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Myths about GATE exam

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Graduate Aptitude Test Examination (GATE) is an All India Level Test for the undergraduate subjects of engineering and science. Students have a lot of fear and wrong myths about GATE exam. Generally the faces of the students are dried down of hearing the name of GATE. But in actual the fear is useless. Do you want to know why they are useless! Let us see.

The general myths about GATE exam that the students and their parent have :-

1.     The exam is very tough as it is an All India Level Test.Myths about GATE
2.    Maximum questions must be attended so as to score high.
3.    Study all the subjects and topics of graduation, and then only you can attend the paper as there is chapter / topic wise marks distribution.
4.     Solve as many papers as you can.
5.     Lot of hard work is required.
6.     Don’t play or waste time.
7.     Study the whole night before exam, then only you will remember everything.

But in reality some of the above mentioned points are far away. The reality is:-

1.     Exam is not at all tough in spite of it being an All India Level Test. The questions of GATE are fully conceptual. Once you have understood the concepts of each topic, you will definitely be able to solve the questions.
2.     This is a very wrong notion that attending maximum number of questions will help you score high. This is so because GATE questions have negative marks too on wrong answers. Attend only those questions about which you confident enough. Scoring about 70 % ile + is enough to let you be qualified.
3.     No need to study all the subjects and topics of graduation. GATE has a syllabus for each department. Refer to it first, though it is fully based on graduation courses, but all subjects and all topics are not included. So no need to refer the subjects and topics which are not in syllabus and waste your time. Even some of the subjects and topics which are included in the syllabus are not important. For that refer to the previous ten years question paper of GATE, and note down the subjects and the topics from which no or very less questions are asked and those from which maximum questions are asked and study them only.

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4.     This is one of the notions which are very true. Solve as many questions and practice papers as you can but within stipulated time. This will increase your speed and accuracy.
5.     Another very wrong myth is that a lot of hard work is required. Hard work is necessary, but lot of hard work is not at all required. You have to utilize your time intelligently. No need to be in front of the books and copies all the time. But one thing is that keep it regular and with full concentration, i.e., it is enough to spend one hour for GATE if you start at-least one year before the exam but the most important thing is that it should be on daily basis with full regularity. And if you study with full concentration, you will never forget what you studied and even one hour would me more than enough.
6.     “Don’t play and waste your time”, this is the sentence which almost every parent says. Though they say it for our benefit, but in today’s generation these concepts have become old. As mentioned in the above points do all the works which you generally do in addition to the studying for GATE.
7.     Another most important thing is that don’t study till late night, at-least the night before the exam. For that day go to bed as early as possible and stay cool. No need to study hard. Just revise some topics. And for the other days before the exam, if you want you can get up early to study.
8.     The GATE exam is same as any other exam, so no need to be tensed a lot for it. Just keep confidence in yourself. Keep cool, especially in the examination hall because fear and tension will make you forget everything.

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Just follow the points which I have mentioned above and you will definitely succeed and get qualified.


If you have any query or any suggestion, please feel free to share it with us in the comment box below.

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4 Responses to Myths about GATE exam

  1. Rishiv says:

    I am confused that I should do JKCET or I should do Physics Honours in Delhi University. I had got the seat for JKCET this time. Please help me. I think that I will get a seat in Delhi University under Physics honours but I am not sure that I should do a physics Honours degree or a jkcet that is engineering degree

  2. Piyush Sharma says:

    sir,I have drop after 12th and prepare for iit but now doing btech from mdu university how can i maximise my chances of good career

  3. lalit says:

    i have prepare for jee and hardly qualify it but now my focus is over gate and i have to qualify it anyhow

  4. Quora says:

    What are some good preparation and test taking strategies for cracking the GATE exam in India ?

    Myths about GATE exam

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