, Counselor, Economist, Market analyst, Sociologist, Social Worker, Historian, Anthropologist, Human Resources, Personal Executive, Writer/journalist/Editor, lawyer, Media Personnel, School Teacher/College Professor/university Professor etc. Apart from these an Arts graduate student can apply for UPSC exams, IAS, Banking, insurance exams and gets good jobs

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Although many more career options are possible after graduation but here in this article , we have tried to enlist most faviourite career options after graduation that is career options being taken in maximum quantity by largest number of aspirants across India , if you have more quiries you can ask question through putting your comments at bottom of this page. 


Although we at have tried our best to bring to to the best  possible career options for you after graduation. Then also in case of any query or required information please contact us at

please provide your valuable comments below:

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