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How to crack an IELTS entrance exam within 3 months?

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How to crack an IELTS entrance exam within 3 months

IELTS( international English language testing system),  Tests your reading,  writing, listening and speaking skills, and it Checks your ability to communicate. The ability of the communication will help you during your working, studying or the During the living life within the English speaking countries across the world


Yes, the international English language testing system is basically designed to check the language ability of the candidate, who want to study or work where the English  used as a language of communication.

Strategy to Crack IELTS Exam in three Months

Crack IELTS EXAMNION in 3 months by the strategies suggested by the Experts of 

First, you Need to understand that IELTS is a test of the language that focuses on testing your ability to speak English and write English.

Even if you have the basic essence of the English language you seem to be good at taking the IELTS examination. Vinti non-native English speakers we are lacking with the English basics too. We do not have the accent of the English, which is required to clear the listening section of the IELTS examination.


Who should take the IELTS examination?

The point is that why we do not have the good English accent like the Britishers or alike the US citizens?

Being the non-native English speakers, in India our mother tongue is Hindi. Nevertheless, we can the grasp of the language Easily.  To develop the accent of English we need to have the proper communication channel overwatch we can hone our accent of communication. 




IELTS examination particularly has the four sections which is being tested by the IELTS test maker.



Listening help the overall 4 section for those which comprises overall 40 questions. 30 minutes section.


Speaking interview goes for 15 minutes


You can choose different for the academic or general Training. It comprises of three sections. It involves 40 questions. The overall minutes given for the reading section of the IES examination is 60 minutes.


You can choose between the academic or general training versions of the test. The writing part of the aisle section, includes two pieces of the writing. The overall time allotted for this section at 60 minutes.

Let’s discuss the strategies to handle the few Tough sections individually which in turn help us to crack an IELTS Examination with a good score.


Watch as much as English movies, TV series English songs. To learn the extent of the English language, which is being used in the different geographies, where the native language being used for the business communication is English only. You can tune yourself in the English language, and you can even get the entertainment out of it.

It is being suggested to keep the concentration level very high because it is being counted within the examination. If you miss out even a single word while listening, it will make you loose a lot of mass within the examination of IELTS.

Try to score more marks in the first 20 questions of the IELTS examination because it’s very easy to listen and comprehend that is to bring the meaning of the contacts is easy for the initial questions.


For acing the IELTS examination reading section plays a very important role. You are supposed to read a variety of materials from the diversified background.

  • Read Articles.
  • Read the editorial section of the newspaper
  • Read Harvard Business Review
  • See the stories of the different genres


If you are choosing the reading comprehension for preparing the oils examination to make it sure the reading comprehension should have at least the word length of 1000 to 1500.


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It is advisable that before even reading the complete reading comprehension, it’s good to have a look at the questions being asked over the passage point this will help you to answer the question in a fast-paced manner. Practice reading comprehension a lot.



Writing section of the IELTS examination, testability of writing.

  • DO not use any strong vocabulary comma to make the things simple and understandable.
  •  You speak grammatically correct and this sentence in a coherent manner of the English writing.
  • The technique of the paraphrasing is very useful in the writing section to Crack an IELTS Examination.


The IELTS  examination Gives you the score between 1 and 9. It’s a multilevel scoring point the half of the schools such as 6.5 are also possible. Generally, the university is demand score of somewhere around 6 or 7. Few University also demands a minimum score for each of the section individually.


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